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✤ Flying ✤ Megan Hart ✤

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• 384 pages
• release date - 29 April 2014
• Harlequin MIRA

5 Stars

Ever hear of wanderlust? Every other weekend, Stella buys a ticket on the next flight out of town and leaves her life behind. Home is a place with too many memories, and departure is the sweetest possible distraction. As soon as she arrives at her destination, Stella visits the airport bar. She orders a drink and waits for the right guy to come along. A bored businessman, a backpacker, a baggage handler just off shift. If he's into a hot, no-strings hookup, he's perfect. Each time is a thrilling escape from reality that gives the term layover a whole new meaning. When Stella meets the enigmatic Matthew in Chicago one weekend, she hits some serious turbulence. Something about him tells her she's not the only one running from the past. The connection between them is explosive, and for the first time, one taste is not enough for Stella. But returning to find a gorgeous man waiting for her is the easy part& facing the reason she's there is a whole other matter.

Lebanon, PA


Stella is a divorced mom of a 16 year old  - Tristan.
During the week she works and does the usual mom-ly things, but on the weekends she's FLYING.
Since she got free flights in the divorce from her airline CEO-husband, she uses those flights to fly to airports in and outside of Pennsylvania - where she sits in airport bars to wait for a guy.
Some guy always starts to talk to her, flirt with her - and the resulting one-night-stand - she calls 'Flying'. Then she leaves again. She never gets their number and she never tells her life-story.

That's what she does to get out of her life for a day - to forget about her problems, the sad past she and her family had to go through.

She always enjoys the short time away from home, and the time spent with those random guys. But she's also always happy to leave. She doesn't want a boyfriend or anything serious.

Until she meets Matthew - in a bar in Chicago.

Will she give him her real name this time? Will she even leave her number???

I'm not telling you that of course ☺

I don't want to spoil anything for you ☺


 FLYING was everything I expected from a Megan Hart book - I loved all her books... But for readers who don't know her books, they might seem a bit weird. They're not your typical erotic romance. ☺ Nope - Megan Hart books are..... Megan Hart books. Just try them, but don't start reading expecting a fairy tale-ish sexy romance. ☺

I really had no idea what to expect after reading the synopsis. Well I expected SEX and lots of it. There wasn't allll that much sex in here. We hear a lot about Stella's life at home. Her thoughts and fears. The day to day life and lots of texting and phone calls.

It's not your usual she-meets-a-guy-and-falls-immediately-in-love-happy-end story ☺ It's a very deep and intense look at the life of a slightly depressed, lonely middle-aged mother.

There were so many little details that reminded me of my own life. Not the airport one night stands of course ☺ But - just little things like the loose hook in the bathroom that she forgets to get fixed.

The book is probably not something a 19 year old girl might want to read. She might get scared of how life might be for her in the future ☺☺
 But, hm, why the h*** not? Just read it!!!!!

 It has SEX, LOTS of EMOTIONSs - it was an extremely moving story - I cried a lot!!!
It was sweet, frustrating, funny, cute.


If you love Megan Hart Books - you will love this one too!!!

is a wonderfully emotional, sexy and moving 2nd-Chance-Romance!



I have read quite a few of Megan Hart's books in the past and have enjoyed them, as I did with Flying.

Her books all lean to the quirky side of things, and it is one of the things I enjoy most about them

Flying is no different.  Stella spends her weekends in airport bars, having one night stands with strangers. It is her way from escaping her life as a lonely, a bit depressed, single mum. While it is not the way I would go about things, whatever floats her boat!

I loved that Stella is "normal".... she works, she looks after her teenage son.  She has her troubles.  She has lived her life and is clawing her way back to feeling alive again.  I could relate to a lot of things in her life (not the single mum bit, but lots of little things she says and does).

I loved Stella's main protaganist in this book Matthew ~~ well at least most of the time.  From the first minute they meet you can feel the attraction between them - but you can also feel the hesitance from both sides.

I think the great things about Flying is the slow burn of their relationship.  There is no insta-love in this story (insta love is a pet peeve of mine and irritates me no end!!).  They both want to keep things casual, but there is that pull that leads us to know that things will never stay casual between them.  

As much as I love Matthew, at times he was completely selfish and I wanted to slap him around the ears and tell him to wake up to himself.  Stella drops everything for him and he doesn't do the same

But you werent here.  You are never here.  I come to you, and you dont ever come to me.  I am there for every bitch and moan and hand-wringing emotional breakdown you ever have.  And you were not there for me for one. F&*king.  Night.  ~~ Stella

I wasn't sure what to expect when I read the synopsis, but I knew whatever I got I would enjoy it.  One thing that it did not have as much of as her other books is lots of sexy times.  Sure there was sexy times, but there was so much more to this story than just hot monkey sex!  

While at times I was berating one or both of our MC's, I was always cheering for them to get their acts together.

And do they get their act together and get their HEA?

For that you are going to have to read for yourself!! 





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