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• release date -  9 May 2017 ☺
• erotic M/M Romance!
• book #4 in the Temptation Series
4.75 #Fangirl Stars

Tease - verb: to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it....unless your name is Tate Morrison.

It’s been four years since Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and irrevocably changed it. Four years since the sexy as sin lawyer dared him to try, and four years since Tate won his love.

Now, as they approach the next chapter of their lives Logan is determined they won’t end up like many of their friends. Settled. Domestic. Boring. However, that’s easier said than done. With busy careers and working odd hours, finding time for one another is becoming increasingly difficult.

But that sh*t isn’t going to fly with Logan or Tate.

The two of them are determined to compromise to get what it is they want, and what they want is each other.

 is the sexy, tantalizing continuation of the two men who stole your heart... and popped your cherry.

ARC received for an honest review

And that up there?  That was me when Tease turned up on my Kindle.

Now, I am not going to lie.  I love Logan and Tate so so much that when I found out there was going to be more books, as much as I was excited, I was afraid that it would not live up to my expectations.  I mean, it has been a couple of years since we left my boys in Trust.

Why was I ever in doubt?

We are now 4 years down the track from Trust, and things are going pretty cruisy for our lovelies - well, they still have their ups and downs *snickers like Logan would be* 

I freaking LOVE assertive Tate. I mean, we got glimpses of him in earlier books, but when he is out in full force, it is a sight to behold. And the easy banter between our lovelies made me laugh out loud at times.

I also adored that we got more of Cole and Rachel - you remember Logan's brother and his wife? It was a pleasure to also see where their lives were at.

Oooh!  Ooooh!  And guess who's back?  My favourite barista Robbie is back!  Don't want to give away what and why, but I adore him just as much as I did before.

I loved that this book was pretty much drama free.  That there was no drama for dramas sake. Sure there were some things that popped up from the past, but they were things that needed to be resolved sooner or later, not new and ridiculous things happening.

It was great reconnecting and seeing where their lives are at now, and now I can't wait to see what the next 2 books bring us.

So for now it is time for our lovelies to say goodbye - but not forever.


We're finally back with our darlings Logan & Tate!
If you haven't read TRY & TAKE & TRUST you should definitely do it now, before reading TEASE!

Four years have gone by since we last saw those two boys!

Logan has grown his firm with his brother Cole and Tate is successfully running his bar The Popped Cherry.
But on the personal front things are a bit slow. They haven't seen much of each other lately. Due to Logan's big case and Tate's long hours at the bar.
Time to change things up a bit. Business things!
Hire a new partner for the firm and hire a new night manager for the bar!

But of course business problems are not the only things troubling our two boys!
Tate's sister might show up.
Our favorite, hilarious barrista Robbie might show up.
And the words
might scare the hell out of our Logan!
Or do they??? ☺

Read the book to find out! ☺

I just LOVED #TEASE!!!!
We missed those boys so much and now they're back. And we'll even get two more books!
Which doesn't mean that we have a stupid cliffy here. We don't! There are some things we need to work out or work on, but no cliffy!
This was one of those amazing books where the author doesn't feel the need to come up with those unnecessary drama moments. You know the ones? Where there's a lie or a misunderstaning and then we fight and break up and then bla bla.
Nope, we have this beautiful continuation of an amazing lovestory.

"Where else would I be?
You're where my heart is.
So that's where I stay."

We get something we WISH almost every book would have:
What happens after THE END!?
I loved every single adorable and funny and erotic moment of this book!
And now I can't wait to hear more from our darlings!!!

ooooh - I have a tiny little something to complain about...
I wish those books would've been written in the first person POV!
It gets sooo confusing for me when it's two guys talking and thinking - all those him's and his's and grrr - I sometimes didn't know who was thinking/doing/saying what. :(


“Hello, counselor. How’d the big case go today?”
Tate had been eyeing the clock all afternoon waiting to hear the outcome of the Berivax trial, and while he was happy it was finally going to be over, he also hoped all of Logan’s hard work had paid off.
“When was the last time we had sex?” Logan’s question was so blunt and unexpected it had Tate stumbling over his response for a second, and when he didn’t answer, Logan continued, “You don’t know, do you?”
The side of Tate’s mouth twitched at Logan’s disgusted tone. “Well, to be fair, you caught me off guard. I had to think for a minute.”
“And now that you’ve had time to think?”
“Oh my God. You can’t remember,” Logan said, and Tate couldn’t stop his laugh then. “That’s fucking shameful.”
“We’ve just been—”
“Don’t say it—”
“—busy.” Tate headed over to the door that separated the bar from the tiny foyer and stairwell that went up to their loft, shut it behind himself, and took a seat on one of the steps. “Well, we have been. This case of yours has taken up most of your time, and with the bar hours we just got…busy.”
“Yeah? Well, that shit needs to stop. Right now.”
Tate leaned his shoulder against the wall and shut his eyes, picturing Logan with his jet-black hair, those piercing blue eyes, and that full, sensual mouth. Tate had barely had time to say goodbye to him this morning, and no matter how much he was laughing it off, Logan was right—this not seeing one another was bullshit. They needed to sit down and work something out, now that Logan’s schedule would be returning to something more manageable.
“Agreed,” Tate said. “Something needs to change.”
“Good. How about we discuss it at dinner?”
Tate winced. “I’m here until one.”
“Can’t you beg Amelia to stay and come meet me?” Logan asked, and if he hadn’t sounded quite so desperate, Tate might not have caved.
“What am I going to get if I come to you?”
Logan’s voice lowered to a tone that never failed to make Tate hard. “Me. All night. And maybe again in the morning. I’m in a giving kind of mood.”
Tate swallowed and stretched his legs out in front of himself, suddenly needing a little more room in his jeans. “All night, huh? It’s been a while since that happened.”
“It has. So come find me and I’ll rectify that little issue you’re having with remembering our weekend away at the cabin. That was the last time my cock was inside you.”
“Jesus, Logan.” Tate pressed a palm to his erection, recalling the weekend trip they’d made around three weeks ago. Or maybe it was four. Shit, okay. They did need to work something out if he was having trouble remembering that. “Let me get things settled here and I’ll be at your office in”—he checked his watch—“an hour? Hour and a half?”

“Perfect,” Logan said. “I’ll be waiting.”


if you haven't read the first 3 books yet - DO IT NOW!! Preferably before reading #4☺

Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take,and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict.

Her Exquisite series has been praised as scorching hot! and enticingly sexy!

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR.