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• 10 May 2017
• standalone
4.75 Stars

Valentina has been married to William for 14 years. But after she caught him cheating last year, things have been difficult. She didn't leave him then, because she loves him too much. She doesn't know anything other than being his wife. That has been her job ever since they got married.
But maybe she should have left?
Now she's in Paris to get away from things for a bit. To maybe think about starting her life anew - on her own.

Enter Sébastien.

He's a famous artist living in her apartment building.
Ever since something horrible happened ten years ago, he's only having one-night stands, nothing serious ever again. He just tries to exist and to enjoy life and all it has to offer.
And then, on Val's first night in Paris, they meet in his gallery and they kind of, accidentally, kiss.


I really loved this book!
I loved the cover and the blurb and I just had to read it.
OK - the cover. I hate smoking, so I didn't like THAT all that much - BUT - he's french - he's allowed. ☺

This book had me crying in the prologue already!
And then it has this slighty desperate and sad, but also very hopeful vibe.
The reader wants a happy life for Valentina. And we all know that her marriage will never make her happy. But she is still married, she can't just go start living in sin with the french guy!
But the reader also wants all the happiness in the world for Sébastien!!!

Ugh - it was all so moving and sexy and funny and sad and ... heartbreakingly beautiful. And that it all takes place in Paris makes it even more amazing!
We unfortunately also get to read some chapters in William's POV, and while we might understand some of where he's coming from with his behavior, he's also a really NOT NICE guy.
And we only want Val to get divorced already and move to Paris to be with Sébastien!
But of course it's not as simple as that....

If I had to name some things I didn't like?
Well... it was a bit... slow. At times.
There's a lot happening towards the end. But the middle dragged a bit, and then after the end, we don't even get an epilogue, I sooo wanted to see what will happen to them!
And ... yeah... I sometimes didn't like Valentina all that much. She comes across as this weak and submissive wifey. And she is this person. Or at least she was that person with William. But she blossomed in Paris, but ... I just had the feeling she didn't fight enough where it counted the most.

I just wanted/expected a tiny little bit more of everything. More sexiness. More Paris. More background. More depth. More Sébastien - his previous life, his family, his daily life.
More fun and laughter and fight and standing up for oneself!
BUT of course I still loved the story. ☺

LOVE ME IN THE DARK was such a beautifully written tale of love, hope & dreams - about using your second chance for happiness!
A heartbreakingly beautiful lovestory so full of emotions, laughter, freedom, sadness and sooo much more ... run to your nearest amazon for your own trip to Paris!!!!

ARC received for an honest review

Today I have popped my Mia Asher cherry with Love Me In The Dark - I know, I know, I haven't been under a rock all this time time, I know about her books but just finding time to read them has been the problem!

This is a sweet, sexy, sometimes sad but always hopeful story.  Valentina is at a cross roads in her life and relationship.  Her hubby is a d!ck, no other words for him, and she is on a journey of self discovery in Paris.  You can't help but feel hopeful for her, but at times she annoyed me just a little.

Well, maybe a lot, since at one point I wanted to crawl into the book and clonk her over the head with my Kindle to knock some sense into her.

And by sense I mean Sebastian, the sexy french artist who is now her neighbour.  He is all kinds of swoony and sexy and french - though the smoking thing is a bit of a turn off (but this could just be me).

I said before the Valentina's husband William is a d!ck.  Well, the more the story progressed, the more and more I disliked him.  And then we got some chapters from his POV and there really was not one redeeming feature about him. Just no.

I really was Valentina's biggest cheerleader (even when she was annoying me!).  My heart was filled with hope that she would finally do what was right for her, would throw herself at Sebastian (or I would take her place!)

Love Me In The Dark is a sweet, beautiful story of self discovery, self worth and taking a chance on love.

Now I am going to make myself go back and read Ms Asher's earlier books.



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