Friday 14 February 2014

Blog Tour - Tattooed Dots by Kimberly Knight




Easton Crawford put his modeling career and good looks before his marriage until it was over. Years later, he is finally learning how to be the father his daughter needed him to be. Hes not looking for a new mom for his daughterjust nightly casual hook-ups. When his best friend, Avery, convinces him that a good way to meet a lot of single women is to go on a singles cruise, Easton finds more than just a hook-up when he meets a fellow cruiser, Brooke.

Brooke Bradley has taken care of her younger sister, Bailee, for most of their lives. While their mother was enjoying not being a mother, Brooke became the adult in the household at thirteen. She had always taken care of the people in her life, especially her boyfriend, Jared. If it wasnt for Brooke, Jared wouldnt know how to function throughout the day.

When Brookes best friend, Nicole, gives her a gift of going on a cruise without telling her that its a singles cruise, will Brooke find someone willing to be her constant and finally leave Jared?

Brooke and Easton learn that people are brought into their lives for many reasons. Over time, they find out what those reasons are. Some are to be a temporary acquaintance while others are there for life.

I have been on the ride with Kimberly Knight since she published Where I Need to Be, and it was a pleasure to be part of the blog tour for her new series, The Halo Series.

Brooke is in a dead end relationship with Jared, she just doesn't realise how bad things have really gotten.  When her bestie buys her a ticket for a cruise ~ a single's cruise ~ she takes the opportunity to get away for a while.  And to act as Nicole's "wing woman".

Easton is the consumate "one night stand-er", single dad who doesn't do or want a relationship.  His best friend Avery is looking for "the one" and books them both onto the single's cruise.  Easton is looking forward to a week of hook ups and just getting laid.

Ah, the best laid plans!  A quick encounter on the cruise, can this lead to much more for all four of our main characters? Or will this be a holiday fling that starts and ends on a cruise ship?

Tattooed Dots is a heartbreaking but heartwarming about relationships, love and loss, friendship.  I didn't like Easton at first, found some of his acts quite deplorable really,  but wow what a way to flip that so I loved him.  So caring and compassionate when it comes to his daughter and his friends.

Brooke is such a strong, strong character.  Raising her younger sister from the age of 13, yet still has gone on to really make something of herself, all the while still looking out for her sister.  She has so much love for her sister and her best friend, but needs to take more time out for herself.

I loved the chemistry between Easton and Brooke.  Neither of them were looking for anyone, but it goes to show that love will find you when you are not looking for it.

They UST between them is so think you could cut it with a knife!  I loved that they did not jump straight into bed with each other, that their relationship was allowed to develop naturally, and not an "insta-love" kind of relationship.

Nicole and Avery are just perfect.  They are the complete opposites of Brooke and Easton, and they all bounce of each other so well.

Ms Knight has a knack of drawing you into her stories and keeping you on your toes as to what is going to happen.  Each book she releases is better than the last as she hones her craft.

There has been some people asking "what does Tattooed Dots mean?" - I can't tell this without spoiling things, but just know that it is something very personal to Ms Knight, and it will surprise you what it actually means.

I am glad the she has decided to make a series instead of making Tattooed Dots a stand alone (not a cliffy so you can read as a stand alone).  I look forward to getting more into the lives of Brooke and Easton, Nicole and Avery.