Thursday 16 June 2016

✪ Up In Flames (Rosemary Beach #13) ✪ Abbi Glines ✪

The villain of Rosemary Beach finally gets her own happy ending in the long-awaited final novel of the #1 New York Times bestselling new adult romance series by Abbi Glines.

The blockbuster #1 New York Times bestselling Rosemary Beach series ends with a bang when the troubled character readers love to hate gets her very own happily ever after in this eagerly anticipated and overwhelmingly requested story. Known for causing problems for everyone in Rosemary Beach, Nan has been growing up lately, and shes finally taking center stageand finding love with the man she least expected.

 ARC received from S&S Australia for an honest review

I have been a #NanHater from the minute she first appeared in this series, waaay back in the day.  She has not failed me to date in her bitchiness, her snide comments, just her total being.


And then about 20% into Up In Flames, the impossible happened.  I felt sorry for Nan.

Say what??? Where the heck did that come from?  I don't want to feel sorry for her.  I don't want to like her. I must be getting sick, right?  Must have a fever?  This can be the only sane reason why I am feeling this way.

I felt sorry for the way the men in her life treated her. I guess that since we were finally getting into her headspace, my feelings about her were destined to change.  As much as I didn't want to, I saw the softer, more caring side of Nan.  I wanted to think that all the crappy things that were happening to her now, the way guys treated her was karma's way of getting back at her for all the sh!tty things she had done to those around her in the past.

"All men were liars.  Even the bighearted, pretty ones."

But in the end, I was cheering for her.  You read that right.  Cheering. For. Nan! 

I was glad she finally saw in herself that she deserved more.  That she deserved to love and be loved.  That her past did not have to define her future.

And lo and behold, I may have even shed a tear or two for her.  I am still shaking my head at that one!

Ms Glines did the unthinkable, the impossible.  She made me not despise Nan with every fibre in my being.  Nan owned all the things she did.  In her own way, she was even realising that it was never too late to make up for it, to make amends with those she has hurt.

Well played Ms Glines, well played.

I will never love Nan as a character, she did way too many things, hurt way too many people in the past for that.  But she garnered my sympathy.  I hoped that she got her HEA (my god it was hard to write that!)

I am going to miss the guys and gals from Rosemary Beach, but I am looking forward to what Ms Glines brings us next.