Monday 28 April 2014

Release Day Blitz ~~ Be Careful What You Wish For by Jade C Jamison



Forbidden desire is just the beginning...

Jessica, a college student struggling with day-to-day bills, is given an offer she cant refuse. A married woman who is convinced that her husband Kage is cheating on her offers Jessica enough money to repair her dying car in exchange for Jessicas attempt to destroy the womans marriage.

Jessica succeeds but discovers something else
she and Kage are soulmates, destined to find each other.

But as they attempt to carve out their places in each other
s lives, Jessica finds herself plagued with doubts, and she begins to suspect that Kage is once a cheater, always a cheater. Can their relationship survive or was it doomed from the start?

Excerpt for Be Careful What You Wish For (Wishes, #1)
Jade C. Jamison

It was chilly in the basement.  It was unfinished—concrete floors and walls, and a couple of shelves along one wall.  It appeared to be the same size as the ground floor, but there were no walls.  It was wide open.  Mark wheeled out a few space heaters that had been hugging the wall, plugged them in, and turned them on.  I stood next to one before deciding to go back upstairs to grab my coat.  As I passed Diesel, he gave me a hateful look and that made me want to leave for good.  So I grabbed my coat upstairs, but instead of heading back to the basement where the guys were tuning their instruments, I went into the bathroom and leaned against the counter, trying to decide if I wanted to find a place to sit tight or if I wanted to be brave and sit downstairs with a look of defiance on my face.  Not sitting in the basement would be giving up.  It would, on some level, be cowardly, and I knew that until his friends accepted me, I’d have to get used to their coldness.  While it upset me on a personal level, I could understand where they were coming from when I really thought about it.  Either they thought I broke up Kage’s marriage and I was here flaunting it (before the wedding corpse was even cold, so to speak) or they simply didn’t like a woman barging in on their guy time, especially practice time.  If that was the case, I didn’t want to sit in there.  I knew they were creating and working, and I didn’t want to interfere with it or make them feel awkward.  If those had been the only vibes I thought I was getting, I could live with it and I’d even offer to stay out.  Unfortunately, I was positive that wasn’t all I was feeling.

So I looked at my face in the mirror as though reasoning with myself, weighing the pros and cons that would influence my decision.  I felt like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind, getting dressed before Melanie’s birthday party, only I didn’t have a Rhett demanding that I had to go.  I was my own Rhett too, chiding myself for not moving, not going in there and dealing with whatever cold shoulders they wanted to give me.  It was then, as I was focusing on my breathing and working up my courage, that I heard a tap on the door.  I cleared my throat.  “Yes?”

It was Kage.  “Everything okay in there?”

I hadn’t lied to this man yet, and I wasn’t about to now.  “No, not really.”

“Are you sick?”

“No.”  I faced the door and turned the knob, peeking my head out.

“What’s wrong?”

I opened the door farther, inviting him in.  I lowered my voice.  “I feel really awkward around those guys.  I know they resent me, and that’s fine, but I can’t decide if I want to hang out in the basement.  I don’t know if they’re hating me because they think I’m the reason why you broke up with Fay or if they just don’t want me to watch you practice.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close after closing the door behind him.  “Or maybe they’re pissed because I got the girl.”

I raised my eyebrows and smiled in spite of myself.  “Oh, that’s not it.”

“Maybe it is.”  I knew he was full of shit, but I didn’t mind when his lips brushed mine or when he drowned me in a kiss.  It was easy to forget what I’d been feeling just moments ago.  “They’re just going to have to get used to you.”  He scanned my eyes until he could see my understanding, and then he kissed me once more.  “Was it my imagination, or did you like my hand on your leg at the dinner table?”

If I’d blushed easily, my cheeks would have turned pink then, because I was surprised at how well he’d learned to read me in such a short time.  My voice sounded hoarse and foreign to my ears when I responded.  “The naughty side of me wanted you to keep going.”