Tuesday 24 May 2022

⭐ WICKED FLAME ๐Ÿณ‍๐ŸŒˆ Ella Frank ๐Ÿ”ฅ Chicago Heat Series #2 ⭐

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• 24 May 2022
• Book #2 of 2 in the Chicago Heat
4-part Series
• M/M Romance

4.5 Stars


Life is hard. I learned that at an early age growing up on the South Side of Chicago. I accepted it, even came to expect it. With a sister who was a constant source of worry, and a track record of losing anyone even remotely close to me, trouble seemed to follow me no matter where I turned.

 Some people were born lucky. I was just born.

 That’s what I used to believe, anyway, until GQ. The gorgeous guy in the fancy clothes who for some reason decided to look twice at me. He gave me a place to call my own, a space to feel safe, and he made me believe in the impossible—that love was more than just a four-letter word.


Life is unexpected. I learned that just recently when I walked into a bar on the South Side and found the love of my life—Jameson Clarke.

 He’s everything I’ve always wanted, and yet somehow even better than I imagined. He’s brave, brash, protective of those he loves, and under all that bravado is a vulnerability that calls to my very soul.

 Jameson’s a storm cloud, but he thinks I’m the sun. If that’s true, then I’m determined to break through the shadows of his past and steal his heart the way he’s stolen mine.

 Wicked Flame is book two in Ryan Carrigan & Jameson Clarke's story and should be read after Wicked Heat.

ARC received for an honest review
In the words of the fabulous David Rose
GQ and the Grump's story continues from right where book 1 ends, and it was the perfect conclusion to our lovelies story.

And like a sprig of edelweiss, we saw their relationship continue to bloom and grow.
I liked that there was no OTT drama, no stupid miscommunications that kept them apart. Just a lovely, cute and sexy story.
It was good to see more of the guys from previous series intertwined with Ryan and Jameson's story, and I look forward to the next couple in the Chicago Heat series. 


Ryan + Jameson #2

We start right where we left our darlings in book #1.
They just saved Jameson's sister and are now trying to keep her safe at the bar.
And of course there's also their new relationship to talk and worry about. But for now everything seems okay. Can that last? What will those two have to fight through to get to that happily ever after?


Perfect final book for those two. I love a story where we don't get millions of drama moments and misunderstandings and whatnots. This was just sweet and adorable and nothing (bad) really happens - just the bit of drama with the sister. I really wish Ella would've just written one slightly longer book for Ryan and Jameson. There was just not enough story for two books in my opinion. But I still liked reading this, because I love those guys! This whole second book had the feel of a super long and very sweet epilogue. One adorable, sexy, fun scene after the other. What's not to love about more of our darlings.

WICKED FLAME was an adorable + sexy + fun firefighter + suspenders-wearing, opposites attract epilogue-y romance! READ IT!

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