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Now Available: Beautifully Loyal
Author: Nicole Edwards
Published: September 22, 2015
Series: Southern Boy Mafia, Book 2

If you think you know her Youre wrong.

If you think you know her family Wrong again.

If you think you know her story You dont.

Ashlynn Adorite is no stranger to the cruel and unusual world she was born into. In fact, she accepts it, understands it, embraces it. However, in her world, falling in love isnt simply a choice. It causes problems, changes lives, disrupts business.

Sex, pleasure, carnal desires ... those things Ashlynn understands. Love ... not so much. Her world is turned upside down when she starts to feel something for not just  one man, but two. The question is, can she have all that she desires, or will loyalty to  her family interfere.

ARC received for an honest review

You should probably read Beautifully Brutal before starting Beautifully Loyal, just as the story lines to cross over a little.

We met Leyton, Max Adorite's right hand man and second in command in the first  book.  I knew back then that they had a close relationship, but not how it came about.

Leyton has been in love with Max's sister Ashlynn forever. But due to his loyalty to Max, he has never made a move on her.  Oh,so much stubborness in one man!

Ashlynn wants Leyton, but is with Jase - who also wants Leyton.  Oh Ms Edwards really does know how to write an intriguing menage.  The UST between all three is off the charts!  They tease and drive each other to distraction.

You could feel Ash's frustration coming off the page - why doesn't Leyton do anything.  My heart was breaking for both her and Leyton as they tried to keep their distance.

There is so much adoration, devotion, love between our trio, that you just know that when they finally get together it is going to be smoking hot.

And this girl here is still fanning herself!  An ice cold shower just does not do the trick!

I loved that we got more of Max and Courtney, as well as some of the Sniper 1 Security boys.  Ms Edwards just gets that family dynamic right, the love/hate relationship we all have with our siblings.

I really think that the Southern Boy Mafia is becoming my favourite Nicole Edwards series to date, and I can't wait for what happens next.

Excerpt -NSFW  (Not Safe For Work due to the jaw dropping heat level!) * Contains explicit  language

Ashlynn turned to see Jase sauntering down the hall toward her, his thigh muscles  bunching with every step. She loved the way those faded jeans hugged him in all the  right places, accentuating his muscular thighs, fantastic ass, not to mention the giant  bulge he sported between his legs. The man had caught her attention from the very  first day hed stepped into her house five years ago, looking for a job. He was mouth- wateringly good-looking, and that voice of his His words alone made her insides quiver with need.

She was ready for some action of her own, and Jase was just the man to provide that  for her.

When Jases six-foot-two-inch, extremely powerful frame pressed her up against the  wall, Ashlynn clutched his broad shoulders as she peered up into those sexy, crystal-blue eyes. His blond hair was cut short but not so short that she couldnt slide her  fingers through it and pull him down to her.

Jase nuzzled her neck as he slid his big, warm hand beneath her skirt, easing inside her panties and pressing his finger against her clit.

Is this what youve been waiting for? Jases tongue caressed the sensitive skin beneath her ear.

Closing her eyes and enjoying the tingle that ignited in her core, Ashlynn nodded her head.

Youre wet for me, he whispered against her ear. So fucking wet.

Yes, she hissed.

The man knew exactly which of her buttons to push to ratchet up her heart rate, and he didnt have any qualms about giving her what she needed when she needed it.

Were you thinkin about me?

Ashlynn nodded again, her eyes rolling back as the pleasure intensified. Dont stop, she murmured, riding the sensual high her body craved as he teased her clit.

His lips brushed hers lightly. Whatll you do if your brother comes in and sees us?

Ashlynn smiled against his mouth. Ill tell him Im a big girl and I can fuck my head of security if I want to.

I love when you say head, Jase muttered.

You love more when I give it.

No doubt. Jases free hand slid around to cup her ass, squeezing her close as he adjusted their positions so that he could push two fingers inside her. Is that an offer?

That was another thing she liked about Jase. He sated her every craving and wasnt afraid to ask for what he wanted.

She offered another nod.

Yes, it was an offer? Or yes, you want me to make you come with my fingers, right here?

The first, although the seconds not a bad idea, either, she told him breathlessly, hating that his hand was forced to retreat as she slid her back down the wall, her eyes still locked with his.

While she fumbled with his zipper, Jase pressed his fingers against her lips. Suck them clean and Ill give you my dick.

Never looking away, she took his fingers into her mouth, licking them clean while she freed his cock from his jeans. When he removed them, her tongue instantly lapped at the bead of pre-cum pooling on the wide, swollen head. His hands slid into her hair, gripping her firmly while she proceeded to blow him right there, in the hallway of her brothers house.

This was probably one of the more private places she and Jase had gotten down to business in. Theyd become notorious for acting on their urges spontaneously. It kept it interesting, to say the least.

Ashlynn wasnt embarrassed to say that her sex drive was high, significantly higher than most women. Previous lovers hadnt been able to keep up, which was likely the reason she had never settled down long enough to have a real relationship. That and she didnt believe that sex and love had anything to do with one another. But if she was ever going to give in to loveif it even really existedthen she was damn sure going to be certain the man could sate her every physical need first.

Regrettably, finding that man wasnt as easy as she wouldve preferred. Not until Jase, anyway. Not that this thing between them could be categorized as a relationship. But it was the longest amount of time shed been with any one man exclusively. Theyd been fucking like rabbits for about a year, and the frequency hadnt lessened with time. In fact, Ashlynn was inclined to think she wanted him even more now. It was as though he knew her, knew what she liked, what she needed, what she wanted.

It helped that he wanted the same things. Such as Leyton crushed between them.

Jase was openly bisexual, although he hadnt been with a man in all the time theyd been sleeping together. To help alleviate that desperate need that ate at him, theyd started talking about their fantasies while she secretly plotted a way to get Leyton to succumb to his own desires. It was the twenty-first century, after all, and a woman was allowed to ask for what she wanted, to explore her sexuality and admit she had needs. It had been during one of those fantasy discussions that she and Jase had both learned that adding Leyton to the mix would be the cherry topping on a fucking kick-ass sex sundae.

Aww, yeah, Jase moaned, tugging her hair as he pressed his hips forward. Youre so fucking hot like that, Ash. My dick buried in your mouth.

That was another thing she enjoyed about Jase. He was incredibly vocal. There were times when he could almost get her off with little stimulation and a hell of a lot of that dirty talk.

However, as good as he was, no one was perfect. The one thing about Jase shed noticed early on although he was supremely alpha, when it came to sex between them, he had always submitted to her to some degree. Even if he topped from the bottom so to speak, he had always allowed her to maintain the ultimate control. And she knew, deep down, Jase worried she would break if he took that away from her.

Sometimes she feared he might be right about that.

Movement out of the corner of her eye caught Ashlynns attention. While she continued to suck Jase deep into her mouth, using her hand to stroke him simultaneously, she flicked her gaze down the hall. There, in all of his sexy glory, was Leyton.

Watching them.

He looked almost bored, but Ashlynn knew better. He was likely trying to figure out whether or not he should join them. She already knew what his final answer would be, but a girl could definitely hope. 

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