Thursday 6 March 2014

Cover Reveal ~~Here With Me (Callahan series #4) by AC Marchman

Donovan Callahan and Allie Marshall are enjoying their budding relationship, happy and completely head over heels for each other. Their pasts have been dragged to the surface and they seem to have worked through it all. They want to live for the here and now.

That is, until Claire Dubois, Donovans psycho ex, is released from prison after having her trial overturned for killing her husband. Claire and her equally nasty crew of Frank, her stepson, and Donna, Donovans stepmother, stay hot on the lovers trails, following their scent everywhere they go and causing a path of destruction along the way.

When the well being of Allies son, Jackson, is threatened, the two will stop at nothing to protect him. Even if it means putting their lives on the line. But with Claire around, you know things wont go down without a fight. All hell is about to break loose as Donovan and Allie fight to save each other from the grips of this evil womans clutches. Who will win this battle for love?