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✤ I Want You ✤ Irene Cao ✤ #3 ✤

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• Erotic Romance
Italian Pleasures Trilogy #3
• release date: 15 July 2014
• 231 pages

5 Stars
The final installment of the bestselling Italian Pleasures trilogy comes to a startling, satisfying conclusion

I Want You finds Leonardo home in Sicily with his wife, Lucrezia. Filippo is gone. Elena, alone and without attachments, has become a different woman. Multiple men, multiple lovers
shes playing with fire, looking for any way to fill her empty, broken heart. One night, everything comes to a screeching halt for Elena. When she awakens in the hospital after a serious accident, Leonardo is at her bedside. Hes decided to take her with him to Stromboli, the island where he was born. There he will heal her pain, finally realizing that he cannot live without her love.

 You illuminated my world and made me feel alive for a brief, wonderful second. Then suddenly, the light went out and everything turned dark. Even darker than before.
(I Feel You - Irene Cao)

At the end of book 2 Elena had just left poor Fil, ready to start a life with Leonardo, or if not a whole life with him, at least a little part of it. Whatever he's willing to give, she's happy to take. But then we found out that Leo is married and now that his wife is 'healthy', he feels he has to give their marriage a try again.
Elena understands, well, she hates it of course, but she respects Leo for doing that for his wife, even though she's terribly heartbroken about the whole thing.

The next seven months Elena spends 'hopping' from bed to bed. She has one night stands - nothing more. Just physical release, even though she doesn't really feel anything.

. . . I've successfully managed to silence my emotions, shut my heart away in a box, and throw away the key. It's my way of making sure the past can't continue to hurt me.

Then we'll go back to Venice, to Gaia's wedding to her bike pro - but things go wrong and the girls have a horrible fight and Elena goes back to Rome, feeling even worse than before.

And then to top it all off, Leo's wife confronts her on the street - claiming that Leo is still seeing Elena and that she has to stop the affair.
Completely shocked by this accusation Elena accidentally stumbles into the street and gets hit by a car....

I feel like this ^ was already a bit of a spoiler - but there's not much happening before that really - so I have to tell you about that ☺

Leo shows up at the hospital and because she needs someone to take care of her for a while he offers to take her with him to his home island of Stromboli......

She agrees of course. Full of hope that he chose her instead of his wife.......but....


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


Those three books were such beautiful Romances.

At the end of book 2 we were sooo sad - sad for Elena, Fil & Leo.
And book 3 doesn't really start all that much better - Elena with all her one-night-stands. Trying to forget Leo. Trying to not feel guilty about Fil.

But then finally Elena & Leo get another chance!

I loved the way he took care of her....
He always knew that Elena was different than all his other affairs - but he also knew that he could never start something serious. But now - maybe now he can......

Just like in the first two books, Irene describes the places so wonderfully - you feel like you're right there with them ☺

We of course have our beloved sexy scenes again - VERY SEXY!!!! ☺

The whole Stromboli time of the book was sooo beautifully romantic and sweet - I loved it!!!

I'm sad that the story is over now - but I really enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to see what Irene writes next!!

I WATCH YOU  - & the whole trilogy - was a beautiful & erotic italian adventure! You'll love it!!!!!

I WOULD SOOO LOVE IT if someone would make a movie/tv-series out of this amazing trilogy!!!!


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Irene Cao was born in Pordenone in 1979, and lives in a small village in the Friuli region of Italy. She has a degree in classics and a PhD in archaeology, and she has edited columns in weekly women’s magazines. Her erotic trilogy has already been published in Spain, Brazil, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey, and will be released later this year in Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Russia.