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Midnight Lies - Ella Grace

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4.9 of 5 stars


432 pages
Ballantine Books 
September 24, 2013


#1 Midnight Secrets
#2 Midnight Lies


The Wilde sisters of Midnight return in this thrilling novel of romantic suspense, perfect for fans of Maya Banks, Allison Brennan, and Lori Foster.


The winds of fate have blown cruelly on a family that once had it all: money, power, prestige. The lives of three beautiful daughters were forever changed when, on a sultry night in Midnight, Alabama, a murder-suicide shattered the Wilde family. The girls grew up to live separate lives but now have returned home, each to face a danger no one can see coming.

Former homecoming queen Samantha surprised everyone by going into law enforcement, but beneath her tough façade lies a wary heart. The tragedy that struck her family is an ever-present reminder that nothing is ever as it seems. When the man she loves, Quinn Braddock, a doctor and Iraq war veteran, is accused of murder, Samantha assumes the worst. Brokenhearted, her confidence shattered, she returns to Midnight. Though exonerated, Quinn still feels the sting of Samantha’s doubt, but he can’t forget his feelings for her and follows her. Soon after his arrival, a shocking murder terrifies the town, and once again, Quinn is under suspicion. This time, Samantha will not turn her back on the man she loves—even if it means walking into a killer’s trap.

About the book:

Before I start about the book - I need to tell you to read MIDNIGHT SECRETS first!
It will help explain a few things - and - well - it's an amazing book!!!

Now about Midnight Lies...

We start the book around the same time as Midnight Secrets - where we followed Savannah Wilde and Zach's story.

We're in Atlanta, and witness Charlene Braddock's murder. Charlene is the ex-wife of Quinn - who has been Samantha's boyfriend for the last 4 months. Samantha, of course is our heroine - she's one of the Wilde triplets from Midnight, Alabama.
She's working as a homocide detective and Quinn is a successful doctor.
When Quinn is arrested for the murder of his unlikable ex-wife - he thinks that Sam will do everything to prove he's innocent. She's the one person he believes in. But, scarred from her past, Sam is doesn't know what to think about anything. And even though the charges are soon dropped - there have been too much hurtful words and actions for Sam and Quinn to get back together.
Incredibly hurt and stubborn they both do their best to keep on living/existing and doing their best to forget each other... uhm yep - not happening ☺

Five months later Quinn finds out Samantha was responsible for getting his charges dropped - and he leaves for Midnight, Alabama - to apologize...
He plans on staying for a while, until Sam can forgive him and until she takes him back.
That's why he buys a house on a lake - one he knows Samantha will love.

Sam and Quinn meet again - and we meet all the great people from book 1 again - especially Savanna & Zach!

But everything is not as easy as it could be, of course.

- both Quinn and Sam are still sad and hurt and stubborn

- the sister's new Security Agency WILDEFIRE has its first case: protecting a witness against a drug Lord from Florida.
(There's another story brewing in Florida - I guess that will be Sabrina's story in book 3)

- a good-looking stranger appears in town - and he seeems very interested in Samantha

- there will be lots of kisses and erotic encounters ☺☺☺

- there will be attempts on someone's life

- there might even be another murder
(and who better to blame than Quinn!)

- there will be a Thanksgiving dinner

- something very dangerous and scary will happen

and we have to hope that everybody will survive and that there will be a happy end ☺


I'm not telling you more about the story - it would spoil your reading pleasure ☺
- you have to read it yourself!

And please DO - read it, I mean!


I couldn't wait to get started on Samantha's story. I loved Savannah's book soooo much - and this one didn't disappoint. It is different than the first one - that much I have to say - which doesn't make it bad - but it doesn't have the sweet and cute and heartbreaking beginning we had in book 1 ☺ ok - the heartbreaking thing - yes! It hurt my little ♥ to see Quinn arrested and Sam not believe him :( The poor guy!

Sam and Quinn are really great characters - and pretty good-looking ones too, of course ;)
I loved how they can't stay away from each other.
And how the other 2 triplets want to protect their sister from more hurt.

Quinn did get on my nerves a bit, with his commitment phobia - but that's to be expected with an ex-wife like his and with his weird parents as role models.

You can guess who the bad guy is pretty soon - but you don't know why or what or how or wtf? ☺ Well - I guessed the who and why and what's pretty soon - but there were still things I didn't guess!
The suspense part towards the end is really scary and you will sooo be rooting for the good guys to win ☺

All in all it was the perfect ROMANTIC SUSPENSE!

Copy received via NetGalley for honest review
What a great, suspense filled read! But make sure you have read Midnight Secrets first.

What a town of surprises is Midnight, Alabama!  We first meet triplets Savannah, Samantha and Sabrina in Midnight Secrets (Savannah's story), when a decades old secret is revealed.

Midnight Lies carries on from Secrets, and is Samantha's story.  This has a different feel to Midnight Lies, but this is a good thing, that we are not getting the same kinda story rehashed with a different character.

I love Sammie and Quinn, they are so perfect for each other, even if Quinn and his commitment-phobia won't see it. (grr pull your head out fella!)  Though as we learn more, I guess it is not surprising he is how he is - not matter how annoying it is!

Though I did feel sorry for Quinn when he was arrested for something and Sam didn't believe he was innocent (well at first anyway, you will read what she does later).  But that seems to be the end of their relationship - or is it?

I love love loved how Quinn didn't give up, and what he does to try win her back is beautiful.  But does it work?  Uh uh, not telling!

The love between the 3 sisters is soooo strong.  They are each others worst critics but also each other's fiercest defenders. And what they will do to protect those they love is amazing.

Add a bad guy into the mix, out to get Quinn.  And boy does he try to get him.  I guessed pretty early on who the bad guy was, but the reasoning for why he does what he does?  Wow, I was
 that wasn't a twist I was expecting!
There is another story brewing through Midnight Secrets, which will be Sabrina's story.

So, note to self - don't go to Midnight, Alabama - I am sure per capita they have waaaaay too many murderers and psychos (though they do also seem to have their fair share of hotties too!!)


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Ella Grace is the pseudonym for NYT Bestselling author Christy Reece. Ella's Midnight series is based in her home state of Alabama. The first book, MIDNIGHT SECRETS, was released in April 2013 - book #2 Midnight lies will be released in September 2013 - and includes steamy romance, mystery, and suspense set in the small fictional town of Midnight, Alabama.

stolen from her Homepage

Writing a biography, short or long, can be daunting. I’m so used to writing about fictional characters, I’d love to embellish and tell you about the amazing feats I’ve accomplished. Alas, as Popeye would say, “I am what I am.”
I grew up in the Deep South, went to a small school, in a small town. Everyone knew everyone and though I had friends, my best friends were my books. Reading was almost as necessary to me as breathing. Without those glorious hours of entertainment they provided each day, who knows what kind of trouble I might have gotten into.
After living in various states, I’m now back in Alabama, where most of my family still resides. I have a wonderful, incredibly supportive husband who believes in me. How I was so fortunate to snag him, I truly do not know. Along with my hubby, I live with five fur-kids. Having five dogs definitely keeps us hopping. The noise quotient is often beyond what’s bearable but the unconditional love these wonderful creatures give makes up for that. In addition to the fur-kids, we have a turtle named Turdie Joe who is, as you might guess, the quietest member of the family.
Since writing takes up a huge part of my life, my hobbies are somewhat narrow. I love to read, of course, make the occasional meal, go to movies, take long walks and travel when possible.
Creating characters in my head has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The need to get these characters and their stories on paper only started a few years ago. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop. Having a successful career as Christy Reece was a dream come true. And now, writing as Ella Grace, too, my life couldn’t be more exciting or fulfilling.