Tuesday 29 July 2014

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Note: This novella was previously published in the Some Like It Hot Anthology. Although the story has not changed, this version contains a short bonus scene.

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards is heating things up with Boots Optional, a sexy new ménage novella which is the first book in a hot new series called Dead Heat Ranch.

Grace Lambert is familiar with hard work, long days, and handsome cowboys. Shes been working for her familys dude ranch since she was old enough to ride a horse and shes not afraid to get her hands dirty. What she is afraid of is the heat thats been generating between her and not one, but two sexy cowboys whove set their sights on her. And each other.

Grant Kingsley and Lane Miller have both had their eyes on Gracie for years, but the feisty cowgirl has managed to keep them at bay. As far as they are concerned, cowboys dont give up, and neither of them is ready to give up just yet. Not on her and not on the heat that transpires between the two of them.

Find out what happens when the sultry Texas nights get as hot as the fierce Texas days.

Grant and Lane have been chasing Gracie for the past couple of years.... but lately they have been chasing each other as well.  We start off with a heated exchange between the pair in Grant's kitchen one night, which Grace just happens to walk in on.... ***fanning myself***

Gracie takes not crap from nobody.  She will call them on their BS, will give back as good as she take.  And she is sick of the games that Grant and Lane are playing with her... or are they? 

I loved the push and pull with this trio.  Grant thinks things through a lot more then Lane who is the more spontaneous and easy going of the pair.   I loved that they had to work for what they are going to get.

Also loved the interactions with Grace's sisters, especially Faith and Mercy.  I guess when it comes to all the family living and working together, there is not much you can hide! 

I tell you what, no one can write a cowboy menag` like Nicole Edwards.  


Dead Heat Ranch, #1

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards is continuing to heat things up with Betting on Grace, a sexy new ménage novel which is the first book in a hot new series called Dead Heat Ranch.

The tables have turned on Grace Lambert. For a woman familiar with long days and hard work, she just recently discovered just how hot the sultry Texas nights can get. Finding time to spend with her two smoking hot cowboys, Grant and Lane, isnt exactly easy, but shes forging ahead with what has turned out to be the hottest relationship she has ever been in. The true test comes in standing up for what she wants.

Grant Kingsley has landed his feisty cowgirl, Gracie, and an equally sexy cowboy, Lane Miller, but everything outside of his romantic life has gone from routine to chaos in a matter of days. Unfortunately, hes become rather acquainted with Murphys Law as he is inundated with a string of bad luck. His mother is missing, his father, a gambling addict, is worried about only one thing these days, and when Grant refuses to give in, all hell breaks loose on the ranch.

Lane Miller will be the first to admit that he falls in love easily. And hes done so again, with both Gracie and Grant. Only this time around, hes not giving up or giving in. Cowboys dont know what it means to back down and Lane will ensure that the two most important people in his life get all of him, no matter what it takes.

ARC received from the author for an honest review

You will have to have read Boots Optional (#0.5) before Betting on Grace, as it set up the background story.

All I have to say is WOW!  Ms Edwards really is the queen of cowboy menag` stories.  Can you say 
Grant, Lane and Grace's relationship is never going to be an easy one - hell, relationships with just two people are hard enough, adding that third has to make it so much more difficult.

Add to the mixture secrets, lies, hiding their relationship.  I felt that Ms Edwards dealt with these difficulties well.  There was no glossing over the fact that it is an unconventional relationship, making it all seem as easy as anything.
I LOVED how each of the characters dealt with the day to day difficulties of their relationship.  Lane was all in and right up front about it, whereas Gracie and Grant are both more subdued and secretive about things.

Secrets, don't get me started on secrets! OMG for a family that is supposed to be so close, the number of secrets flying about the ranch was unbelievable!  The amount of friendships and relationships the secrets could have destroyed was scary!

But let's not forget about the S.E.X!  The sex scenes between Lane, Grant and Grace is smokin', burn up the kindle hot!  You will need to throw your reader in the freezer to cool it down!  And the really great thing - there is no sex just for the sake of sex.  Yes there are times where they all rip their clothes off and get down and dirty (and I LOVE them) but there are times when they are just sweet and talking, getting to all know each other better.

 There are some great secondary characters in the Dead Heat Ranch series.  I love Grace's family, especially her sisters - Hope, Faith, Trinity and Mercy.  Mercy is the girl I would love as a sister or best friend.  She is funny, loyal, sweet.  She will have a laugh at your expense, but then protect you fiercely if anyone else tries to do the same.  She is Grace's biggest supporter when it comes to her relationship with her two sexy cowboys.

All her sisters have their love interest starting to bring out their moves, and I am looking forward to reading about them as the series continues.

So, as much as I dislike horses (I think they are beasts of Satan and you won't find me within 50 feet of one), Ms Edwards makes me feel that I need to have a holiday on a ranch!!

I can't wait to get back in the saddle with the next in this series.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When shes not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with her Kindle in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers - even when shes supposed to be writing.