Friday 15 November 2019

✪ The Good Woman of Renmark ✪ Darry Fraser ✪

Release date: 18th November 2019

Adventure, romance and history combine in this thrilling 19th century journey through the South Australian bush and along the mighty Murray River in the company of a determined heroine.

1895, Renmark, South Australia

Maggie O'Rourke has always had a hard head. No man was going to tie her down to a life of babies and domestic slavery, even if that man was as good (and as annoyingly attractive) as Sam Taylor. Maggie is happily earning her own way as a maid in a house on the Murray River when disaster strikes.

Forced to defend herself and a friend from assault by an evil man, she flees downriver on a paddle steamer. With death at her heels, Maggie begins to realise that a man like Sam might be just who she wants in her hour of need. As for Sam, well, Maggie has always been what he wants.

The further Maggie runs, the more she discovers there are some things she cannot escape...

Copy received from Harper Collins Australia for an honest review

I have really been enjoying historical Australian stories this past year. The chance to read my first Darry Fraser story was a no brainer for me - let me have it.

Now, as a teen in the 80s, I was completely in love with John Waters in All The Rivers Run, and The Good Woman of Renmark have me all of those kind of vibes.

It gives us a good glimpse of the social history of the time.  Women did not yet have the vote, the suffragette movement growing every day.  The Mighty Murray (which isn't so mighty in these days of drought) could be your friend or your foe.  It was hard work but could have great reward.

Our leading lady Maggie is all the things that were changing at the time. She wouldn't let men take advantage of her or her friends. She was resourceful. To me she felt like a trailblazer, ahead of her time, not needing a man to have a fulfilling life.

The story is fast paced and flowed well. I absolutely adored the imagery, and could imagine myself on the banks of the Murray, watching the world glide by.

I have not read any of Ms Fraser's previous works, however I will look out for more in the future.