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✪ Erin Watt ✪ WHEN IT'S REAL ✪ standalone YA/NA Rockstar Romance ✪

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• standalone YA/NA Rock Star Romance
• 30 May 2017
• 416 pages

5 Stars

Wealth, fame and a real-life romance she never expectedseventeen-year-old Vaughn Bennett lands it all when she agrees to become a pop star’s fake girlfriend in this smart, utterly addictive novel from No. 1 New York Times bestselling author duo Erin Watt.

Under ordinary circumstances, Oakley Ford and Vaughn Bennett would never even cross paths.

There’s nothing ordinary about Oakley. This bad-boy pop star’s got Grammy awards, millions of fangirls and a reputation as a restless, too-charming troublemaker. But with his home life disintegrating, his music well suddenly running dry and the tabloids having a field day over his outrageous exploits, Oakley needs to show the world he’s settling down
and who better to help him than Vaughn, a part-time waitress trying to help her family get by? The very definition of ordinary.

Posing as his girlfriend, Vaughn will overhaul Oakley’s image from troublemaker to serious artist. In return for enough money to put her brothers through college, she can endure outlandish Hollywood parties and carefully orchestrated Twitter exchanges. She’ll fool the paparazzi and the groupies. She might even start fooling herself a little.

Because when ordinary rules no longer apply, there’s no telling what your heart will do

Oakley has been born famous. His parents are huge Hollywood stars.
And when he was 14 he started being famous on his own. He became a pop star.

And after living the life for the last five years, it's finally catching up to him. He's constantly in the tabloids for stupid stuff, he's losing social media followers, he's not feeling the music anymore.
He needs this next album to be a huge success. And he needs this famous producer - King - to produce it!
But King will only do it if Oak cleans up his act!
And the only thing that can achieve that - says Oak's manager Jim - is to hire a fake girlfriend. A girl all his female fans will love. A normal girl, just like them.
Enter Vaughn.
She's 17. Already done with high school, she's working as a waitress to help feed the family.
Her parents died two years ago, and her older sister is now responsible for Vaughn and the 12-year old twin boys.
Twenty thousand dollars a month to pretend to be Oakley Ford's girlfriend would help Vaughn's family so much. It would put food on the table until the boys left for college and it would also pay the boys' college!
But, Vaughn kinda has a boyfriend. And she's also not really impressed by the rather cocky and spoiled singer!
Let the fun times begin!!! ☺

What will happen to Vaughn & Oakley?
Will there be a HEA?


I'm a huge #RockStarRomance fangirl!
And this story was sooo adorable!
It's not your typical erotic, on-the-tourbus, live rock-shows, kind of thing.
It's a sweet story written for the younger crowd. But this older blogger still loved it!

It's all so adorable!
The way they're both fighting for their future.
The way poor Oakley is trying so hard to make new, and better music.

The way Vaughn tries to resist him. Because the real guy behind the star, is someone she really likes. A lot.
I loved watching them both doing a lot of growing up and finding themselves.
This was such a perfect book. Full of fun and laughter. Romance and feelings. Family, friends - real and fake. Love and hate.
I loved every second of it!
 I so want to see this book made into a movie! And I also want to travel back in time to when I was 17 and be Vaughn! Well, at least the #rockstargirlfriend part.☺ Vaughn is SO my spirit animal ('cause just like me, she hates cats and is afraid of butterflies!☺)

 WHEN IT'S REAL was the most adorable #RockstarRomance! Sweet, funny, serious, moving. Just beautiful! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Oak - this one is MINE!!!   

And now I'm excited for whatever the Erin Watt ladies have for us next!☺


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