Monday 6 June 2016

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Katie McCoy
• release date: 6 June 2016


4.5 Stars

James Martin aka The Play Maker: international soccer sensation, owner of a drool-worthy body, and panty-dropping man whore.

He's the perfect one night stand.

And by one night stand I mean two night stand.

And by two night stand I mean three night stand.

Nicole Grant is living every girl's fantasy: a rendezvous with the sexiest Brit on either side of the pond. It's just one night, and that's fine with her. With her busy work schedule and a brother she's devoted to, flings are all Nicole has time for. No complicated feelings and no strings attached. Just hot sex.

James Martin is used to scoring -- on and off the field. His prowess in the game is rivaled only by his reputation in the tabloids. But after Nicole gives him the best hookup of his life, he experiences something new: a woman who isn't throwing herself at his feet, who knows all he has to offer and is still keeping her distance. Apparently there's a first time for everything.

James can't get Nicole out of his head. She's funny and she's irresistible. Nicole can't James off her mind. He's good hearted and he's sexy. Will their standoff end in a draw, or can this one night stand kick off something real?

British Football-star James and his team are in Los Angeles to make soccer a bit more famous in the US. And he might just stay, because he's been thinking of retiring from official european football.
Also - this very hot bartender at his hotel could be someone to make him want to stay.
Nicole is working her ass off to make enough money for herself and her adorable Doctor Who addict little brother. Mikey is already 20, but he has Down Syndrome, so he needs Nicole to be there for him.
That's why Nicole only has time for One-Night-Stands. Every relationship she ever had didn't last long once they saw that Mikey is the most important person in her life.
That's why working at that hotel is perfect for her. Lots of hot guys to spend a night with - and only ONE night.
But somehow this hot, tattoed soccer, uhm sorry, football player, makes her want more...
But that's impossible, right? He'll run fast and far once he finds out about Mikey...right????


Nope - I'm not telling you ☺



I loved James & Nicole - and Mikey and Maya and Ethan. Great cast!

James - the guy who seems to have it all. Money, fame, women, a great future. And Nicole, the poor big sister who is struggling to make ends meet ... They're just perfect for each other.

This story was very adorable and sexy and funny and serious and just perfectly enjoyable!

PLAY MAKER was an adorable & sexy 'Football-Player-meets-hot-bartender' romance! About a guy and a girl and her little brother, and how they fight to get their HEA-family!


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Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St.Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn't writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.