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• 25 November 2019
• Standalone Royal Romance
• Book #3 in the #UnknownRoyals Series

• Book #4 - The Pretend Prince
(will feature Prince Julius)

4.25 Stars

They had it all wrong.
I never wanted to rule the world; all I wanted was her.
But they couldn't see past my bad reputation, so they forced us apart.

That was ten years ago, and I've grown up.
I'm still a rebel.
I'm still reckless.
But I'm also ruthless.
And I have even bigger balls.

So, when I find out she's in trouble, I have to help her.
It doesn't matter that she hates me.
She'll get over it.

Fighting for her is what I was born to do.

I never wanted to rule until she needed me to, and this time I won't stop until I get what I want.
If they think I will...
They have it all wrong.

Liz and Spencer.
Both royal 'kids' from the Vespa Isles.
She's the daughter of a royal who is ultra-deep in debt with the gambling mafia - so daddy needs her to marry this รผber-rich idiot royal Count Godfrey. The billionaire royal idiot wants to be King of Marvella - where the royal family was killed over twenty years ago.
But Spencer might have a thing to say against that. He's Liz's first love. But after how things ended with them almost ten years ago - she now hates him. Poor Spencer will have his hands full saving the the love of his life and his own family and kingdom!


Well, this was adorable & exciting & sexy!
It's been a long while since we last heard about those royals - so I pretty much forgot EVERYTHING! And all the names and kingdoms and islands and family relations mentioned in the first chapters ... that was a bit much for me. I still couldn't keep them sorted in my weird brain anyway!
BUT - it's totally okay - we only need to know about Liz and her dark prince Spencer!
And they were adorable. Lovers-to-enemies-to-frenemies-to-lovers-to-frenemies-to-happily-ever-after??☺
I already started crying in the prologue. Lots of heartbreaking and exciting moments for us to survive until we can get that HEA!

I really enjoyed reading this third book.
 Can't wait to see what the next royal will be up to in the 4th book!
(It will be Liz's ex Julius!)

What I didn't love? This story was a bit short. It could've been a bit longer with more detail and more depth to things. It was all a bit fast and a little silly at times. Also - I HATE Spencer's earring. That is not wild or sexy or anything good. A diamond stud in a guy's ear is just yucky!
And the other thing I didn't like about the book - or these three books. The cover guys. They might be hot in normal life - but the photographer must've been drunk when he gave the instructions to pose - especially with the guy from book #2 - he was the worst!!! That finger-to-mouth idiot pose??? Cheap-porny and ridiculous. And the other two covers are not much better with all that hair product and the cheap porn look in their eyes. Sorry - no offense intended - that's just my opinion - but really... do you like those covers? Look at book 2 please and tell me how that's sexy?!!!! ☺

WANNABE HEIR was an adorable & fun & exciting & sexy Royal Romance!!
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Spencer - this one is MINE!!!!

ARC received for an honest review

It is always a good day when a new Kim Karr story turns up on your kindle.

It has been ages since I have delved into the world of the royal families of the Vespa Isles, so I have completely forgotten most of everything that has happened - though I did remember the gambling storyline that has followed through all the stories so far.

Liz and Spencer are royal kids of these families, and now they are paying for their family's sins/failures.  Gah, that made me mad.  These people - especiallly Liz's mum and dad are just horrible, and I wanted to scream at them, or push them off their yacht.  This is the 21st century, not the middle ages hahah

I do adore Liz and Spencer though - theirs has been a complicated relationship over the years, and watching them duke it out to get to where they are at the end of the book is enjoyable.

This was a light, fun and quite short read.  I smiled, I shed a tear or two and really liked reading it.

I am now looking forward to book 4 - the story of Liz's ex.



When someone at the craps table beside me shouts, “Yes!” I flick my gaze in that direction. Standing at the very end is a tall woman in tight black pants with the shapeliest ass.
There’s an untidy pile of flecked chips in front of her. A modest stack of chips is also nestled on the edge of the table.
Apparently, she’s winning.
Curious, I watch as the woman makes the standard pass line bet. There are three shooters at the table, and they will each take a turn rolling the dice, although they will all be betting on each roll.
Not my game of choice.
No skill.
Just luck.
She’s first, so she grabs the dice, gives them a blow for luck, and rolls them both down the table in her come out roll.
I can’t see the dice, but when she jumps up and down, I can only guess she rolled a seven or an eleven. It’s still her turn, and when she does her little ritual with the dice again, I find it more than sexy. On this roll, if she rolls a two, three or twelve, she loses.
I feel like I want to cross my fingers for her.
It’s all about luck.
She jumps up and down again, and I know she’s still in.
Roll after roll, she’s kicking ass.
Now, I’m holding my breath because she’s on the point roll. The dealer turns the puck to ‘ON’ and places it on the number that was just rolled. All she has to do is avoid a seven to keep going.
She’s still as the roll comes to a stop. I feel more emotion watching her than I did with everything I had on the line back at the blackjack table.
“Bad luck,” I hear someone groan and watch as the pile of chips she had pushed forward disappears.
She sevened-out. She practically sags at the table as the loss registers. Just then, the concierge hands me a receipt that acknowledges the transfer of my winnings, and shaking my head for her, I start to stride toward the exit.
Shouldn’t play a game luck.
Somehow, she accidentally pushes the small remaining pile of chips under her arm onto the floor as I’m passing behind her. Without a second thought, I find myself diving down to help her recover her money.
When my eyes meet her sparkling blue ones, I can’t move, and all the breath is knocked squarely from my chest.
It’s been ten years since I broke her heart, and shit…
Little Liz Laurent is all grown up.


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