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Forever Innocent - Deanna Roy

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  • 300 Pages
  • release date - 27 September - 2013
  • New Adult - sexy Contemporary Romance

5 Stars


"Our baby died on prom night, and nothing was ever the same again."

Corabelle doesn’t feel like any of the other college girls. On what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life, she and her boyfriend Gavin watched a nurse disconnect the ventilator from their seven-day-old baby. During the funeral two days later, Gavin walked out and never returned.

Since then, her life has been a spiral of disasters. The only thing that has helped is her ability to black out whenever the pain gets too hard to bear, a habit that has become an addiction.

When Gavin shows up in her astronomy class four years later, he is hell-bent on getting her back, insisting she forgive him. Corabelle knows she can’t resist the touch that fills the empty ache that has haunted her since he left. But if he learns what she has done, if he follows the trail back through her past, her secrets will destroy their love completely. And once again, she’ll lose the only person who always believed she was innocent.

My Opinion:

I loved the book!

But let me tell you a little bit about it first...

 We start the book with Corabelle arriving late for her first day at the University of San Diego - Astronomy Class. What, or rather who she sees there shocks her completely. It's Gavin.
The Gavin she has known since she was a little girl - the Gavin who was her best friend through all her life. Gavin, who she fell in love with when they were teenagers. The Gavin who was the father of her son Finn. And the same Gavin who left the funeral of their boy without saying anything. He just left - and never came back. She hasn't heard from him in four years. And now he's in her class.

Gavin is just as shocked to see Corabelle in his class. They shouldn't have been surprised though. Because when they were little kids they had big dreams of one day leaving their dry New Mexico home town and go to a college near the ocean.

“Corabelle, you came to the school by the sea.”

She did, she came to San Diego about a year ago - after she kind of got kicked out of her old College. We don't yet get to know why she had to leave.

Seeing him again brought everything back - not that anything was ever far from her mind - but still. She had to get out of there fast.
She has loved Gavin all her life - she probably still loved him - but he left! He left her on the most horrible day of her life and she doesn't know how to deal with that.
Of course she missed him and she knows deep down that she wants him back - but she's broken inside. Gavin broke even more when he left. She barely made it through the last four years. She was not directly suicidal - but she has those PTSD-like moments where she just makes herself stop breathing and passes out - her most inner self probably wants to just go to sleep and never wake up again.

And now Gavin is back. Can they forget and forgive the last four years and just be together again?

“Do you believe in second chances?”

Can they go back to a time when everything was perfect..

I thought we’d be that happy and innocent forever, and that nothing would ever come between us.

the time before fate took their precious Finn and tore them both apart.

The Big Dipper rested neatly in the sky...Our baby was that constellation for us, and no matter where we looked, no matter what other stars dotted our sky, he would always be there, the biggest and brightes of them all.

Gavin wants her back - but he has secrets. He did some things in Mexico that can't be undone as easily as his grief made him do them.
Corabelle has her own secrets - about why she had to leave New Mexico.

Will they find a way to overcome their grief and their secrets and start a new life together???

 I won't tell you that ☺
I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure ☺

BUT - I could be convinced to tell you a few tiny little thingies ☺

There will be some really romantic and sexy moments

There will be moments where you should have a box of tissues close by. Or probably 2-5 boxes.

Corabelle is working in a Coffee-Shop and she made friends with one of her co-workers: Jenny - who's very protective of Corabelle.

There's also another guy who's interested in Corabelle: Austin - the whole Austin thing made me very sad :( poor guy!

Gavin works as a mechanic

We gaze at a lot of stars - both Gavin and Corabelle have that Astronomy class - but why I don't really know - Corabelle is a literature student and Gavin a geology student ☺

There will be a rather dramatic ENDING to the book - it's not a Cliffhanger - so don't worry - but it's a real WHOA-WTF ending ☺ (for me at least!)

There will be a few Butterflies in the book too ;)



I read a few non-spoilering reviews before I started reading and I can't really understand why people say that they couldn't connect with the characters... I LOVED Corabelle and Gavin. Yes - Corabelle - like 99% of all female heroines - gets on our nerves a bit with her indecisiveness. Does she want Gavin back or not?  Basically the whole book is about Corabelle running from and to Gavin ☺
But I can understand her - he left her on one of the hardest days of her young life.
I can also understand him - he just couldn't deal with his grief.

The book made me CRY SOOOOO MUCH! My kindle almost drowned!

Deanna goes back in time a few times - so that we can see how and why Finn died and all the sadness and grief surrounding that. She does that really wonderfully - unfortunately she knows what she's talking about :(

I loved that the story is set in a real place - San Diego - La Jolla - the University. I don't like to read books where we are in a fictional place or no place at all.

The book is a wonderfully written sexy new adult novel - with lots of feelings and grief and overcoming that grief and trying to start to live a happy life again.

Will there be a happy end??? 

Let's put it this way - THERE WILL BE A SECOND BOOK - Forever Loved!!!!!!
But Forever Innocent doesn't have a horrible Cliffhanger - it just ends - rather suddenly - I would've loved another 587 pages ☺ but as long as there's more coming - I'm happy ☺





Deanna Roy is the author of Baby Dust, an adult novel about a pregnancy loss support group, and the prequel to that story, Stella & Dane: A Honky Tonk Romance. Her next book, Forever Innocent, about a couple who reunite four years after the death of their premature baby, is due out Oct. 1.

Subscribers can read excerpts of each new novel as it is written. Join!
She also writes for chldren. Her kids’ web site is here. Her iPad/iPhone story book app, Dust Bunnies: Secret Agents, was released by Polycot Labs in 2012. This app features an original story about the dust bunnies who live under the bed, who need YOUR child to save their world. The main character in the story becomes your child!
She is a regular speaker at events on writing, publishing, and on baby loss. See her event schedule.
Her short stories have appeared in several literary magazines, including 34th Parallel, Farfelu, and The First Line. Her writing credits are lengthy due to her background in journalism and freelance, but one of her favorite articles is a humorous piece about skydiving, published by The Writer in March 2009.
She’s been a waitress, a free-sample girl, backstage security for a concert venue (please don’t ask about the time she threw R.E.M. off the elevator and made them late to their own concert) , a high school teacher, an editor for a publishing company, and still works as a professional photographer.
After suffering her first miscarriage, Deanna began the web site The pages get over one million unique visitors a year, although it is her fondest wish that no one would ever need to come at all.  You can also find her Facebook memorial page for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth.
Deanna opened a home photography studio in 1999 to achieve a work schedule that allows her to write. She is a member of the Writers’ League of Texas and SCBWI.

The wedding dance photo at the top of the home page is her! She married Kurt in 2012. They hope to adopt a little one in 2014.