Thursday 12 September 2019

✪ Walking Towards Thunder ✪ Peter Fox ✪

Former Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox is a hero in many people's eyes. A police officer with 36 years' service in the Hunter region, he rose to national prominence in 2012 for his major role in speaking out for the victims of abuse within the church. He had been at the coalface fighting these heinous crimes for decades. He had worked with the victims and supported their families. He knew an enquiry was long overdue. His decision to become a whistle blower helped trigger Prime Minister Julia Gillard's historic decision to establish a far-reaching Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of children in institutions.
He had no idea what speaking up would unleash. Peter's dedication and focus cost him his career, his health and also affected his wife's health. He and his family were threatened. Former friends shunned him. But the victims and the families that he supported consider him their champion. To them he is a hero.
Walking Towards Thunder details the cumulative horrors our police face every day, it reveals the cover ups and the way sexual predators were moved around. It shows the backlash he faced and the lengths those in power will go to avoid facing the truth. Confronting and inspiring, this is an unforgettable story.

Copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest review

Now, I am an athiest, so that Catholic church (or any religion) is a foreign concept to me, however over the years, the abuse of children by those in the Catholic Church (and others) has been a hot topic.

Walking Towards Thunder is an absolutely heartbreaking story.  The way the police, the church, those who are supposed to support abuse victims have acted for decades is an absolute disgrace.

I am thankful for Peter Fox.  Thankful that he has written this book. Thankful that he took a stand against the church and his fellow police officers.  Thankful that he survived the backlash.

Because of his stand, look at where the church is in 2019.

The behaviour of those against him is abhorrent.  I read this book each day in my lunch break, and every day I would go back to my desk, raging to my office mates about what I had read today.  I have vented to friends as I was reading about how mad, how sad, how frustrated I was with the higher-ups.

I knew that things were bad over the years, but thank you Peter Fox for revealing just how bad things really are.

All I can say is shame, shame, shame on each and everyone  of them who covered up, dismissed complaints and helped these horrible human beings get away with it - for decades.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox is a 36 year veteran of the NSW Police Foce, during which time he investigated countless child sexual abuse cases in the Hunter Region of NSW.  In November 2012, Peter Fox put his job on the line and went public with claims of systematic cover up of institutional child abuse.  His voice helped prompt the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. As a whistle blower, Peter has made many enemies and may have tried to discredit him. However, the victims and their families are strong in their support of the man  who was always there for them, and who helped give them a voice. peter continues to fight for victims and speak out against those who took advantage of their power to target and silence victims of abuse.