Thursday 24 September 2015

♫ Secret Confessions: Backstage #4 - Theo ♫ Zaide Bishop ♫


An All-Access pass to Sex, Love, and Rock N Roll. Because what happens on tour doesnt always stay on tour

Australia to the World

Chicago. The last stop of their wildly successful US tour sees Australias biggest rock band, The Screaming Tuesdays, in sultry, summer-time Chicago to play two sold-out shows. But the stage is not where the action is, and no one knows what goes on behind the scenes...

Its just supposed to be a fan meet-and-greet. Theos done them before, hell do them again, and hes got Rei and Sawyer to back him up. But when fan club president Andi decides that they all need to work out their issues in a very unconventional way, Theo cant decide if shes a nightmare or his very deepest fantasy come true
An all-access pass to Sex, Love, and RockN Roll. Because what happens on tour doesnt always stay on tour

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In this weeks episode we are focusing on.....Theo!

But as much as this is Theo's story, I felt that it was also a lot more Rei and Sawyer's story.

Anni is the annoying fangirl, president of the fan club.  Theo and the boys have never met her - and aren't keen on meeting her. 

But boy, do things take a turn for the hotter once they do meet her.  Band mates Rei and Sawyer have some issues that she thinks she can help get sorted, as well as get Theo's attention.  Does she what!  Send in the fire brigade because things are going to get 

As much as I liked Theo and Anni's story and the , the one I really wanted to get more of was Sawyer and Rei.  There was just so much more going on there that I wanted to know about.  What happened to them after this night?

This has been by far the steamiest and hottest of the novellas so far