Friday 19 July 2024

πŸ’§πŸŒ§ THE SPIDER & THE STORM πŸ–€ Kelsey Kingsley πŸ•ΈπŸ•·

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Kelsey Kingsley

• 19 July 2024
• standalone
(...but slightly connected to Saving Rain & Warrior Blue!)

4.9 Stars

From the bestselling author of Saving Rain comes a bittersweet, heartbreaking story about a broken cemetery caretaker and the woman who gave him shelter from life’s constant storm.

Along came The Spider …

They called me a freak.

They called me a loser.

They tormented me and made my life a living nightmare when all I had ever wanted was to be left alone.

And five years ago, after a lifetime of being bullied and harassed, of enduring more pain and trauma than any man could handle, that’s exactly what I set out to do.

I left the only home I’d ever known to lock myself behind the cemetery gates and care for the only people who have ever given me the peace I craved—the dead.

But just as I’d started to feel comfortable, an unexpected stranger broke into my house and fell into my web of reclusive safety, and somehow, opened my eyes to love and the possibility that I just might have the strength to weather the storm after all …

We're in Salem, Massachussetts.
Charlie is 38 years old and has been working as the cemetery caretaker for five years now. He's as happy as he can be.
He had to leave home years ago to get away from everything that happened there. His childhood was hell. He had great parents and a great big brother but Charlie just didn't fit into the 'normal people' world.
So much happened! And now here in Salem all alone he's kind of okay.
Until she comes along.

Oy! That was a LONG book!
And I loved it.
I almost kinda threw it out the window during the prologue when Charlie is talking about a spider he's watching. Ew. No. Just Ew.
But that was basically the only spider we see in the book. *shudders*
Poor Charlie. We go back a lot to his childhood and teen years and ... I don't know. I think his parents just didn't find the right therapist for him. But they did their best.
And he was pretty okay ... only his brother's bestie Ritchie was the worst. He bullied him whenever they saw each other. Horrible kid!
And in the present time. Poor Charlie is all alone in his little cemetery house. He doesn't want to connect with people. But then she shows up and he's ... awed. And so much more.
Adorable! And heartbreaking. You will cry a lot.
You will fall in love with Charlie and his forever ever after girl and all the others.
I so want to see this as a movie one day!

THE SPIDER + THE STORM was heartbreakingly beautiful!
Sweet + emotional + sad + dark and ugh... just an amazing book!






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Kelsey Kingsley is the author of fifteen novels. She lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel. She loves tattoos, music, makeup, and Frasier reruns. Kelsey is a Slytherin. She curses a lot, and she fucking hates cheese.