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Cover Reveal - Keeping Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #3) by TJ Hamilton

Miranda is back and shes back with a vengeance. Her sight is set and her target is Tench. Too many people in her life have fallen at the hands of the man who has a strange obsession for with her. Could Miranda be his next victim?

She knows how her friend Sally died, but she still doesnt know why. Could this information be the key to unlock everything the Agency needs to put Tench away forever? Or is an unlikely ally and a piece of her past the answer to it all?

Her heart may be torn with grief, but her head is filled with a burning reprisal. Could Tenchs unhealthy desire for Miranda be her best weapon against him or will she push him too far?


Fierce ~~ Clarissa Wilde


Nerdy girl Autumn Blakewood is the prime example of a goody two-shoes. She studies every night, is never late for class, and always follows the rules. She has never felt the need to step out of her comfort zone. That is, until she meets Hunter.

Hunter Bane is a cocky, confident bad-boy, who's nothing but trouble. He
s a dangerous distraction to everyone around him. Sexy and strong, Hunter enjoys the swooning effect he has on women. Especially those who aren't used to attention, like Autumn.

Autumn finds it hard not to give into Hunter
s advances, even though it all seems like a game to him. Trying to understand him is impossible, because he shrouds himself in mystery. 

What she doesn't know is that Hunter has more baggage than anyone should have to carry. When she discovers he's in an illegal frat club to save the one person that matters to him, Autumn realizes this could mean the end of her undeniable connection to him. Even their lives are at risk.
But it's too late to turn back now ...
ARC received from author for an honest review 

The premise of Fierce is not a new one - nerdy girl meets bad boy - but the synopsis had me intrigued and wanting to read.

As much as I wanted to LOVE Fierce, I couldn't.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it, just didn't love it.

Autumn was bullied all through high school and was after a fresh start with her best friend at college. Her other best friend is already at the same school, but gees, I couldn't find anything to like about him, Brody ,at all!  What a douche!!

Hunter is the resident bad boy that Autumn instantly lusts after, but really I didn't find him much of a bad boy at all.  Sure some of the things he did weren't great, but  he wasn't all that bad.

I felt that the characters didn't stay true to form.  They were a bit hipolar sometimes with their behaviour, especially Autumn.  She's the shy nerd girl who wants to do well at school, acts all virginal then BAM she is swearing like it would make sailors blush, getting all up in people's business and coming on to Hunter!

I also felt that there was too much going on in the book.  There was the nerdy best friends/I'm in love with my best friend, ex-best friends gone bad, frat parties, shady deals etc etc.  

And I still haven't completely got my head around the deal with the frat house ~~ is it a frat house? A gang? An underground fighting club?  A drug syndicate??
The story also lacked flow.   It seemed to jump around from one story line to another which just added to the confusion.  If a few of the side stories were removed it might have read a lot better.

I didn't really connect with any of the characters, couldn't get immersed in the story with them.  I like to really lose myself in a story but I felt completely disconnected from this one.

And then I felt that the ending was very rushed.  There had been all these story lines, but POOF within a chapter or 2, all the loose ends were tied up and everyone was happily moving on.  Huh??  Really??

While Fierce was obviously not the book for me, you may love it, like a lot of others do, but I have to be honest in my reviews and I just didn't feel this one at all.

BUT - I do LOOOOVE the cover!!

❇ Flawed Perfection ❇ Cassandra Giovanni ❇ Review ❇

© Bianca  

• 400 Pages
• release date - 7 March - 2014
• Publisher: Show N'ot Tell Publishing
• Cover Designer: Gio Design Studios


Book #2 PIECES OF PERFECTION will be out in May 2014

Bobby Beckerson was the American All-Star hockey player--he was the spitting image of perfection to his family. Goofy, sweet and undeniably gorgeous, he had everything but the one girl he wanted: River Ahlers.
River Ahlers is successful in everything but love. She's been in love with Adam Beckerson since they were kids. Worst of all she's stuck right in the middle of the brother's dueling over everything and anything, and she doesn't even know she's the ultimate prize.
Adam Beckerson was a boy with a guitar, a smile that sunk girl's hearts and a stone wall around his own. He was anything but perfect, and no matter how hard he tried he was nothing compared to Bobby. Sweet, damaged, with boyish good-looks, nobody thought Adam loved anyone but himself.
Bobby loved River, River loved Adam and Adam only loved himself--or so everyone thought. Then one night everything changes, and as it threatens to destroy everyone involved a tragedy strikes that will break them all...


River has been best friends with the Beckerson brothers Adam & Bobby all her life.
She has been in love with Adam since she was 12.
Bobby is in love with River.
Bobby is the golden boy of the family &
Adam doesn't seem to get any love or recognition from his parents. The boys have always been in competition with each other - about everything in live.
☺ It's all horribly & wonderfully complicated.☺


Now they're all grown up - living in the same building.
River is still in love with Adam, but he's just her best friend, or is he???☺☺☺

Bobby is crazy jealous of his brother. He's always known his brother has feelings for River too. But he never told River about that.

Poor River is overwhelmed with all those feelings and friendships and it's all so sad and crazy and exciting and sexy and frustrating.

And what about poor Bobby - he always had this secret hope that he will one day be enough for River.

And Adam - he always thought he won't ever be good enough for her, because that's what he felt like growing up - not being good enough for anybody. 

I won't tell you what will happen of course ☺ 

You have to read it yourself - AND PLEASE DO READ IT!


Once I started reading, I just couldn't stop!!! I read it in one night!!!
It was just so interesting - I NEEDED to know what will happen with those 3!

You start reading thinking, ok - hurry up already - Adam & River will end up together - Bobby is unlikable and that's it - The End - HEA.

HA!!! Nope - you start reading - and yes, you want Adam and River together - but you're really sorry for poor Bobby too, some of the time at least ;)
And you're sorry for Adam too and for River - she's trying so hard not to hurt anybody and still be happy.
It's such a complicated relationship they all have. You just want to know how it all ends.

But it's not ending at all!!! There will be 4 books in this series! 

At the end of book 1 you will probably sit there and cry, just like I did.... cry for Adam & River & Bobby & everything that could've been and may be or never will be ....

I loved the story.
In the beginning I wanted them to hurry the F up - I wanted Adam & River happily together - but they take their time and when they finally make it, there's still Bobby to think about - they don't want to hurt him more than they already did.

A few things that bothered me? 
Well - the sex scenes - there weren't any really. Yes, there were some, but not explicit enough for my taste. It wouldn't have hurt the story to make those scenes a bit longer and more explicit. But that's just me - most people don't have a problem with that.
 But that's the only thing that bothered me a bit - oh and of course the tiny little fact that we have a
CLIFFHANGER-ish Ending ☺




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