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• 26 August 2019
• Rock-Star-Romance☺
Daisies & Devin Spin-Off #3
(about Devin's Guitarist Chad!)
• standalone
"From August 26 to September 26, 2019, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation."

 4.75 Stars
Guitarist Chad Wilcox's life isn't going according to plan.

At thirty, he never thought he'd still be unmarried and living with his parents. And with the added stress of his poor health, he's convinced the only thing within his control is the success he's found as a rock star.

After reconnecting with his childhood best friend, Chad sets into motion a new plan to regain control over his happiness, and things start looking up. But when he finds himself diagnosed with a potentially debilitating chronic illness, he begins to wonder...

Is this as good as it's going to get? Or is it at all possible for a guy like him to get everything he's ever wished for?

Chad and Molly.
They've been best friends since they can remember - their moms have been best friends since they were little!
But once highschool started, things changed.
And now - 30 years old - they're only seeing each other every once in a while - at family events when Chad is in town.
He still lives with his parents. He's still with his stupid girlfriend - who is not very interested in taking the next step in their relationship.
Molly is singing at a local bar a few nights a week.
Chad is the guitarist for a famous singer - he makes good money. He wants to have his own house, a wife, kids. And he wants to be healthy - he's in constant pain due to a undiagnosed lifelong stomach/colon disease.

Will seeing each other again - becoming friends again - be the moment when all their wishes will finally start coming true??

What will happen to Molly & Chad?
Will we get our happily ever after?

I just adore #RockstarRomances!

And this was a lot more rockstarish than other rock star books! We really go on tour and perform every night - I really love that!
But this story is also a second chance thingy. Not really, because they were never really a couple back then, but still.
They've been so close up until highschool. They made wishes upon stars. They dreamed and hoped and planned.
And now those wishes could finally come true. But there's so much in the way of their happily ever after.
Girlfriend. Work. Distance. Health. Insecurity ....
But of course the reader adores every single moment of the journey to that happy end!

I loved reading Molly & Chad's story!
And we got to see Devin & Sebastian & Ty & Jon and the girls again too!
Seb is hilarious!!! He needs his own Netflix show! All the guys do - ooooh....
Devin & The Daisies or something like that! ☺

Anyway ... I adored this book.
It's beautifully written - so full of love and hope and family and friends and some really heavy not-very-often-mentioned real life health problems! And of course:

The writing though - grrr - I know it's like this on purpose ... but Kelsey uses way too much informal Texas 'slang' in her writing. There's waaayyy too much WANNA GONNA THINKIN' DOIN' TRYNA - basically every other word is one of those! I would be okay if one person would talk like that - but they all do and they even think like that in the non-conversation text moments. It's just too much. And then suddenly there's a long paragraph without any of those words. So weird.
I'm usually totally for more informal language in books - I hate it when authors make their New Adult couples talk like 70 year old lawyers or professors, but this was too much!

Also ... Chad ... I loved him! He's such a kind and talented and sweet guy. But he was a tiny little bit too insecure or whiney or ...no - insecure is the better word. He's stayed with Ali for so long even though she's a total b*tch - we never see how they even fell in love. Why are they together? Because he's scared to be alone? So weird. And then he's so insecure about so many things. In high school! Jeez. How can you want to be popular so bad that you forget about your best friend so fast? Ridiculous! And now -  he's a big, bad, tattooed guy and he acts like a baby in so many situations. Also with his disease. I get that it's a kind of taboo thing to talk about, you can be embarassed and a bit insecure about it if you want ... but I'd rather talk about it then be constantly afraid of dropping dead any second. GO TO A DOCTOR ... jeez! No matter how much you wish it to - it's not going away by ignoring it!
Too many things were too insecure about his character. I wished he would've been a bit stronger and more mature in some moments.
But I still loved him and his story!

FORGET THE STARS was a beautiful & heartbreaking love story.
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Chaddington - he'll be sold out in no time!

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“What’s that look for?” she asked with a giggle, as she reached around to secure her bra.
I shook my head as a smile stretched over my lips. “Nothin’. Just …” I swallowed at the warmth crowding my heart and my lungs. “You’re my best friend.”
She tugged a tank top on and sighed, her exhale lingering in the air. “You’re mine.”
Mine. The word was simple and yet held the world. It was an agreement, it was possession. It was an invisible contract that lingered between us, and I would’ve gladly used my own blood to sign on the dotted line.
But instead of pricking a finger and sealing the deal, I simply nodded, as only two words left my mouth.
“I’m yours.”


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