Tuesday 22 September 2015

✪ Her Treasure Hunter Ex (Ballybeg Bad Boys #1) ✪ Zara Keane ✪

Shed left him in the past

Underwater photographer Katy Ryan snags the assignment of a lifetime
the chance to explore the wreck of RMS Lusitania. But theres a catch: Her infuriating ex-fiancé is on the exploration team.

Hes about to blow up her future.

Dex Fitzgerald is a treasure hunter on a mission. Priceless necklaces are hidden in the wreck of the Lusitania. With a loose idea of where to find the gems, and even looser morals, Dex wrangles a last-minute job on the team. And realizes hell have to work alongside his uptight-but-sexy-as-hell ex.

And they
re not the only ones in pursuit of the treasure. With sparks flying and oxygen tanks running low, can Dex and Katy retrieve the gems before the bad guys?

ARC received from author for an honest review

Oh, it seems like forever since I have been in the world of Ballybeg, so this novella length story was a great way to get back, and  to introduce us to the Ballybeg Bad Boys

Dex is Sean Mackey's - remember him? - brother - I loved the interactions between the brothers - even though they have been a bit distant in the past, they always act like brothers do.

From the minute Dex and Katy - his ex - end up in the same room, you know things are going to be fiery.  There is some bad blood that lead to their breakup, and there is still the undercurrent of feelings between them.

You know what I love about Zara Keane's books - I love her quirky characters.  No cookie-cutter characters with cookie cutter relationships and lives.  They are the kinds of people I would definitely have as friends - I have been told I am a bit on the weird/quirky side, so they would fit in perfectly!

I did feel that the relationship dramas with Dex and Katy were a little but glossed over, and the relationship back on track in no time - BUT this is only because it is a novella length and everything kind of runs at warp speed in them.

I loved the secondary characters.  There was enough drama, intrigue and mystery  to keep me on the edge until the end - then left me wanting more.  There was a real sense of 
running through the story, but you don't find out until Ms Keane wants you to know.

I loved getting back to Ballybeg, and I look forward to what Ms Keane brings us next.