Tuesday 24 September 2019

⭐️ Jill Shalvis 🎁 WRAPPED UP IN YOU 🎁 #HeartbreakerBay8 ⭐️

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• 24 September 2019
• #8 in the #HeartbreakerBay series
5 Stars

It’s love. Trust me.

After a lifetime on the move, Ivy Snow is an expert in all things temporaryschools, friends, and way too many Mr. Wrongs. Now that she owns a successful taco truck in San Francisco and an apartment to call home, Ivy’s reinvented life is on solid ground. And she’s guarded against anything that can rock it. Like the realities of a past she’s worked hard to cover up. And especially Kel O’Donnell. Too hot not to set off alarms, he screams temporary. If only his whispers weren’t so delightfully naughty and irresistible.

Kel, an Idaho sheriff and ranch owner, is on vacay, but Ivy’s a spicy reason to give his short-terms plans a second thought. Best of all, she’s a tonic for his untrusting heart, burned once and still in repair. But when Ivy’s past intrudes on a perfect romance, Kel fears that everything she’s told him has been a perfect lie. Now, if only Ivy’s willing to share, Kel will fight for a true love story.

We're back in Jill Shalvis' San Francisco world.
That beautiful house with all those businesses and the 'magical' fountain in the courtyard.
And for a year now, there's also been Ivy's taco truck.
Ivy loves running her little movable restaurant. She never stayed anywhere for long. Never had any friends. Never trusted anyone.
But now there are people who care. And there's also Kel - the hot visiting cousin of a friend. A cop/rancher from Idaho.

And he keeps showing up whenever she needs him. Constantly flirting and looking too deep into her soul. There are things she doesn't want him to see ....
Kel had to leave Idaho for a while - after a job went wrong and he got hurt pretty badly.
Things in San Francisco look pretty interesting so far ... ☺

I just love Jill Shalvis stories. This series is sooo adorable!
Such a beautiful city. This amazing building with all its unique residents.
Just perfect.
This was another sweet and sexy and heartbreaking love story.
Ivy didn't have the best life growing up and her brother is not always on the right side of the law....
And Kel - getting hurt on the job sucked. But having your heart broken is even worse - that's why he's not really interested in ever giving it away ... But Ivy is making it really hard!
Adorable those two.
I loved their story. Sweet, funny, adorable, exciting, mysterious, moving.
Great romance! I hope this series never ends!!!!
And I really need a taco now!

WRAPPED UP IN YOU was another adorable and sweet and sexy  and moving romance! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Kel - this one is MINE!

ARC received for an honest review.

Gah, I just love getting back to Heartbreaker Bay!  I just adore every single thing about the people in this series.

I love how the Pacific Pier extended family keeps growing, and we have more lovelies to fall in love with.  So Ms Shalvis will just have to keep writing this series forever!

Ivy and Kel's backgrounds are not the easiest to move forward from, though they are a great help for each other.  Neither of them wants a relationship, however with Kel always her knight in shining armour, Ivy can't help falling.  I wanted to knock some sense into both of them when they kept avoiding the obvious!

I little bit funny, a little bit sexy, a little bit suspensey, Wrapped Up In You had a little bit of everything, and makes me want to move into the area and be friends with all of them.

I can't wait to see whom Ms Shalvis brings us next.


Book 8.5 - November 5


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New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras with her family and far too many assorted quirky animals. Any resemblance to the quirky animals in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website at www.jillshalvis.comfor a completely booklist and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.