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As lead singer and guitarist of the internationally renowned Souls of the Knight, Sawyer Knight is living a life most men can only dream of. Hes surrounded by music, fame, wealth, women throwing themselves at his feet. He has everything

Yet he has nothing.

Life as one of the worlds most sought after rock stars is tiring, oppressive and lonely. He spends every day being who the world wants him to be, who his manager tells him to be, who his mother expects him to be all the while fighting against who he really is. Truth is, hes used to it. Hes actually gotten pretty good at pretending at living the lie.

Until Jake Reed, his ex-best friend and the only person whos ever made him feel, waltzes back into his life as the bands new head of security. Jake wants Sawyer always has, always will. Now, he just needs to get Sawyer to admit that he feels the same

You will be mine, Sawyer Knight. The faster you try to run the quicker youll fall to your knees. Then, Sawyer then youll be too weak to resist.

ARC received for an honest review

If you have read any or my reviews lately, you would know that I am a fan of a m/m romance.  And a m/m romance that involves a rock start?  Colour me pink, I am gonna read it.

Sawyer and Jake have been best friends for years.  When Jakes parents move overseas, saying goodbye is never going to be easy.  But never did Sawyer see that goodbye ending with a kiss, an argument and then estrangement.

10 years down the track and Jake is back, and he wants Sawyer.

It took me a little while to get into the Jake and Sawyer thing.  Jake was a bit full on after they have been estranged for so long, ( I could understand the full on behaviour if they had been apart for a year, but the decade made it a bit too much?) but eventually he didnt seem quite as stalkerish.

Sawyer has kept his true feelings so well hidden for so long.  He is so far in the closet that you need a packed lunch and a miners lamp to find him!  But once the true feelings come to the forefront, boy do things start to heat up between the pair.

I could understand why Sawyer hid his sexuality hell as the worlds hottest rock star, renowned womaniser, coming out can spell the end.  I loved how Jake pushed him (though at times I felt he was a bit over the top) to come to terms within himself as to who he really was.

There are some great secondary characters in Being Sawyer Knight. Love Love LOVE Sawyers best friend Elle.  She is the rock that he needs, the one who keeps him grounded.  She is also the one who he turns to when things turn pear shaped in his life. And she takes none of his crap! There are also his band mates, who are fun and funny.

There is also a bit of a mystery running in the background.  And while I had pretty much figured out who was behind things, it was a wonder to see how far people would go to get what they want.

Overall Being Sawyer Knight was an enjoyable read. It was the first of Ms Hakens work that I hav e read but I will read more.

3.75 stars

Conversation was a little awkward at first. We stuck to safe topics, talking about our childhood and everything leading up to but not including - the last time we saw each other. Soon enough, the rich whiskey started taking effect, visibly relaxing him. Three shots in and I saw a genuine smile not a forced one hed only put on for my benefit. The curve of his lips illuminated his entire face, making his caramel eyes sparkle under the wisp of dark brown hair that couldnt seem to keep itself from falling over his face.
So, how are your parents? I asked casually in an effort to keep the conversation flowing. I didnt want this night to end.
Jerry fucked off a few years back. He was our first manager before we got signed, got us a few gigs here and there but then I found out hed been knocking my mum around, so after beating the living shit out of him, I told him he either disappeared or Id call the cops.
Jesus, I barely whispered, shaking my head at the image hed put in my mind. Hows your mum now?
Good, last time I heard.
You dont see her?
Not often. She doesnt exactly approve of my lifestyle. Got to do whats right by her church buddies, ya know.
Wow. Sorry, mate. Sawyer shrugged casually, feigning indifference. His eyes told a different story though. Evident discomfort forced his eyebrows together slightly and when he blinked, it took his eyes a couple of seconds longer than necessary to open again. So who do you go to when you need to escape all this shit? I asked, motioning my hands around the opulence surrounding us.
Elle, he said simply. Just the sound of her name tugged on the corners of his lips, making him smile.
Maths girl? I already knew the answer. The whole world knows about Elle Wilson best friend and possible secret girlfriend of the hottest singer this decade has ever seen.
Yeah, he agreed, still smiling as he nodded. After you left, he started to explain, the word left cracking on his lips. I spent more and more time with her. She helped me with my maths, gave me her old papers to study, that kind of shit. I still fucking failed, he added with yet another smile. I liked Elle already. So far, shes the only person who seems to make Sawyer happy. But seriously, shes the only person whos ever been there for me. If it werent for her I dont think Id have survived this life very long.
Sounds lonely, I said, picking my glass up from the table and taking another sip of whiskey. The burn ceased after the second glass, and so now, four glasses in, the rich liquid trickled smoothly down my throat like silk. Are you lonely, Sawyer?
His eyes widened just slightly and he stuttered on his response. I stared intently into his eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of his soul hiding behind them. I could almost see the debate taking place in his mind whether to be honest with me, or lie.
No. Course not. He went for the option of lying. Im surrounded by people every day.
But they dont know you, I stated cautiously, the end of my sentence coming out slightly higher as if it were a question. Not the real you.
How the fuck would you know? You dont know me, he spat. The anger in his voice halted the rhythm of my heart for a brief second while I considered what I was doing. I should back off. I should be professional and keep a safe personal distance. I should apologise for riling him.
But I knew immediately I wasnt going to do any of those things. Despite what he might think right now, I do know Sawyer Knight the real one. I grew up with him, I loved him I still love him. We might have spent the last ten years apart but Ive never stopped following him. Ive watched his career go from strength to strength. Ive studied him in interviews, TV appearances and even went to watch him play when the bands last tour landed in Australia. Each time I watched him I was drawn to his eyes, and not once had I ever seen the sparkle in them that I used to fantasise over as a teenager. He never smiles not genuinely. He never talks about his private life. Never discusses himself unless prompted, and even then the discomfort is evident by the slight squirm of his body.
Sawyer is hiding from the world.
Hes hiding from himself.
And Im going to find him.

Nicola Haken

I'm a writer of New Adult, contemporary and m/m erotic romance. I'm a married mum of four (six if you include the dogs!) from the UK and can usually be found with a Kindle or MacBook in front of my face, or carrying out housewife/mother/all round slave duties. I'm a little bit mental and a whole lot of crazy with bordering on unhealthy addictions to tattoos, Pepsi Max and the CockyBoys! ;-)

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