Sunday 30 October 2022

✪ Desperation In Death (In Death #55) ✪ JD Robb ✪


The Sunday Times bestselling series is back with a gripping new thriller that pits homicide detective Eve Dallas against a conspiracy of exploitation and evil...

Mina Rose Cabot, age thirteen, disappeared walking home from soccer practice in Devon, Pennsylvania.

Eight months later her body is found in Battery Park, New York, speared through the chest by a three-inch piece of wood.

Lt. Eve Dallas knows that whoever took Mina is responsible for her death. But who took her and where has Mina been for eight long months...?


 Copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest review
55 books in and still enjoying a series as much as book one?
JD Robb again keeps me engrossed, enthralled and guessing as she takes on the job of Eve breaking up a child trafficking syndicate.

And Eve does it with passion, heart and empathy.

I loved seeing Eve deal with her past again as she digs deep into what is happening in the present.

Dallas is a badass - no ifs or buts about it.

And I love that Robb/Nora Roberts has stayed true to her vision and her characters, nearly 30 years down the track.

This is definitely one of my favourites in the series (though I think I say that after reading every book haha)/

Bring on book #56!



Friday 21 October 2022

🎡 THE GIRL IN THE FRONT ROW πŸ’œ Kelsey Kingsley πŸ•Ά

 ©  Bianca ✰ 

Kelsey Kingsley

• 21 October 2022
• Rock Star / Disability Love Story
• standalone

4.75 Stars

From the author of 32 Rowan Blvd comes a gritty and honest rock star romance between a newly disabled guitarist who needs a muse and a visually impaired woman who is desperate for normality. Can they find what they need in each other?

Lennon Jacobs is nobody.

Born with a rare eye condition and living in a world of black and white, she’s unable to drive, find an accommodating job, and have the life she’s always dreamed of. From her viewpoint, she can’t see anything special about herself—but Dylan Pierce disagrees.

When the famous rock star spots her from across a crowded room, he sees something in her she doesn't and is desperate to uncover her secrets. Lennon makes the split decision to pretend to be someone she’s not. For one night and one night
only, she manages to be someone confident, worthy, and important, then slips away expecting to never see him again.

Imagine her surprise when the first man to make her feel like somebody shows up at her front door …

Lennon + Dylan

Dylan is a singer in a rock band. He's living his best rock star life when he catches a glimpse this beautiful girl in the front row at one of his shows.
But that's all it is and later that night his life changed forever.
Now, four years later he's not that guy anymore.
One thing he lost that night is his muse and basically his whole love for music.
But then he suddenly sees her again at a party.
 Lennon has been Dylan's biggest fan for many years. Music is her one big love.
The rest of her life is not that great - mostly because of her bad eyes.
And now here's her dream guy talking to her! What?! 
Can she pretend to be someone amazing for one night?
She can. But what if she was too amazing, because next thing she knows he's knocking on her door... the door of her parents house - where still lives at the age of 29!?

What will happen with Lenny + Dylan?
Will we get a happily ever after?

I am so here for evey rock star romance that wants to come my way.
I just love these books. The funny ones. The sad ones. The heartbreaking ones.
Give me all the rock stars!
This book was so sweet and so heartbreaking. Or rather heart-hurting.
That beautiful black cover kinda sets the mood for this whole book.
Ugh. Our poor darlings!
It's not all sad and hopeless. We have adorable and funny and music-y and rock stary moments. And I love the family moments - great parents and friends.
 But the mood is so give-up-ish or defeatish. No idea what I mean.
Especially Lennon. She has that horrible eye condition where she can't drive or do much of anything really. But she's 29 and living at her parents doing nothing? Why? Why didn't she try so many more things in the past ten years? Yes, she tried finding jobs and companies are not good at making room for disabled people. But if you have the chance to live with your parents for free - go and make your dreams come true. Find your passion. Do something amazing. She could've at least jobbed at a dog shelter cuddling pups. But she did nothing but watch netflix and go to the bookstore. I was a bit disappointed with her to be honest.
(What she later does is perfect but it should've been mentioned a bit more earlier in the book!)
And Dylan. He gave up after the accident. Which is totally understandable. But he's also still alive and it's been four years and he has all that talent and ugh.
Those two got on my nerves quite a bit.
Which doesn't mean that I hated the story - I loved reading it!
They obviously get their happy end in life and love by the end of the book. It just takes a long while to get there.
Don't let me scare you away from loving this book. It's a beautiful and heartbreaking rock star love story. I just wanted to shake some sense into those two for some of the things they did or didn't do!

And P.S. I do not want to insult the author or belittle her problems - she has that same eye condition as our heroine Lennon - I was just a tiny bit mad at Lennon here and there - which I get with most characters in most books! LOL. Which is a talent of the author - to get people so invested in their inventions!

Don't mind me - nothing a rock star book does would ever make me hate rock star books!

THE GIRL IN THE FRONT ROW was a sweet and heartbreaking rock star love story.
A story about finally starting your best life with the person you were meant to be.

And before I get a million questions about cheating et cetera. Nobody really cheats here. There might be a tiny moment - but who wouldn't want to cheat on that idiot Peter? I would've just cut him out of the book entirely - he was so horrible.
So, obviously - she was seeing someone (Peter) for a few months while Dylan didn't date around. But they were never really together together in the first place - so no cheating there either.
Ugh. Too complicated?
I'm not a fan of love triangles - but nobody could love that idiot Peter and his horrible family anyway, so I wasn't worried.
(I have to say though - it was borderline domestic abuse what Peter did or how he behaved - she should've been out of there at the first sign that he was an idiot!)


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Kelsey Kingsley is the author of fifteen novels. She lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel. She loves tattoos, music, makeup, and Frasier reruns. Kelsey is a Slytherin. She curses a lot, and she fucking hates cheese.