Wednesday 2 September 2015

♪ On The Run (Vagabonds #1) ♪ Jade C. Jamison ♪

What if your dream became a nightmare?

Kyle Summers enjoys a carefree childhood traveling the countryside with her parentsuntil she discovers the electric guitar. When she first wraps her hand around its neck, she knows she was born to play it.

When she discovers boys, she realizes she has a second passio   
But music always comes first, and when Kyle is recruited to be part of a young all-girl band, she jumps at her chance for fame and fortune. It isnt long before Kyle discovers that all that glitters isnt gold. Will she survive when she discovers the dark and seedy side of the music industryor will it ruin her for good?
~ ~ ~

Vagabonds follows one young womans rise to fame past the pitfalls of sex, drugs, and easy money, through fortune and success to heartbreak and betrayal. Five girls build their band The Vagabonds from nothing but a hunger to create and quickly find that they are nothing but pawns in a larger game played by managers, agents, the press, the music industry, and all manner of unscrupulous, greedy people who want to feed on their triumphs. Friendships and lives hang in the balance. Who will survive?

ARC received for an honest review

On The Run is the first book in this new series from Ms Jamison.  Although it will feel a bit like a NA book, it isn't.

We all have our favourite band or rock star, but how many of us really know how they got their start?

On The Run is a look at how Kyle and her fellow members of their all girl rock band the Vagabonds got their start.

I liked Kyle right from the get go.  She is a bad ass rock chick who takes no crap from anybody - I think we could be best friends!  No matter who they are, friend or foe, she is a straight talker who tells is like she sees it.

This installment of the series follows her from pre-teen guitar prodigy to starting her band.  We see the trials and tribulations of a teen girl - first loves, first heartbreaks, first everythings.

The story is mostly told in the past tense, but we also get some of present time Kyle, looking back at her start in the career she has always wanted.
Ms Jamison has a knack for writing rock stars and strong women.  Put the two together and it is always going to be a cracker of a book.  She does not gloss over the bad parts of the life.  We get their story, warts and all.   She draws you right into their world and it is like you are living the journey with the characters. 

I thoroughly enjoyed getting into teen-Kyle's head, and can't wait for more of the Vagabonds story.


It was dark and quiet and I realized I had this man aloneall by himself and just for me.

Peter said something about trying to have our two bands do a show or two together near the end of our tour.
My words came out fine but they didnt sound right to my ears.
That would be cool. My mind was other places.
His words didnt sound right either because I think his thoughts were in the same place mine were.
Nice nose piercing by the way.

Maybe it was unnecessary because his face was already closer to mine, but I pulled the neck of his t-shirt into the ball of my fist and said, Would you shut up and kiss me already?
I pulled him the rest of the way to my face but he was moving too. Still, like a fucking tease, he paused with his lips just centimeters away and his eyes scanned mine. 

He laced the fingers of his right hand through my hair, almost as if to anchor me, and I closed my eyes.  I could feel the heat of his lips before they actually touched mine, and when they did, I felt my entire body tense up and my soul began to sing.  My mouth opened to take him in and his tongue traced my upper one, teasing once more, making my body tense up again.  My core felt like it was vibrating and catching on fire while my insides were turning into a puddle.  I could feel my heart begin to thud in my chest as though it were going to explode, and I touched his tongue with mine.  Holy shit, he tasted delicious, and I knew right then that I could do this all day.  But then we stopped and I sucked in a breath, and it was hard to reach the bottom of my lungs.  I forced myself to relax my hand
and splayed my palm against the shirt on his chest.  It was then that I noticed my panties were wet.
He opened his eyes, a tiny smile turning up the corners of his lips.  That what you had in mind?

Still hard to breathe.  Yeah.  And speak.  My mind was officially blown.

Other books in the trilogy:

On the Road (#2, to be released two weeks or less after #1)

On the Rocks (#3, to be released two weeks or less after #2)

For years, Jade C. Jamison tried really hard to write what she thought was more  “literary fiction, but she found herself compelled to write what you read by her todaysometimes gritty, raw, realistic stories and other times humorous, light talesbut most of the stories she writes revolve around relationships and characters finding their way through life.  While she doesnt confine herself to just one genre, nor is there a nice neat label for what she writes, most of her work could be called erotic romance.
She lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.

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