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• release date 21 February 2017
Bad Boy Billionaires #3

4.5 Stars

A stand-alone Billionaire Bad Boys novel.

Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and sexy as hell.

Lucas Monroe dropped out of college only to become a multi-billionaire and tech world God. He can have any woman he desires in his bed, but the only woman he's ever wanted is off limits and always has been. When Maxie Sullivan finds herself in dire straights, the only man she can turn to is the one she’s always secretly loved: her childhood best friend.
Can they trust their hearts and make a future, or will their complicated pasts stand in the way?
This bad boy is going down fast

And going down fast has never felt so right.

We're back with our 3 hot guys in NYC!
Kade, Lucas and Derek invented a dating app and now they're billionaires looking for their forever-ever-after-girls. Kade & Lucas already found their HEAs.

And now it's Derek's turn to fall in love.
And he'll be doing that with the first girl he was ever interested in - back when he was only 18.
But she was the daughter of the house and he was just the son of the gardener and the maid. There was never a chance for them back then.
But now Derek's the big money guy and Cassie needs help saving her grandfather's beloved media company. Her dad almost ran it into the ground and now her brother's the new boss. Her good-for-nothing-Europe-traveling-hasn't-worked-a-day-in-his-life-brother!!
She needs an interview with the elusive tech billionaire Derek really badly!

And once they meet again after so many years they realize that the same sparks are still flying like crazy!

I really enjoyed this book!
It was movingly adorable right from the prologue, where we saw poor Derek wanting to be with Cassie, but she couldn't let go of her bitchy rich girl facade in the presence of her girlfriends. I really felt so sad for Derek. But we also see that Cassie didn't really mean what she said to her girlfriends. But that seems to be Cassie's thing. She's not saying what she should be saying. She couldn't fight against her bitchy girlfriends and now she can't fight against her dad and her brother. She's not saying anything. She doesn't fight back. I could've slapped her right through my kindle. Numerous times.

She comes across as this super weak person! Ugh. But I still liked her. I liked that she still had those dreams for the company. But she just didn't do enough fighting.
But it definitely gets better ... now she has Derek - maybe together they can save the company.
But Derek might be more interested in a little revenge ... he wants to buy the company and enjoy a little time in the bedroom to get her out of his system.
But of course love gets in the way of things.... ☺

I really enjoyed those two fighting for what they want.
It was of course way too short - a real full length novel would've been so much better!
It was all a bit insta. But I still really loved it! What's not to love about a very adorable & moving & sexy romance with lots of hot guys to swoon over?! ☺

Now I can't wait for the next book - Kendall and *gasp* Julian!! He was the bad guy in the last book!!!!

GOING DOWN HARD was a very sexy & adorable & moving 2nd chance lovestory!!! Run to your nearest amazon to find out how Cassie & Derek will find their HEA!

ARC received for an honest review

Yes!  Finally, it is my favourite billionaire bad boy's time to get his story!
Right from the prologue, I knew this was going to be more than I could have wanted for Derek.  Oh, but also from that chapter, I knew Cassie was going to do my head in.
I could understand some of her actions, but other times she came across as a bit of a doormat.  She didn't fight for things that she should have, let everyone walk all over her, it was like she didn't have a mind of her own at times.
But this is not to say I didn't like her per se, just that she needed to grow a pair!
I loved that they finally fought for what they  want in life.  I love Derek's cockiness, but that he is not an arrogant arse with it all makes him all the more loveable.
I loved seeing more of the people from the first 2 books, and there was a surprise I wasn't expecting - and who is going to be the leading man of the new book.
Let's see if he can be redeemed!  Can't wait for book 4.

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