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Blog Tour Stop - Breaking Elle by Antoinette Candella


How is it that the one person who you have avoided is the same person who could give you true happiness?

When Elle Bennett meets Reed Austin she can't deny the attraction. She discovers that certain people come into your life who make you question everything that you've ever believed about love and life. Will she risk everything for something exciting and dangerous or will she choose what is familiar and secure? 

Reed Austin isn't looking for love when he moves to Boston. The distance was supposed to help him escape the trouble he left behind. Once he meets, Elle, everything changes. Reed can't figure out why he's drawn to Elle, but one thing is certain - he needs her.

Passion. Betrayal. Solace. Confusion. Desperation. 

Love and life are not simple and emotions and relationships are tested. Will attraction be enough or will their secrets and past keep them apart?

Review by Janeane
Elle is a sweet but slightly confused girl, with a lot of trust issues.

Tyler, Cane and Reed are the three men that love her.  Yep, no ordinary love triangle for Elle, this is a love square
Tyler  - BFF since childhood
Cane  - The boyfriend
Reed  - The forbidden fruit

OK, so who wouldn't be happy with 3 sexy as sin guys after her?  Yeah, maybe not as fun as it sounds.

Elle has been with Cane for 2 years, she is totally in love with him.  They seem the perfect couple, with a great future ahead of them, until Cane monumentally screws things up.

Reed is the sexy Texan who moves to town. Sexy and sweet - and trouble with a capital T.

 Their lives all intersect due to working together.
Elle has trust issues - and for good reason.  Reed has a troubled past he is trying to keep exactly there, in the past.

Breaking Elle is written from both Elle and Reed's point of view, both written well so you can easily distinguish who's POV you are reading at the time.

The sparks between Elle and Reed are instant and undeniable.

"I've never been good at games." I reply softy. I can't pull my eyes away from his achingly perfect face. 
"I can start off slow." His voice is husky and enticing. Leaning in closer his eyes search mine, gauging my reaction. He reaches down and strokes my cheek, and the way my body responds to his touch is just... indescribable. Im jealous of your pillow and sheets; I want this cheek to rest on mine and I want to keep this body warm, he whispers, his lips right above mine.
My heartbeat spikes and I close my eyes. I inhale, soaking all of him in: his scent, his image, his words. I try to fight the urge to touch him, to fight the fact that I want him to touch me. Its so painful, my senses are screaming for him. Opening my eyes, I don't move, waiting, knowing from the look in his eyes that he wants the same thing. But he stops and retreats. He smiles flirtatiously and lifts one perfect eyebrow. I'm breathless and my heads spinning with the thought of being so close to tasting him.
"Let's go and join the party," he says. Taking my hand, he turns to the entryway, but when he sees that I'm not moving, he looks over his shoulder. Whats wrong?" He asks playfully. "You look disappointed. Were you expecting something? He smiles crookedly, his eyes warm and intense. 
No. Nothing. I blink, inhaling a deep breath, catching myself before I say or do something I'll regret.

Meanwhile, Tyler is waiting in the sidelines, has been friend-zoned for years, but he is biding his time to make his move.

There was a stretch in the first half of the book that kind of dragged for me, so much that I was going to put it aside and read something else, but then things really picked up.

Reed's past is a mystery for most of the book, but when it comes to the front, wow!

Elle is a pretty confused girl.  It kind of bothered me that she is no sooner broken up with Cane, and she is in a relationship with Reed.  She doesn't hear from Reed for a few days and she moves on to Tyler.  I think she needs to find out who she is before she gets into a relationship with anyone (of course I think this relationship HAS to be with Reed).  Just stay single for 5 minutes Elle!!

I found Breaking Elle to be well written, even if a couple of things felt a bit rushed over.  Hopefully these will be addressed in the next book.  I hope it is not too long before the next book, because

 The book had a very sudden end.  Seriously. It all is happening and.. the end!

Please don't make us wait too long!!

About the author -Antoinette Villelli Candela
Antoinette Candela is a little shy with a larger than life personality. Suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, she refuses to grow up. She finds inspiration for her writings from everyday life, through her fun and quirky interactions with friends and family and the drama that never ceases to disappoint.

One thing is for certain, Antoinette lives by her own rules. As a Bostonian she loves the Yankees and is proud to wear her I Love Derek Jeter T-shirt. You can catch Antoinette on the beach soaking in the rays, but when the rumble of the thunderstorm rolls in, shes curled up with a book or tapping away on her keyboard.

Mother, Writer, Reader, Lover of Music and all things learning, Antoinette is the charismatic author of Breaking Elle.
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