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Cover Reveal ~~ Bad Girlfriend and Blurred Lines by Brooke Cumberland

Cover Reveal
Book Title:Blurred Lines
Author:Brooke Cumberland
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
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Two weeks. Spring Break.
No strings attached. No long distant relationships. Just sex.
She agreed to have fun over spring break.

What Emma didnt realize was that her heart would be shattered into pieces after meeting Brody. Growing up she got everything she ever asked for, so when their two weeks were over, there was nothing money could buy to heal her broken heart.

Emma works hard in college to ignore the pain. She doesnt know where he lives, his number, or even his last name. She thought he was out of her life forever

Until two years later.

She hasnt stopped thinking about him.
But its not that easy when they finally reunite.

Seeing Brody again has memories flooding to the surface againmaking it hard to resist him. But can Emma keep her distance like she has to, or will there be blurred lines between what she wants and what she must do to move forward?


You sent us the drinks? I ask, finally putting all the pieces together.

Well, technically, I just sent the first round. You guys just kept ordering. His face is so soft; I just want to rub my hands over it. Shit. Focus.


Yeah, guess I better sign for that tab. He grins and I know hes secretly enjoying it.

Im sorry, I didnt know—”

Its fine, honestly. I dont mind. Hannah lays her head on his shoulder as she passes out. I think shell be fine with an aspirin and some sleep.

Wheres your room? Ill carry her back. I nod, because ironically, Im not sure what else to do. He could be a total creepier for all I know, but I cant carry Hannah back myself, so I let him help.

Room 480, I reply. We walk back to the resort lobby, and I see him grin at me. And I finally see his face for the first time. Hey, youre the guy from the plane, right? My stomach suddenly turns to knots. The feelings from remembering our one and only encounter replays in my mindthe way his hands soothed me after practically falling into his lap. I cant help the lame smile that forms on my face.

I already know its him, but I ask anyway because it seems so unreal. I looked for him after we landed and was oddly disappointed when I didnt see him.

I see him bite his lip before answering, Yeah, Brody. We reach the elevator, and I press the call button as I watch him intently. Emma, right? he asks.

Right, is all I say, because well, Im an idiot. Hes just as beautiful as he was earlier. His hair is clean cut and his face is smooth. For a moment, I lose myself in his face his perfect silk face.

So how long are you in Cancun for? I ask, making conversation as we walk onto the elevator. I press number 4 and watch as the doors close.

Couple weeks. Im here with my friend, Caleb, for one last spring break. What about you?

Same. Except this is Hannah and mines first college spring break. I smile nervously, thinking how pathetic I look right now.

Ahh, freshmen, huh? He grins.

Is it that obvious?

He laughs, but doesnt answer as the elevator dings. I wrestle my key card out of my purse as we walk to our room. We walk in silence, but I cant help but feel what I felt before on the plane. It was like an unspoken tensionheat and intensity that riveted between us. I feel his presence not only because he was next to me, but because it was like an electric force that made me very aware of him. And his very solid, chiseled arms.

I slide my key card in and open the door. I completely forgot that we left the room a mess. Fuck.

Her bed is that one. I point to the farthest one. I watch in amazement as he pulls the covers down and gently lays her down. He then covers her back up.

Did you just tuck her in? I ask, grinning.

Yeah, is that bad? he asks self-consciously.

No, its justmost guys dont do the whole tucking in thing.

Oh, well I could untuck her in, if youd prefer? He smiles. Hes messing with me.

No, its fine, I say softly. Thank you.

No problem. Just make sure you tell her I didnt grope her or anything. Would hate for my neighbors to think Im a creep or something, he quips, walking closer to me. I cant deny the heat coming off him, making me want to wrap my arms around him just to feel his body.


Oh, right. Im in room 482. Across the hall. He nods his head toward the door. Hes standing right in front of me, making me tilt my head back just to look up into his eyeshis beautiful bright green eyes.



Well, thanks again, I say, breaking the awkward silence.

My pleasure. He continues looking at me intently, and I wonder if hes thinking the same thing I am. Have a good night, Emma. His hand brushes mine as he walks toward the door. I watch as he opens it, and then hes gone.
I almost wonder if I imagined the whole thing. And I couldve swore he winked at me. No. Now I know Im drunk.

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Cover Reveal Bad Girlfriend Cover
Book Title: Bad Girlfriend
Author: Brooke Cumberland
Genre: Contemporary Romance

What if time were the only thing that kept you from falling in love?

What if you knew when your time was up?

Kate Wesley knows about that all too well.

When time is no longer on her side, she decides to live.

When Kate visits her cousin Natalee the week of her wedding, Kate finally decides to be spontaneous, take risks, and live with no regrets. Kates holding a secret she hasnt even told her cousin but when an unexpected run-in with another house guest risks everything shes fought hard against, she must make a choice.

Gabe never expected to meet Kate at his old college roommates house. Spending the week there before his friend gets married has turned out to be the best decision hes ever made. Running into Kate wasnt something he planned, but once he came face to face with her, he knew he didnt want to let go. No matter how fast she ran away.

Life has a tricky way of catching up to youof making choices for you that you wish you could change. Kate accepts her destiny and pushes anyone out that threatens to get close. But how will she feel when Gabe pushes right back? Right into her life where she swore him off?

Would you be with someone if you knew it wouldnt last forever?

Would you risk it anyway for a chance at love?


Theres nothing like a big slap of reality to get your life in check. The whole you only live once and live like theres no tomorrow couldnt be more true for me. At least now, I knew.

I broke up with my boyfriend recently. He didnt deserve it, but it was inevitable. It had to happen. There was no point leading him on. I just saved him years of grief.

Kate, dont do this. I love you, he pleaded. I knew he didand thats why this was hard, but it was like ripping a band aid off. I just had to do it.

Sorry, Kyle. I dont love you, I lied. If I told him the truth hed promise to stay with me, but in the end, hed only resent his decision.

I cant believe this. He brushed both hands through his hair, pacing back and forth in front of me. I tried to remain calm, not affected.

Youre a bad girlfriend, Kate. I cant believe youd do this. He walked toward me, his face directly in mine. Youre a bad girlfriendIm lucky to be rid of you. I knew his words were spit from anger. I understood. He gave me everythingand in returnI couldnt give him anything.

I think about the words he said to me six months ago as I drive up north for the week. Bags packed in the trunk with a weeks worth of clothes and necessities. Kyle was supposed to come up with me on this trip, now its welcomed silence.

The silence makes me feel numb. Numb to the facts. Numb to reality. Its whats best and Ill give in to what my destiny holds.

Going to my cousin, Natalees wedding this week is my chance. My chance to be spontaneous, wild, and carefree. Its possibly my last chance. And I will enjoy every moment of it.

Bad girlfriend teaser
Bad Girlfriend Cover.full jacket

Meet the Author

new author pic brooke cumberland

Brooke is a midwestern gal, from the cheese state of Wisconsin! Go Packers! She's a stay-at-home mom to a wild three year old. Most days you can find her reading or writing, or just hanging out with her family! She loves movies, cooking, and shopping! She's addicted to Starbucks, Coach purses, and wearing yoga pants.

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