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Sugar Daddy
Sugar Bowl #2
• release date: 16 August 2016
here's our review to Book #1
• #3 Sugar Free will be out October 11th

4.75 Stars

In the steamy and suspenseful sequel to Sugar Daddy (“A totally gripping take on romance and revenge!”Lauren Blakely), a heartbreaking rift threatens to unravel a dangerous alliance . . . and a fragile new love.
After posing as an escort for the Sugar Bowl online dating service,
 Sela Halstead is looking for one thing: payback. She's closing in on the site's heartless founder, Jonathon Townsend, and she needs Beckett North, Townsend's business partner and her lover, by her side. She'd thought that their intimate nights together had forged an unbreakable bond, but after a shocking betrayal, Sela begins to doubt the brilliant bad boy. When push comes to shove, can she trust Beck to do the right thing?
Now that he understands the truth, Beck will stop at nothing to secure the reckoning Sela deserves. But between his desire for her and his disgust for JT, Beck doesn't exactly have a lot of control over his emotional state. Left with no other choice, he must summon all his discipline to maintain JT's trust and pretend that they're still friends. But how far will Beck go to prove his loyalty to Sela? He nearly lost her once. To keep her, Beck might have to kill for her.
Note: Sugar Rush ends on a cliffhanger. Sela and Beck's story concludes in Sugar Free!

This second book in the Sugar Bowl series starts exactly where we left Sela & Beck in the first book.
He just found her snooping in his office, and since he hates liars and secrets, he didn't listen to anything she said and threw her out of his apartment.
She just told him she was raped by JT, his best friend.
But after thinking about it for a couple of minutes he realizes that she didn't mean that he just raped her very recently, but years ago.
And once he really understood what she wanted to explain to him, but what he was too angry to understand at the time, he rushes after her and finds her at her dad's house.
And after they talked about everything, and both apologized for everything, they both start planning the ruin of JT.
Sela's plan of killing JT is off the table of course, but they want to destroy him.

And after spending a very romantic week in Vienna, and with the help of a very talented PI, they start MISSION: DESTROY JT!



I'm not telling you that of course! ☺

ok, yes, there might be a tiny little HUGE Cliffy ☺☺☺

Eeeeeep, finally the 2nd book in this great trilogy!!!
I really enjoyed the first book and was so looking forward to see how Beck's and Sela's story would continue.
And now here we are.
We're pretty much spending the whole book planning to ruin JT, to find out every little bit of dirt about his life and financials and drugs and whatnot, and then use it to destroy him.
And of course there's lots to find. 'Poor JT' I sometimes thought. It felt a tiiiny little over-the-top for me. The way they plan and execute their revenge. I felt a tiny little bit bad for JT. I know he did a really bad thing, and it probably wasn't the only bad thing he ever did... but... I felt they had a bit too much fun with the whole 'let's-make-JT-suffer' thing. ☺ But of course after what Sela went through it's totally understandable too.

I just love Sela and Beck.
Beck is such a good person. And he's also not all that bad looking either...☺☺☺

We just want the both of them to finally be able to close the JT chapter of their lives and start their HEA ... but of course this is a trilogy, so it might still take some time until we can ride happily into the sunset... ☺ #CLIFFY o.O

SUGAR RUSH was the perfect 2nd book in this amazingly sexy & exciting trilogy!!!
I NEEEEED to read book #3 asap!!!

What I didn't like - towards the end - around the 85% mark - I almost stopped reading. Sela is doing something so unbelievably and predictably stupid. I could've just hit her. I didn't like that moment at all. But pfff, it's her own fault ☺ There needs to be enough story left to tell for a 3rd book. And I'm really looking forward to reading it!!

Another thing... about Sawyer's writing style. I already noticed it in the Wicked series and now I noticed it here too - can't remember if she already did it in the previous book and the hockey series. But anyway, I call it the AS-problem. And I'm pretty sure I'm the only one bothered by it - but this is what I mean: (I'm copying it from my Wicked Ride review!)

Normally you only use AS as LIKE (She's AS pretty AS a button). Sometimes authors use it as it is used here - but Sawyer uses it a million times and I JUST HATE IT!!!
 I think it's what english-speaking kids learn to do in school, and maybe what people used to learn decades or centuries ago, but it's just not used much anymore and when it is used I just hate it.


...drive him to the airport AS he had an emergency back in New York...

...isn't an overly fancy place AS I'm wearing jeans...

I requested outdoor seating AS it was an unseasonable warm day....

...having my father do this AS I knew the risk of ...

I don't know why I hate it that much - it just sounds way too formal and idiotic in a contemporary You could very easily exchange it for a comma or a because or a since
You probably don't even know what I mean - I'm bad at explaining things ☺Sorry. #EndOfASRant ☺

ARC received for an honest review

I have been waiting it seems like forever for Sugar Rush since I finished reading Sugar Daddy (I know it hasn't been long, I just needed to know what was happening with our lovelies).

Sugar Rush starts off right where Sugar Daddy ends, so it is go go go right from the start.

Ms Bennett had me in tears right at the beginning, tears of sadness, tears of anger.

Things come to a head that were building up in the first book, especially surrounding Beck’s business partner JT.

What a despicable man I found him to be.  I didn’t like him in the first book but now I really didn’t like him.

He is a big part of Sela and Beck’s story this time, a lot of actions in this book surround JT and things he is doing/has done and what can be done about them.

Sela is so strong, but man for a smart woman she does some stupid things!  I wanted to clip her around the ears, tell her to wake up to herself and stupid doing dumb shit!

Beck is just…. He’s just swoony.  Heart of gold, protective of those he cares for, and maybe just a little bit of a hottie… oh who am I kidding, I’d go there!

I read Sugar Rush in one go. I was reading while I was doing my laundry, I skipped dinner until I had finished reading.

And again.. we were cliffhangered!

It is not too long before book 3 Sugar Free comes out (but lucky for me it is waiting on my kindle and I can jump right in.

Can’t wait to see how Beck and Sela’s story ends.


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