Monday 18 November 2019

✪ Love You Now (Love Hurts #2) ✪ M. Robinson ✪

I should have told her everything.

How much I loved her.
How much I’ve always loved her.
But I didn’t.
I couldn’t.
I just wasn’t made that way.

Instead... I claimed her.
Teased her.
Taunted her.
Worshipped her.
Until... I broke her.

My best friend.
My savior.
My girl.

From my mind to my heart, to every single bone in my body.
She owned me.
I was hers.

Every look.
Every kiss.
Every touch.
Every tear.

It was always her.

The only thing I feared more than losing her was forgetting her.
I hated how much I needed her.

She was mine.
Always and forever.

I hated her then.

But Harley Jameson was about to find out how much…

I LOVED her now.

ARC received for an honest review

I have been impatiently awaiting this book from the second I finished Hated You Then - which you definitely need to read before diving in here.

This enemie-to-lovers-turns-to-crap-to more story is full of angst and drama and emotion.

Now, I do gotta say, I know Jackson is supposed to be the bad guy in all this, and yeah, he was at the end of Hated You then, however I am surprised to say that I really didn't like Harley for most of this story.  She was bratty and stubborn and down right mean to Jackson at times - that girl can hold a grudge better than me, and I excel at it hahah.

I was flip flopping between loving and loathing both our lovelies as I was reading, and then, OMG

Cheezels, Mary and Joseph - I really, and i mean really did not see that happening.  It made me see a few characters in a new light - especially Jackson!

Well played Ms Robinson, well played.

As with all M. Robinson books, Love You Now is full of emotions.  I shed a few tears as I was reading.  I got angry ,I got sad, I got frustrated.  And I enjoyed every moment of it.

There is great set up for the next books, and I for one cannot wait for it.!