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♥ If he had a heart he would love her ♥

• exp. release date - 18 March - 2014
• 304 pages

Dimitri Sokolov is a man scarred, physically and emotionally. From the rough streets of Moscow to the highest ranks in the Solntsevskaya Bratva, he has seen it all.

An attack four years ago left him hideously disfigured and in seclusion, hiding from reactions to his horrible appearance and in safety from those who failed to kill him the first time.

Comfortable in his penthouse, managing his billion dollar businesses, he's resigned himself to be alone, simply called The Beast among those who've dealt with him in the past.

Columbia Grey is an activist trying to save her neighbourhood from a developer intent on levelling it to build apartment towers. She devises a plan to confront the CEO of the company on his own turf, to force him to listen to her demands.

Little does she know, she's taken herself into the mouth of the beast, a man familiar with death and destruction, sex and seduction, a man used to getting exactly what he wants and a man with nothing left to lose.

She's a beauty, but will that be enough to tame the beast and save her life?


Dimitri has been living in Vancouver for 3 years now. He has never left his million dollar penthouse in all that time.

He's hiding. Not only from the russian mafia-boss Sergej who wants him dead. But also because he's scared to face people. He's been badly scarred when Sergej tried to kill him.

His best friend brings him blindfolded whores - to 'use' for his special sexual tastes. And even though he sometimes hurts them very badly they often leave halfway in love with this stranger who paid them so much money for a few hours of their time.

Columbia is a 19 year old girl with scars of her own. Both inside and outside. Her father molests her and her mother doesn't care all that much anymore.

The only 2 things that keep her alive are college and her little sister.
By trying to impress the guy she's had a crush on since high school - she joins his environmental group and she even volunteers to be smuggled into the apartment of reclusive texan billionaire Jarrod Jacob to confront him about his intentions of building ugly highrises in their neighboorhood.

Only Dimitri isn't a texan billionaire. He's a russian ex-criminal billionaire - and one of his legitimate business aliases is that of the texan guy.

Dimitri catches Columbia on his security cameras - a beautiful girl who's probably there to kill him - he grabs her, blindfolds her, and ties her up in his 'Interrogation-Room'.

Dimitri tries to find out if she's there to kill him - and he's not very gentle ... he knows how to find out the truth from people. He learned that in his time with the russian mob.

Columbia wants to escape but there's just no chance - so she has to wait for the right moment.

But does she really want to escape??? Here's this beautiful man who wants to control her - she would finally be able to let go and just BE for a while.....

That's how things get started.☺

I'm not telling you what will happen next -

and LOTS of things will happen - but you just have to read the book to find out ...
and please do!!!!! Because....


You might think that Dimitri is this horrible, wild, violent, mean russian ganster ... and he is - or was. But from the first lines of the book we're in love with him - or at least I was.

He had a horrible childhood and then he was semi happy working as in the russian mob - making money - having sex whenever and with whomever he wanted. But then he was betrayed by the guy he thought of as a father-figure. And he's now hiding and waiting for his chance to kill his enemy.
And while he's hiding and waiting - he somehow forgot how to live. That is so sad to read!!! The poor rich guy all alone in his million dollar penthouse - but never going outside to walk along the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

But then Columbia comes along and even though it's the opposite from what he expected - she drags him out of his gloom and shows him to live again!

The two of them are so perfect for each other - both so horrible scarred and abused.

They need each other to heal.

I literally fell in love with the book while I was reading the first two lines. - And the last line was just as amazing!!!! ☺ But please don't go and read the last lines first - I hate when people do that!!!!

THE BEAST was a wonderfully dark and erotic Love Story about 2 lost souls who are finally able to start to live again - even if it's in a, for us unimaginable, way. For them it's perfect.

it might not be for everybody - it's violent and really dark and twisted - but those things really need to be in the book!!!! Just try it - but don't leave a horrible review because something in it is against your 'religion' ☺☺☺

A few tiny little things I didn't like - the whole sex-thing started a bit late for my tastes - it took a bit too long to lead up to them really being together.... hm was totally ok the way it was, but...I just expected a bit more sex ☺☺☺

AND - the story is told from both Dimitri's and Columbia's POV - one chapter his POV - one chapter hers - and sometimes those chapters overlap ...they tell us about the same scene - not the complete scene again - but a few moments of it. That was a bit confusing for me - it took me a while to get used to it - hehehe I was probably just too stupid to get it - I guess it will be a bit more obvious for other people ☺

BUT - I still LOVED the book & especially DIMI ♥

A little 'Birdie' just told me we might get a sequel ☺☺☺☺ *HappyDance*



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Jaden Wilkes is the pen name for a girl living on the prettiest farm in BC. After a lifetime of love, lust and adventure, she is happily settled down with her second chance, the love of her life.

New to the world of fiction, but not writing, Jaden has won prizes for poetry, published research articles and essays, and maybe even a thesis or two.
A life of travel, adventure and keen observations of human nature allow for the creation of rich worlds and...

Fuck it, I need to keep it real. I have done a bunch of stuff, met a lot of people and lead an interesting life. That's it! I am passionate about my art, my work, my family and my friends, not necessarily in that order. I love writing fiction, I've spent years hearing things like "you should write a book" or "ZOMG you're so funny, write that shit down". And now I am. I hope you enjoy my words as much as I enjoy laying them down.

I've been an archaeologist (ethnographic research as well as human skeletal remains specialist), a GIS geek, a teacher, a city planning nerd and a photographer. New to that list, author. I am damn proud of this designation and hope that it will keep spurring me on to greater and better things. Every work I produce will be better than the last, so if you liked this first one, you will love the rest!

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey. Along the way I hope I am able to offer you some laughs, some succor for the soul and some tingles in your soft places. ;)