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★ Katy Evans ★ Commander in Chief ★ #WhiteHouse2 ★ Excerpt ★ #BLOGTOUR ★

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• release date: 5 January 2017
Book 2 of 2 in the White House series
here's our review ◄ of book #1
• there is a 3rd book coming ... not about Matt & Charlotte but set in the same 'world' and time! ☺ 

5 Stars

We fell in love during the campaign.
The stakes were high.
Reputations could have been ruined.
Scandal hovered over us like a cloud.
Now the man I love is the President of the United States of America.
And its not my vote he is after.
He wants it all.
My heart. My body. My soul.
He wants me by his side.
In the White House.
Normalcy will be gone from my life, privacy forgotten.
I am only twenty three. I just wanted to play a part in history. But it seems like history wasn't done with me. The part where I lost my heart to Matthew Hamilton? It was only the beginning...

We're finally back with Charlotte and Matt. Or rather, with Charlotte and Mr. President! ☺
Yup - Matt's the President of the United States of America now.

And he hasn't seen Charlotte for two months. She ran away to Europe to get away from everything, and to maybe start forgetting about Matt. But of course you can't forget the man you're hopelessly in love with. And Matt didn't forget her either.
He wants her back. And since they can't start a relationship just like that (remember? His campaign said that the country will be his wife) they come up with something different...
Charlotte will be Acting First Lady. Meaning, she'll do the job that would usually be done by a mother or daughter of a single/widowed president.
That way she can be close to him and she can work on her dream of helping people, of doing something great with her life.
But of course they can't stay away from each other for long.
But will the country be just as in love with their new First Lady as Matt is?


MATT IS BACK!!! FINALLY! I was so excited to find him on my kindle!

I loved the first book so much and I just needed to know what would happen to our two darlings!
There has to be some way those two can end up happily ever after, right???
And yes, of course. There is. Even if it will be a very public HEA - at least for the next 4-8 years.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves....

Charlotte just moved into the White House and now they have to learn to deal with soooo many things....meetings and events and press conferences and gossip and whatnot. It's not easy dating the President of the United States!

But it's adorable for us readers to read!
I just loved it. The whole cinderella-feel of the whole thing. Ugh.
Every girl wants to be Charlotte - this blogger at least! ☺

Of course it's not all insta-happy-happy.
They can't just go from dating to married and HEA in a second - in front of the whole world.
But we're sure they'll get there one day soon.
And we're having a great time reading about it!

LOTS of very sexy and adorable and presidentsy moments for us to enjoy until we can finally fly off into our happily ever after sunset on board the Air Force One! ☺

The only horrible thing about the story is....
You come to the last word of the book, you wake up from this amazingly romantic & fairy-talish dream of Charlotte and Matt and their Happily Ever After.... and then ... here in the real word ... there's ...
TRUMP ☹☹☹ Happy 2017!

Were there some tiny things I didn't like about the story?
Hm, not really. Maybe the whole adorableness of the whole book was a bit too 'nice'. I LOVED it. But I'm afraid some readers will find the story too lame, too uneventful, too happy. I think it was great. It's an amazing love story. I don't need unnecessary drama in my romances. I don't need weird misunderstandings and fights. There was mayyybe a tiny little bit too much sexytime in here. And Matt's love for licking on fingers and toes was a bit creepy, but pfff - he's the president - he's allowed to be a  little kinky! ☺

COMMANDER IN CHIEF was the perfect finale to this amazingly beautiful & exciting & sexy American Cinderella love story!
Run to your nearest amazon to find out if our favorite Mr. President will finally get his Happily Ever After with his First Lady Charlotte!


ARC received for an honest review

Yes!  Charlotte and Matt... I mean Mr President are back!

Following on from were Mr President ends, Commander in Chief is the perfect ending to our lovelies story.

I just adored this book so much. Sure, Matt and Charlotte have challenges they need to overcome to hopefully get to their HEA.  Unlike so many other books out there these days, though they have challenges, there is no drama for drama's sake - don't get me wrong, it has it's place, but not here.

Commander In Chief is an angst free, sweet and sexy continuation of their story.  There are plenty of sexy times, lots of President-y times, but mostly just Matt and Charlotte times.

I think the USA needs a new election and Vote 1 Matthew Hamilton for President (instead of that tangerine tinted buffoon who is about to be sworn in!)

The only thing I didn't like about Commander In Chief - that the story ended.  I sat and read this book in one day, needing to know what happened, but not wanting to reach the last page.

Now I am impatiently waiting for what Ms Evans brings us next.


He looks devilishly handsome.
His hair is combed back and oh, how I love every chiseled inch of his face. He’s the first to move, prying his hands from his pockets, eyes flaring, inhaling visibly—his inhale stretching the fabric of that black tux.
Disbelief and a punch of longing to have all of this man, his love and his name and his babies, hits me as he approaches. I’m gazing at him walk to me down the hall of the White House residence, both of us ready to attend a social dinner. My first public event with him.
I need a moment, or a thousand moments, to adjust to this new role.
Matt continues advancing—with every step his eyes drinking me in, his lips curling in a seductive, appreciative smile.
“You ready?” He stretches out his hand.
I nod and look at that hand—the hand I’ve held so many times, and that held me. I slide my fingers down the length of his, and he grips them and leads me down the staircase with him.

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Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 9 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world. 

Katy Evans grew up with books and book-boyfriends until she found a real sexy boyfriend to love. They married and are now hard at work on their own happily ever after. Katy loves her family and friends, and she also loves reading, walking, baking, and being consumed by her characters until she reaches “The End.” Which is, hopefully, only the beginning…