Saturday 26 April 2014

Blog Tour ~~ I Won't Give Up On You (Black Hollywood Duology #2) by F.L Jacob

I Won’t Give Up on You
FL Jacob

(Book 2, Black Hollywood Duology)

Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release: APRIL 16, 2014

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Sabrinas dreams are slipping away in the wake of the shooting. Shes lost trying to cope with the new reality of her life. Can Caston help her see that the scars on the outside havent changed who she is on the inside?

Castons true past comes to light, bringing his present crashing down around him. In a life full of betrayal, how will Caston cope when the truth is revealed? Can Sabrina be the constant Caston needs to help him make the life changing decisions he needs to in order to move on?

When the web of lies is torn apart, who will be left standing? Will the right person take the fall?

Follow Caston and Sabrina through the aftermath and find out what happens when they each vow I Wont Give Up on You.

 *PLEASE NOTE* This book is for 18 years and older. This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


I Won't Give Up On You begins right where Have I Told You left off, so you will need to read it first.

In the aftermath of the events at the end of Have I Told You, Caston and Sabrina (Bre)are struggling to come to terms with what it means for both of them.
Bre's dance career is over before it begins, Caston is shattered that he nearly lost the woman he loves.

Caston and Bre ride a rollerscoaster during the course of this book.  While they deal with Bre's recovery and moving forward with their fledgling relationship, there is so many outside forces trying to keep them apart.

Beverly is up to her old antics, and throwing in a few new ones while she is at it.  She is an evil cow, there absolutely nothing redeeming about her at all!  With the help of Bre's ex Mark, the chaos and havoc they cause is unbelievable.
Caston is also forced to deal with lies from his past that are affecting him deeply to this day.   How the people in his life, his so called family could treat him they way they do with so little thought about what it does to him is pretty despicable really.  Though there may be a couple of little outcomes at the end that make me despise their behaviour a little less.  But not much.

While there are the horrible characters, there are also those that I love love love.  Jon and Sara are fantastic, especially Sara.  There are a few "awkward" moments between Sara and Bre too ~~ just a little bit hot there too!!

We also catch a sneak peak into the future, but I am not going to tell you what happens there, you will have to read for yourself. 

FL Jacob has weaved a tale of love and lies, hope and dreams.  There is intrigue and suspense, twists and turns at every page.  And there is some hot sexy times too (can't forget them, can we!)

 I Won't Give Up On You is a perfect conclusion to Caston and Bre's story, and I can't wait to see what FL Jacob gives us next.

I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and busy!  I started writing again for a group of women I met last year. They brought back the passion for writing I havent seen since high school. Starting this process was tedious and nerve-wracking, but my amazing ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.

Caston stands up straight and saunters over to me.  His eyes never break eye contact until he reaches my side.  Towering over me, I can feel the heat from his gaze radiating into my skin and a shiver goes up my spine.  Letting the back of his hand glide ever so slowly down my ass cheek, it follows my curves to the top of my stocking on my left leg.  He steps behind me, and his other hand snakes around my neck and turns my head to the side by my chin.  I give myself over to him; closing my eyes as his mouth connects with the skin on my neck.  The searing heat makes me moan, and I feel the dampness grow between my legs.   You know I cant resist you in heels and stockings, he growls into my ear. Oh God, Caston. I turn my head toward him, and his lips cover mine, quieting me.  Shhh…” I whimper.  His fingers trace over the hard pebbles of my nipples.  My legs start to get shaky.  Caston moves in front of me, reaching around my body.  He cups my ass as his tongue dances with mine.  Were both breathless when he finally pulls away, and I can feel how much he needs me.  God I need you so bad.  Pure animalistic lust flickers in his eyes when he says it.