Wednesday 17 May 2017

♂ False Start (Wilmington Breakers #2) ♂♂ Sloan Johnson ♂♂

Nixon Cross isnt wired to share his life with anyone. Hed considered a relationship once, but after the one man patient enough to put up with all his quirks shut him down, he committed all of his energy to football and helping his players. Now, one of his players need more help than Nixon can provide and his former flame is the one man who will know what to do.

Retired NAFL player Lincoln Sims had no choice but to stay in the closet; he was a professional athlete at a time when it was impossible to be honest about his sexuality. After retiring, he confessed his secret to his wife and son because he was tired of living a lie. Now, hes ready to live his life. Nixon Cross is the man he left behind but could never forget.

Can these men find a way to recover from their false start years earlier?


ARC received from author for an honest review

We met Nixon and Lincoln in the first book in the Wilmington Breakers series, Down By Contact, and there was something between them that we just needed to know.

And what a story theirs is.  I love a friends-to-lovers story, love it even more when there is a bit of history behind them.

Linc and Nix's story is beautiful. It is heart breaking. It is thought provoking.  There are subject in this story that made me stop and think, and I am sure it will for other readers too.

Family is a big, big part of this story.  Family is not just blood, it is those you surround yourself with, those who love you for who you are. 

I adored Linc's relationship with Blake.  It could have come across as cheese or after-school-specially, but it didn't.  It felt real, organic, nothing was glossed over to make the perfect father/son relationship.  We saw it , warts and all.

What I mostly liked about this story was that they didn't give up.  Hurdle after hurdle was thrown in front of them and they stuck at it.

I am glad Ms Johnson gave us Linc and Nix's story. That it is about and older couple that have extra baggage to deal with (since I am getting to be an old fart myself!)

Thank you for the beautiful stories, and here's to many more.