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✜ Scott Hildreth ✜ THE GUN RUNNER ✜ #MafiaMade1 ✜

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Scott Hildreth

• Book #1 in the
Mafia Made series
• Release Date: 8 August 2016
• Book #2 THE GAME CHANGER + #3 THE GOOD BOSS will be out soonish☺!
4.5 Stars


Once, I took down terrorists on the front lines as a marine.
Now I'm in the business of bad.
I've sold guns to people others might not approve of.
I've eliminated the criminals, the lowlifes and the thugs who've tread on my turf.
And I looked the Sicilian Mafia boss in the eye and told him to f*** off.
No one tells me no, unless it's their last word.
I didn't just act the part of bad
I lived it. Then she stumbled into my life.
I tried to stay away from her. Tried focusing on moving my merchandise. But one smile from Terra was like a shot to the heart.
She's mine now. And no one threatens what's mine.


I've seen a lot of terrible things in my life.
I grew up around lies and deception, and I ran away from all of them.
Until I met him.
I knew he was corrupt. I knew he was dangerous.
I should have stayed away, but my attraction to him, my need for him, overrode my logic.
Now I love him.
If he finds out who I am, we're done and I'll be nothing.
I never wanted to be the Mafia princess they tried to make me, but mia familia had other plans. And what mia familia wants
it gets.
Only Michael Tripp can save me.

Michael has been in the military for ten years. Now he's finally done with that life. But his new life of being a semi-legal gun seller in Kansas City is not at all without its dangers either.

And once he meets and falls for Terra, things will get even worse.....
Because what he doesn't know is that Terra is the daughter of the local mafia godfather.
The same guy who wants to become 'partners' with Michael. Violently if needed.
But Michael doesn't want anything to do with the mafia. And the mafia boss does not want his daugter in love with a non-italian, non-catholic guy.

Lots of secrets, lots of danger, LOTS of sexy time.....
Terra and Michael still have a LONG way to go to get to their Happily Ever After...

What will happen with Terra & Michael?
Will there be a HEA?
Will everybody survive this booK??
Or will there be a horrible Cliffy?


Great first story in this Mafia series!!!

I really didn't know what to expect when I started reading. This was my first Scott Hildreth book. I think other than Nicholas Sparks I never read a sexy romance written by a guy. And this is so not a Nicholas Sparks story. ☺
I really enjoyed reading it.
I had a few tiny problems with Scott's writing style. But that could just be because I'm used to female authors. (Even though I LOVE Harlan Coben!) There were some phrases that Scott overused in the beginning. I didn't like that. But it won't bother most readers.
I really enjoyed the story. But again... some problems there for me.
Michael meets this hot italian girl - in Italy's second hugest city KANSAS CITY ☺. And he doesn't for one second think that she might be related to the mafia?? Especially considering the looks of the guy he first saw her with...
Well, that was a bit weird for me.
BUT... I really liked the rest of the story.
We have LOTS of sexy moments.

And suspensy moments and frustrating moments - especially those in which we sooo want them to tell each other the truth about who they are. We just know that it will all come back to destroy their relationship one day :/

I really enjoyed reading it. I was a great romantic suspense story. You can't stop reading - you just have to know how the two of them will overcome all those problems...
Only...we won't know how their story will end by the end of the book - because it's a TRILOGY ...grrrrr ☺ But it's not really a bad cliffy. Nobody is hanging from any cliffs. But still - I want book #2 asap!!!!!

THE GUN RUNNER was a very sexy & exciting mafia story!
An ex-military orphan, a mafia princess and lots of guns & sex = great romance!☺☺☺

...and even if the story wouldn't be interesting at all - you still don't want to miss reading it - you'll  fall in love with Michael too☺ ☺ ☺

Now please hurry with book #2 Scott - I NEEEEED to read it asap!

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Born In San Diego California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas home. Residing in Kansas with his wife, Jessica, and six children, he somehow finds twelve hours a day to work on his writing.

Addicted to riding his Harley-Davidson, tattoos, and drinking coffee, Scott can generally be found in a tattoo shop, on his Harley, or in a local coffee house when not writing.

Scott is a hybrid author who both self-publishes and conventionally publishes. Look for a three book (mafia erotic romance) series releasing in 2016 through Harlequin Romance.

Loyal to the fans, fan girls, and faithful followers who allowed him to make writing a full-time career, Scott communicates with his followers on Facebook almost daily. He encourages his readers to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.