Monday 31 March 2014

Breaking Her - Natalie Graham - Ever After #0.5

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 • Ever After #0.5 (but it should be read as 1.5)
(Breaking Ever After from Riley's POV)
• release day 27 March 2014
• 106 pages

    4,9 Stars


    I had one job - to break her.

    Olivia Stevens had stolen a life that was meant for another, I had to do whatever it would take to get it back for them.

    Pushing Olivia beyond breaking point proves too much for Connor Riley to handle.

    When he wants nothing more than to stop what his evil uncle has set in motion for Olivia, what happens when he is the one pushed to breaking point?

    Find out in Breaking Her - Broken Ever After from Riley's perspective.

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    My Opinion:

    Riley was hired by his uncle Frank as the security guy for Austin and his niece Olivia.
    Frank and his 'girlfriend' are the bad guys here - we already know that from reading Broken Ever After.

    They want Riley to get close to Liv so that they can somehow get the codes for all her inherited bank accounts. They think they deserve the money more than her.

    But when Riley finds out what they're really planning for Olivia it's almost too late.

    He started falling for her the first time he saw her. This young girl - who was having an affair with her teacher.

    But said teacher hurt Liv - mostly because Riley helped in causing those situations as part of his uncle's plan. But it was never his intention to hurt Olivia.....

    Will there be a chance for Riley and Olivia? Or does she still want to be with the teacher-guy??

    I'm not telling you that of course☺
    I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure ☺ and - we don't really find out anything anyway...

    ...we all read Broken Ever After - so we know how it all ends - BUT it's not really ending yet - there will be more coming ☺



    It was exciting, sexy, funny.......
    It was soooo short though :( 
    But I was reallllly happy to read Riley's POV - we really needed to see what his motivation was behind this whole thing. It helped to understand him. He didn't appear all that nice in Broken Ever After....but now we love him - but we also loved Jamie in BEA :( so - who do we want Liv to end up with??? Can we have both??? YES PLEASE NATALIE!!! Let's make this a monogamous-ménage-relationship ☺

    Everybody who read & loved Broken Ever After needs to read this novella!!!
    There were so many questions left unanswered in BEA - and there still are - but this book really helps us to surive the time until we can get our hands on book #2 ☺

    Please hurry up Natalie - I need to know what will happen!!


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    Natalie Graham was born in England, where she resides in a noisy sea-side town with her husband, two children and their hundreds of lizards (there are only 7 really).
    She can often be found curled up with a cup of tea and her phone wearing out her Kindle App, hugging her laptop furiously close to her while she writes, or cringing in a corner as she contemplates writing about herself in third person (no it’s not one of her favourite thing to do).
    I can’t do it any more.
    As I was saying. My life revolves around my family; my husband, my two beautiful daughters and our pets.
    I developed my love for reading when I began suffering with anxiety during my second pregnancy. Reading became my escape, but once my baby was born it didn’t work so well any more. Writing took over my escape from my anxiety, but you won’t hear any more on that for a little while.
    I’m about to embark on a terrifying journey, and would love for you to come with me.