Friday 10 February 2017

✪ Quake (The Beat & The Pulse #8) ✪ Amity Cross ✪

Caleb Carmichael's star studded boxing career came to a screeching halt the day he ended up flat on his back in hospital.

If he fights again, he risks becoming permanently paralysed from the waist down. Professional Boxing is his whole life and he's lost without it, but he doesn't have a choice. Reluctantly, he cuts his losses and takes a job running the infamous Melbourne boxing studio, Beat.

But when a frightened woman turns up at the studio looking for a way to take her life back, Caleb realises there might be something out there for him after all.

Juliette Spicer was twenty-three when her twin sister was murdered.
Five years later, haunted by the public scrutiny, she changes her name and moves cities, only to find herself walking the streets the same night another crime is committed. The same crime that took her sister.

Realizing she can't escape her past, Juliette takes action and finds herself walking into a boxing studio, vowing never to be frightened again.
But what she finds there might save her in more ways than she was expecting.

ARC received from author for an honest review

Caleb is here! Caleb is here!  

We have met him earlier in the series, but now we get his story woohoo

And what a story Quake is.  From the minute Caleb and Juliette meet, my heart just knew that they were going to be what each other needed.

My heart broke for Juliette as we learn why she is as skittish as she is.  There might have been tears but I cannot - or will not - confirm not deny!

Caleb is drawn.  He needs to know her story.  But it is more than that.  So much more.

I don't want to give anything away, but there are people and things trying to keep our lovelies apart, and a bit of mystery and suspense throughout.  Many times I thought I knew what was happening, but nope, the plot turns in ways I  wasnt' expecting.

We didn't get many of the Beat and The Pulse family in this one, but we do get plenty of Ren - you need to meet Ren, she is the best!

There were times when I had such a visceral reaction to the story.  My body tensed, I had such a strong hold on my kindle it is surprising it did not snap.  I was mad as hell at what was going on and was on the verge of throwing my kindle across the room.

All signs of a good book to me!

I really enjoyed Quake and read it in one sitting.  Now I can't wait to see what Ms Cross bring us next.

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