Wednesday 1 February 2017

✪ Rock The Dream ✪ #RedfallDreamSeries1 ✪ B.B. Miller & Leslie Carson ✪ Excerpt ✪

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• release date: 1 February 2017
450 pages
Redfall Dream Series #1

#2 – Dare To Dream – Matt & Tessa
#3 – Chase The Dream – Cam & Samantha 

#4 – Wildest Dream – Sean & Cassidy 

5 Stars

Multi-platinum, award-winning rock musician Kennedy Lane has it allpacked arenas, private jets, and loyal fans. Everything is at his fingertips... until a tragic accident twists his dream into a nightmare. Haunted and lost, the only place he comes alive is on stage, playing for a sea of nameless faces. He’s desperately wanting more, and losing hope that he’ll ever find it.

Abigail Walker, Executive Director of an international children’s charity, lives for her job. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, she pours her energy into making the lives of the families she works with just a little better. But her dedication doesn’t keep her warm at night, a fact that she’s beginning to regret.

When a little boy’s hope to meet his idol brings them together, Kennedy is shocked to find that determined Abigail may be the one to help him make his dreams come true
if hes strong enough.

Abigail - Abby - is working her dream job at a charity that grants the biggest and most often also the last wishes of very sick children.
Currently Abby is working on fulfilling the wish of Parker - he wants to meet his idol - Rockstar Kennedy Lane.
But Abby is not so sure that she should bring this poor boy into the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll world that Kennedy seems to live in.

Kennedy has been a rockstar for almost 15 years now, but ever since the horrible accident that took his sister's life two years ago, he kind of gave up. His life doesn't have any purpose. The music doesn't flow anymore, the alcohol does though. He's drunk or high almost 24/7.

Time to get his life back on track thinks his best friend and security guy Tucker - and also Abby.
Who ends up with his phone number after meeting him about the sick boy. A meeting that didn't really change her opinion about the rockstar lifestyle!

But they start texting...and talking and they like each other a lot. And that liking turns into more with every meeting...

But can a drunk rockstar who's trying to get better, and a girl who's been hurt by addiction before, really start something real and lasting?




Rockstar romances are my weakness!
I just had to read this! Total fangirl! ☺

You immediately fall in love with both Abby & Kennedy.
Both have been through a lot and it shows.
We first meet Kennedy all drunk and high with girls all over him in a hotel room. Exactly how you imagine a rockstar to be and act. Only I think that most rockstars these days are organic-vegan-gluten-free-health-and-fitness-nuts.... but that's another story!☺
Here we have your typical, almost retro rockstar with all that comes with it.
But of course Kennedy doesn't only do all that shit just because he can. He has his reasons for wanting to forget.
But once he meets Abby and knows how much it means to her and the little boy that he gets his shit sorted... things start to change. But of course it's not suddenly all insta-happy-ever-after for all of them!
The rest of the band still uses lots of alcohol and drugs and Kennedy is not yet completely ready to get help.
And Abby doesn't yet trust that he's serious about her... 

LOTS of bad things still to overcome until we'll get our HEA!!!
Because the alcohol and trust issues are not the only things standing in their way ...

I can't wait to read the books about the other three band members - they all have huge stories to tell!

If I had to name some things I didn't like? No, not really... It's pretty obvious that the authors are either huge fans of Fifty Shades, or they were just inspired by it. We have one scene in a hotel bar with a cocktail that's pretty much exactly the same. And an alley-kiss scene! But pfff, didn't bother me, even though I would've changed it a tiny bit!

ROCK THE DREAM was an amazingly beautiful & intense & sexy & moving #RockStarRomance!
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Kennedy Lane! Because this one is MINE!

Now I really want to read book #2 ... it will be about Matt!!!


ARC received for an honest review

Ms Miller and Ms Carson -  you had me at rock star.

I am a sucker for a rock star book, and I immediately liked our guy Kennedy.  He is really living the sex & drugs & rock n roll lifestyle.

I liked that Redfall were older guys, not the usual "just signed a record deal early 20's guys" - they are closer to old-fartdom like me!

I really enjoyed seeing the characters develop - they are more than the public person, more than trappings of fame.  The are flawed, messed up men.

It is not all insta lust or insta love with Abby and Kennedy, and it is great to be taken on the journey with them as they fight for what they want.

I love the banter between Kennedy and his band mates, and adore (most of) 

There are many hurdles for them all to cross, and I can't wait for the rest of the guys to get their stories.



Chapter 1


“Don’t you want more?” My voice sounds disembodied, dry, and raspy, like I’m a

seventy-five- year-old chain smoker who doesn’t give a shit about what a lifetime

of nicotine has done to his lungs.

A booming bass fills the penthouse suite at the San Francisco Fairmont, where

my band, Redfall, and a host of strangers party into the night. “Mmm… You’re so

fucking hot.” It’s a slurred and intoxicated whisper against my neck from some

nameless groupie sitting on my lap. Gin and desperation roll off her in waves. She

licks the curved chaos of ink snaking down my shoulder and grinds her skinny,

naked body against mine. I shudder at the feel of skin and bones against me. She

pushes her tits forward, and breathes in my ear. “Touch me, Kenny.”

“I always want more. So do you.” The voice of my tour manager, Brodie Dixon,

drifts to me from somewhere far away. I lean back against the couch, trying to

open my eyes in an attempt to find him. I feel like I’m floating in a dream or a

nightmare; it’s hard to tell which. I’m stuck somewhere between reality and a

fucked up fantasy.

“Name’s Kennedy,” I mumble.

“Kenny, Kenny, Kenny,” she chants as she rolls her hips against mine.

I turn my neck in the direction I think Brodie’s voice came from, making a feeble

attempt to brush away the hand flattening against my stomach, and drifting

south. I can feel her jagged nails scratching over my hip, fumbling, as she

attempts to unhook my leather belt.

Her hot, liquor-laced breath fans over my exposed chest, and her fingers lazily

drift along the tatt that covers my neck. She doesn’t give a shit about me. She’s

just here because I’m Kennedy-Fucking- Lane and she wants to say she fucked


Somehow, I manage to open my eyes. Through an intoxicated haze, I can make

out Brodie—at least I think it’s him—bent over a table, slowly moving his face

along a mirrored surface. I lift the dead weight of the bottle of Jack to my lips,

welcoming the burn as the whiskey hits my throat.

Muted light filters in from the gaps in the curtains, catching the glare from the

mirror and splaying prisms of color over Brodie’s body. He leans back in the chair

and lifts his hand to his nose, snorting back any excess coke he may have missed.

He cracks his neck like he always does when he’s finished, and pats his thigh.

It feels like I’m watching in slow motion as a groupie appears like an apparition

out of nowhere and floats to his lap, immediately wrapping her arms around his

neck and crashing her lips to his.

I shut my eyes, guiding the heavy bottle back to my lips, hoping the magic liquid

will block everything out. It hurts to swallow. My throat feels like it’s on fire. I

wonder how much is enough to numb the pain.


B.B. Miller

From her home near Portland, Oregon, B.B. Miller spends her days with family and friends in search of the perfect pear martini.

Ms. Miller writes together with Leslie Carson about rock musicians, fortune cookies, tattoos, and finding love in the most unexpected places.

Their first stand-alone novel in a four part series - Rock The Dream - is coming soon.

Leslie Carson

Leslie Carson lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her busy family and seems to spend more time at the hockey rink than outside of it. When she's not shuttling to hockey games, she's enjoying time with family, friends and wine.

Leslie is writing together with B.B. Miller about rock star adventures, tattoos, and finding love in the most unexpected places.

Their first novel in a four part series - Rock The Dream -releases February 1.