Friday 17 June 2016

✪ London Casey ✪ The Man. The Game. The Baby ✪

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London Casey

Knight Brothers Trilogy #1

288  pages
• Release Date: 18 July 2016
• Book #2 will 
4 Stars

They hired her to keep me out of jail. Now she’s carrying my baby

Roman Knight. You know the name. You know the reputation
on and off the field. There’s not a pass I can’t complete or a woman I can’t charm. I’m the highest paid quarterback in the league. But I’m one bar fight away from jail. Now my people have hired some lawyer to try to control me. Yeah, right. I know she’s going to last about as long as all my other lawyers.

Right up until I meet her.

As soon as I lay eyes on Willow, I know I have to have her
in my bed and in my life. I always get what I want, and this time, I end up with a little more than planned. Willow is pregnant and if thats not shocking enough, a late night incident results in a murder charge being thrown my way. I’m left with a choice rat on an old friend or go to jail.

If I want a real life, and a family
Im going to have to fight for it.

Roman is the Bad Boy of the NFL. He's only one bar fight away from going to jail and ruining his career forever. That's why his lawyer hires Willow.
She's a lawyer who just screwed up a case - at least as far as her bosses seem to think.
And they 'hire her out' to babysit Roman.
To keep him distracted, keep him out of jail, keep him happy and busy during the off-season. But not to sleep with him.
Easier said than done.
Roman is the hottest guy she's ever seen and he's flirting with her like crazy.

But she's here to work, to save both their jobs.

Added to Roman's problems in his professional off-season life, are his family problems. His violent ass of a sperm donor is dying and his brothers need him back home to take care of things. Time to pull up his big boy boxers and face real life.

What will happen with Willow & Roman?
Will there be a HEA?
Will everybody survive this booK??
Or will there be a horrible Cliffy?

I'm not telling you that of course ☺

No Cliffy of course


Great first book in the Knight brothers series!!!

I loved it!
I'm a huge football fan and I was already counting the days-weeks-months until the season begins again.
And now here's Roman. ☺☺☺

He's really adorable.
He's still kind of the broken boy who left home to make something of himself.
He never really got over everything that happened with his father.
But he tries. He's showing the world this aggressive, fighting idiot. But he's not really that guy.
He's a good guy underneath all that QB fame.
He donates money for good causes - and doesn't tell anyone. He doesn't do it to be the good guy.
He's not a good guy. At least he thinks he isn't.
Poor Roman.
And poor Willow too. ☺
She's this close to losing her job and Roman is the only way to save it.
I loved those two together....
They have very adorable and romanctic and funny and sexy moments for us.

You want them to get it all dealt with and fast forward to their HEA, but of course it takes a while to get there... ☺

Were there some moments that I didn't like?
Hm.... I'm not a fan of too undetailed books. We don't know where we are. I want to be able to picture a city when I read a book. And the timeline. London never mentions days and weeks. We assume it all takes place within days, but then suddenly it must be days or a week or even weeks later because of the way Willow talks about not seeing Roman for so long. Very weird. I need more details of that sort in my books.
Also, Willow drinks lots of wine while she already knows she's pregnant... not really very wise.
And the whole baby thing in the first place? The title of the book already tells us about the baby, but of course the baby thing doesn't happen until very late into the book... I think I would've chosen another title for the book.
And the end... a tiny little bit rushed in my mind.
And the writing...not a huge fan... it's my first London/Karolyn book and I don't know if it was because of the unedited version of the book, but there were some weird things in the writing for me.

THE MAN. THE GAME. THE BABY. was a very adorable and sexy footballer-falls-for-his-lawyer romance. Throw in some suspense and a pregnancy - perfect romance! 

...and now I can't wait to read about the 2nd Knight brother!! They all have huge stories to tell!!