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• 22 February 2022
• Book #1 of 2 in the Chicago Heat
4-part Series
• M/M Romance

4.5 Stars



Kind, caring, and protective.

Those are the three qualities I’m looking for when it comes
to my dream man.

In a city as big as Chicago, you wouldn’t think he would be
that hard to find, right?


Sure, my boss found a super-sexy detective and my best friend fell

madly in love with the most eligible bachelor around.

But the only person I’ve met recently is a broody bad boy

who saved me at a sketchy pub.

He’s grumpy, rude, and honestly, not that likeable at all.

Hardly my “dream” guy.

 So why can’t I stop thinking about him?



I don’t do friendships. I don’t do relationships either.

The very last thing I’m looking for in life is to fall in love

and live happily ever after.

 So saving some rich guy from losing his wallet

is the last thing I want to do on a Friday night.

Especially when he looks like someone who just stepped
off the cover of GQ.


Fate seems to have other ideas, though, and every time I turn around,
he’s there.


A wicked heat simmers between us, threatening to ignite,

and though I’ve been trained to put out the flames,

I can’t help but think:

What’s the worst that could happen if I let this desire burn out of control?

ARC received for an honest review
In the words of the fabulous David Rose
GQ and the Grump drew me in and I couldn't wait to turn each page.
Oh Ryan, I have been waiting for you to find your "one", and the Grump that is Jameson is so perfect for you. This book should be called GQ and the Grump like on Ella's teasers haha.
They just fit so well - opposites really do attract. Ryan was kind of like a puppy, wanting Jameson's time.  I don't mean that in a demeaning way, just in a way that he knows what he wants and he is going after it,and fighting for it - hard.

Jameson, well I just don't have words enough for my feelings for him.  I hurt, I loved, I wanted more.
Now, we know this is going to be a bit of a cliffy going in as it i book 1, but it wasn't too bad, it just wanted me leaving more, needing to know what happens next with our lovelies.
Was great seeing more of characters in their world that we have come to adore. and am looking forward to book 2


Ryan + Jameson

We all remember Ryan as News Anchor Alexander's PA and Gabe's roommate & BFF.
Everybody in his life seems to be getting married...but now he's about to find his own happily ever after!
With grumpy firefighter Jameson - who is so not on board with the whole happily ever after thing.
He knows nothing lasts forever - especially in his job.
And this rich boy GQ cover model guy is so not his type anyway, right?


Two total opposites that just fit so perfectly! But of course Jameson is constantly fighting against it. He thinks he doesn't belong in Ryan's world. His past, his remaining family. Ryan should run!
But of course Ryan is not giving up - he's finally found his forever person and he will fight for his happily ever after! Adorable!
I loved reading this - and I also loved that we didn't get a horrible cliffy - almost no cliffy at all - Ella just left us wanting that HEA so bad ...grrr ... we need book 2 asap!!
Only thing I didn't like was the mention of a goatee - on Jameson's face - that destroyed my reading pleasure a bit - that's so ew.

WICKED HEAT was an adorable + sparky + sexy  firefighter + suspenders-wearing, opposites attract romance! READ IT!

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