Friday 22 November 2019

❤ Would Like To Meet ❤ Rachel Winters ❤

Release date: 3rd December 2019

A smart romantic comedy for the Netflix Generation - can you fall in love like they do in the movies?

Long-suffering assistant Evie Summers will lose her job unless she can convince her film agency's biggest and most difficult client, Ezra Chester, to finish the script for a Hollywood romcom. The catch? He hasn't started writing it.

Suffering from 'writer's block,' he will only put pen to paper if singleton Evie can prove to him that you can fall in love like they do in the movies. Forget internet dating, Evie can only meet a man the way that Sally met Harry, or Hugh Grant meets anyone. Cue her entering into one ridiculous romcom scenario after another. But can life ever be like the movies?

Of course, real life is never that straightforward . . .

ARC received from Hachette  Australia for an honest review

I am kind of in love with all these cartoon-type covers that are about lately.  Don't know what it is, but they suck me in every single time.

I liked the sound of Would Like To Meet right from the start, because our leading lady Evie seems like a real cynical kinds of gal - and me likes that!  I like that yes, she is the typical overworked, underpaid assistant that really does all the hard work.  But there is an awareness about Evie that she can see this, and she will -eventually - grab life by the balls and do something.  It is like if she was in one of her rom-com meet cutes, she would talk to the camera about the stuff that is happening.

I did laugh, I did cringe, and I did smile at the meet-cutes Evie does on the way to helping the self-centred writer and her (a-hole) of a boss get what they want.

We have a hen's night, a wedding, the group of BFFs who will never let her down - all the expected of a rom-com.  Oh, and the cute child that will just steal the heroine's heart - though I was surprised at how old they turned out to be, as I had her pegged as at least double her age lol

And we the reader knew exactly who our lovely lady was going to end up with, but it was the road getting there that was fun.

The story is totally implausable, but that didn't bother me.  Would Love To Meet is just a whole lot of fun.  It was just the perfect read for me as I was on my sick bed for a couple of days.

Wonderful, fun and easy to read debut novel.  A great summer (or winter) read.

Rachel Winters has lived and worked in London, since graduating with a degree in Creative Writing, and Masters in Publishing.  Her first role in the publishing industry involved writing a newspaper column for cat breeder, though she has never owned a cat. It was as Sex In The City as it sounds, but set her on the path to becoming a commissioning editor for a major publisher by day, and a debut novelist by night. Would Like To Meet is her first novel.