Thursday 25 August 2016

✪ Anne Connor ✪ THE SUPER - A Bad Boy Romance ✪

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Anne Connor
The Super

Guilty Pleasures #2
release day 22 August 2016

4.5 Stars


They call me the bad boy of commercial real estate, but she isn’t impressed.

My brother and I built our firm from nothing. Until a few days ago, I had the money, the looks and the socialite fiancée that kept my father satisfied and my life running on the straight and narrow path to a legacy of success. But when a lawsuit threatens everything I built and my fiancée dumps me the same day, I have to get away from it all.

A temporary job as a building superintendent in Brooklyn might seem like an unlikely gig for me, but when it leads me to connect with Molly, the building's newest tenant and a beautiful aspiring journalist, I realize this is where I really want to be. I just need to convince her that the worlds we are from are not as different as she thinks.


They say that he’s good with his hands, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give him my heart.

What was supposed to be a drink with my best friend to celebrate landing my dream job at a newspaper doesn't exactly go as planned. When I learn that the hot guy I can't stop looking at at the bar is the arrogant tabloid magnet Drew Anderson, I’m intrigued. But when he hits on me, I realize that I would never date someone so successful, rich, and cocky. He would never understand me. It's too bad I can't stop thinking about him.

Imagine my surprise when he shows up to fix a leaky sink in my apartment. It turns out that he looks as good in a dirty old tee shirt as he does in an expensive suit. I can't get him out of my head. But we are from different worlds, and I've been burned before.

Drew and his brother Eric have been running their very successful real estate empire for a while now - after finally getting out of their dad's company. But doing things alone, without parental back-up is risky. And now they're being sued for some piece of land that another company claims to have owned before the Andersons.
And next to all those troubles at work, Drew has just been left by his fiancée Clarissa.
Time for a quick sex thing with a girl from a bar. But that girl doesn't want him - and that kind of never happened to him before.

Molly is finally starting her grown-up life on monday. Her first real job at a daily newspaper.
There's no time to have a little fling with that rich hottie from the bar.

But suddenly that rich hottie is standing in her fix her sink!
How does a billionaire real estate mogul end up being a super in Brooklyn???
And what is it about this girl that has him so ready to get down on one knee??? She's so not his usual rich-Manhattan-socialite type....

What will happen to Molly & Drew?
Will there be a HEA?
Or will there be a horrible Cliffy???

I'm not telling you that of course!


I really enjoyed this story!
The whole idea of it really interested me. Rich Manhattan guy ending up fixing sinks in Brooklyn!
It was really funny and adorable and sexy.
I loved how poor Molly fought so hard to resist Drew.
He knows pretty fast that this is his forever-ever-after-girl.
But she's not really sure about anything at the moment. Especially not this rich guy who will probably leave as soon as he's done playing at a normal-people-life in Brooklyn.

THE SUPER was a really adorable love story about two people from different worlds finally finding their Happily Ever After  


Stalking Anne:

I'm obsessed with pizza, wheat beer, and bad boys who are good guys.