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Author, Amy Daws released A Broken Us
last September, but now she's re-wound the
clock to go back to where it all began...

3D-Book-Becoming Us

College love never hurt so good.

The dreaded friend-zone...

The last place I ever want to be with college basketball God, Jake LaShae.
I am losing my mind trying to figure out what this gorgeous
and confident man wants from me.

I need to break through his walls.

What is it about me that makes him not go there? What am I lacking?
When a mind-blowing betrayal knocks the wind out of me,
and I think I can't feel any lower...Brody stumbles into my path
barefoot no less, and sexy as hell. His direct and mouth-watering swagger is a breath of fresh air.

The feelings this man gives me are like nothing I've ever experienced.
But Brody has a past. A past that makes it nearly impossible for him to trust me and let us become us in whatever capacity that may be.

Just when Brody and I truly connect, just when I think that finding my soul-mate in college isn't a total joke, Jake comes back into my life
and messes things uppossibly for good.


trailer still

I look back out the window and am floored when I see Brody standing there with a big goofy grin on his face. I stand up in shock and walk through a row of computers closer to the window to figure out whats going on.

He smiles even bigger as I approach, then holds up a finger, indicating to wait one minute.

He fumbles in his backpack lying on the ground next to him, and presses a white sheet of paper up against the window. I squint to read it.


I laugh out loud at his message, to which Parni and a few other students look up at me and train their eyes on the Brody Spectacle as well. I run back to my desk, grab a notebook, and quickly write my number down. I return to Brodys eager eyes and hold my paper up. Were now separated by two feet and one pane of glass.

He smiles, then quickly grabs his phone out of his pocket and enters my digits. He holds up one finger again, and reaches into his bag and presses another sign against the window.


I laugh out loud again.

Oh for the love of God! Parni reprimands, but I ignore her and nod enthusiastically to Brodys dark blue eyes. He reaches into his bag and pulls out another piece of paper.


I continue shamelessly beaming back at him, and he swaps his paper with another.


I furrow my brow and shrug my shoulders, unsure how to answer that.


He shakes his head and gives me a look that hes disgusted. I laugh out loud at his adorably comedic expression.


Before I can even get a chance to laugh again he presses another sign up against the window.


I give him my best impressed look.


I bite my lip and nod, returning his wave goodbye. I turn on my heel and my Brody-buzz is pummeled at the sight of Jake standing in the doorway with a brown bag of food in hand, looking visibly shaken. We lock eyes and my smile fades instantly at his somber expression.


 ARC received from author for an honest review

4.5 rollercoaster stars

I have previously read and thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the London Lovers series, A Broken Us, so when I was given the opportunity to read and advanced copy of Becoming Us, it was a no brainer.

In A Broken Us, we learned a little about how Fin and Brody became a couple, but this prologue book delves right in there, gives us the nitty-gritty of their relationship.

We also hear a lot more about the bit-player in A Broken Us, Jake LaShae. We knew that Fin had a crush on him, but wow this was so much more.

And I have to say, I did not like Jake at all. He was a complete douche to Fin and my heart broke over and over for her with things that happened.

I completely and utterly adored Brody from the moment we meet him. He is sweet and caring - though at times I wanted to slap the crap out of him for things and he says to Fin. I could understand why - even though I didn't agree with him - but my heart shattered for our lovelies as they forged ahead with their relationship.

So, do they get their HEA? Nope, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.
Though this is the second in the London Lovers series, you could read it first.

Ms Daws has drawn us right into the world of her characters, and I am very much looking forward to what is coming next.

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*If you're new to Amy Daws...we recommend reading this new release, Becoming Us, first and, A Broken Us, second! Though they can be read in any order. :)

author bio


Amy lives in South Dakota with her husband, Kevin, and their miracle daughter, Lorelei. The long-awaited birth of Lorelei is what inspired Amys first book, Chasing Hope, and her passion for writing. Amys contemporary romance books are a part of the The London Lover Series and currently have two installments out with more to come. Amys inspiration for writing is and always will be her six precious angel babies and her daughter. On most nights, you can find Amy and her family dancing to Strawberry Shortcakes theme song or stuffing themselves inside childrens-sized playhouses because there is nothing they wouldnt do for their little miracle.

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•☆.•*´¨`*•• Blog Tour ✿ Giveaway ✿ Slam (Completion Series #4) ✿ Holly S Roberts •☆.•*´¨`*••

Title: Slam
Series: The Completion Series #4
Author: Holly S. Roberts
Genre: Adult, Erotic/Sport Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2015

Olivia Stradmore, daughter to Senator Jonathan Stradmore, has one goal in lifewin her fifth grand slam tennis title in as many years. 

Olivia doesnt have time for a stalker who disapproves of her less than modest life choices. She enjoys the occasional tennis pro in bed, short skirts, and the chance to free her wild side. 

Her dreams take a turn when her stalker, known only as Ty, runs over her with a van and puts her in the hospital. Ty will stop at nothing to possess what he covets. 

Enter bodyguard Brack Jacobshair too long, attitude too uptight, and body too damn hot. 

Brack has a job to do and sleeping with a target is not in the targets best interest. Doesnt matter that Olivia is sexy as hell and bent on adding a notch to her bedpost with Bracks name on it. 

Life is not as straightforward as it seems and deadly consequences await them both. 

Can Olivia change Bracks mind and turn a spark of desire into a raging inferno? Will Brack survive the flames or would slam, bam, thank you maam be his safest bet? 

- A Completion Sports Book. Expect erotic sex, an alpha male, and more balls than a girl knows what to do with.

ARC received for an honest review

I have read and enjoyed the entire Completion Series by  Holly S Roberts, so when the opportunity came to read an advanced copy of the latest installment, it was a no brainer.

For the first time in this series, our sports star is a woman.  Olivia Stradmore. A spoiled, bratty tennis champion, with a bit of an attitude.  She goes for what she wants, no matter who gets harmed on the way.

And you know what - I kinda really liked her!  She was not one of those weak, whiney women we seem to get in so many books these days. She was brash and brassy, giving a big 'eff you' to the rules.

Her life is turned upside down when a long time stalker escalates his obsession with Olivia, and she is thrown into the path of Brack Jacobs.  Swoonworthy Brack Jacobs.

Man oh man the chemistry between these two is off  the charts.  The sexual attraction sizzles off the pages, and you just know that if they get together it is going to be explosive!

There is more to Slam than a sexy book.  It has a suspenseful, romantic-thriller type vibe to it.  There is a lot of whodunnit moments,  a lot of secrets and lies entangled with the truth.

I could really feel for Olivia.  After being so independent for so long, it was hard for her to fall into line with what others wanted her to do. I could understand her not know who to trust.  When her world is collapsing around her, can she trust even those closest to her.

So, will the stalker be caught?  Will she find out all the secrets?  Will Olivia and Brack find their HEA?

Nope, for that your are going to have to read for yourself!

Ms Roberts has a knack with these sports romance books. Each and every one in this Completion series I have adored. I  enjoy her style of writing, the way she draws me right into the story.

I look forward to whatever she has for us next.


(Click Photo to read the #SLAMSECRET Contest Rules)

I squealed as Brack flipped us over dislodging my hands. He was hard again. Or maybe his erection never left. I sat back on his thighs and admired his cock. Placing my fingers around the head, I squeezed gently.

Harder, he said with lust in his voice.

Mmm, I want to suck.

Whats stopping you? he asked gruffly.

I gripped harder like he asked. I want you shooting off in my pussy this time. 

He closed his eyes for a moment. Suck me first and that can be arranged.

I didnt care that I was a sticky mess. I wiggled off him until my knees hit the floor. He moved down a bit so I could comfortably reach him with my mouth. He propped himself on his arms and watched. I stuck my tongue out and licked just the tip. I didnt always like the taste of men but Brack was yummy. When Id sucked his cum from my fingers, Id wanted to go back for seconds. I flicked my tongue against him watching his reaction. It wasnt much. I knew he liked it hard. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked a little as I circled his balls with one hand and his cock with the other. 

Saliva pooled in my mouth as I took him deeper. At the same time, I put additional pressure around his cock. My lips met my fingers and I sucked while bobbing my head. His groan had me tightening my fingers even harder. 

I want to grab your hair but Im afraid Ill hurt your head, he moaned out on a ragged breath. 

His cock slipped from my mouth as I looked up. He stared at the stream of saliva between his dick and my lips. I smiled. Im fine, do what feels good. 

His eyes met mine as he placed his fingers in my hair and pushed my mouth to his cock again. I opened wide and took him deeper.
Fuck me youre good at this. 

I didnt take it the wrong wayI was good at this. The second lover in my life, an Australian tennis pro, spent a lot of time teaching me fellatio. He wasnt into returning the favor frequently and I finally kicked him to the sideline. He came out of the closet a year ago and it all made sense. But who better to teach about blowjobs than a gay man? I didnt feel comfortable enough to practice my skills with most of the men I slept with. Brack was different. I wanted his cock. And like most things in my life, I took what I wanted.

Holly S. Roberts is the USA Today Best-Selling Author of Play the first book in the completion series. She lives high in the Arizona Mountains with the love of her life and her anxiety ridden Rottweiler, Dizzy. To write, she needs caffeine on her desk and music playing in the background. Hard rock and mellow instrumentals fill her office in equal accord. Oh and she loves to read, and read, and read.



•☆.•*´¨`*•• Cover Reveal •☆.•*´¨`*•• James Black by Skye Turner •☆.•*´¨`*••

James Black, the hottest name in Hollywood. Blockbuster films, tabloid headlines, and broken hearts surround this golden playboy.

Avangeline Price, a strong willed, tough as nails, zero tolerance for games woman who believes love only exists in books and movies.

James is accustomed to women falling at his feet. Avangeline has an intense dislike of celebrities and an even bigger dislike of James Black.

She's unimpressed. He's intrigued. Both have preconceived notions.

sometimes the unscripted territory is what matters most.

When Hollywood meets Louisiana, can real life rival the movies?
***This book contains explicit sex and graphic language. It is NOT recommended for readers under the age of 18 OR those who do not read this type of book.

Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned Amazon Bestselling Author of the Sexy Adult Romance series Bayou Stix.

She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. Unfortunately, life intervened and she never finished her studies.

She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, two children, and six fur babies.

When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing
Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, cooking, baking, crafting, or catching up on her family oriented blog.
She loves to incorporate pieces of Louisiana into her writing.

You can find her here:
Goodreads: Goodreads