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Sugar Free
Sugar Bowl #3
• release date: 11 October 2016
• 216 pages

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4.75 Stars

Sela and Beck’s dark, riveting love story reaches its epic conclusion in the final chapter of Sawyer Bennett’s Sugar Bowl trilogy that began with the novels Sugar Daddy and Sugar Rush.

This third book in the Sugar Bowl series starts exactly where we left Sela & Beck in the 2nd book.
Sela just came back from JT - all bloody and a total wreck.
And yes, JT is dead.
And what Sela, Beck and Caroline do next will probably be the most important hours of their lives.
Go to the police? Tell them it was self-defense? Hide in Mexico? Pretend nothing happend? What?
Lots of very important decisions have to be made before there can be a happily ever after.



Eeeeeep, finally the 3rd book in this sexy & suspensy trilogy!

Did we get all our questions answered???
Mayyybe ☺☺ I'm not spoiling anything!

I can only tell you that it was a really exciting book. Very suspensy and scary and frustrating and ugh... I just wanted them to fast-forward and live happily ever after.
But of course by killing JT - even if it was self-defense - Sela does have to face some problems with the law.... And because Beck and his sister know all about everything they might face some problems of their own!

I really enjoyed reading this final book.
I just had to know if and how Sela and Beck would finally get through all those horrible things in their past towards their HEA!

SUGAR FREE was the perfect finale to Beck & Sela's story! Get ready for some sexy edge-of-your-seat suspense!!!

And now for the reason for my 3.9 star-rating... what I didn't like... The whole book would've been only 3 chapters long if they would've just gone to the cops in the very beginning. I almost stopped reading at 10%. How can people be so stupid? Thinking that they can make it on their own? Everything always comes to light in the end and then you look ten times as guilty for not having gone to the cops in the first place. I was really furious with Beck for not calling the police. I get that he just wanted to protect Sela. But that was not the right way.

Another thing... about Sawyer's writing style. I already noticed it in the Wicked series and now I noticed it here too - can't remember if she already did it in the previous book and the hockey series. But anyway, I call it the AS-problem. And I'm pretty sure I'm the only one bothered by it - and it has really nothing to do with the story and if I liked it or not, but it bothers me...☺ this is what I mean: (I'm copying it from my Wicked Ride review!)

Normally you only use AS as LIKE (She's AS pretty AS a button). Sometimes authors use it as it is used here - but Sawyer uses it a million times and I JUST HATE IT!!!
 I think it's what british-english-speaking kids learn to do in school, and maybe what people used to learn decades or centuries ago, but it's just not used much anymore and when it is used I just hate it.


...drive him to the airport AS he had an emergency back in New York...

...isn't an overly fancy place AS I'm wearing jeans...

I requested outdoor seating AS it was an unseasonable warm day....

...having my father do this AS I knew the risk of ...

I don't know why I hate it that much - it just sounds way too formal and idiotic in a contemporary romance! You could very easily exchange it for a comma or a because or a since. Please use a SINCE or a BECAUSE in your next book Sawyer!
You probably don't even know what I mean - I'm bad at explaining things ☺Sorry. #EndOfASRant ☺

ARC received for an honest review

Oh. My. God.
I am so glad I had this installment of the series already when I finished Sugar Rush!

I know I should have waited until closer to release date to read this, knowing that I had so many more reviews to be done before this one. But I couldn't help it. I had to jump straight in the minute I finished book 2.

At the end of Sugar Rush I was Noooo you can't end there, you can't do this to me Sawyer Bennett!

From the first word to the last, Sugar Free is an intense, suspenseful story. Sela and Beck are both going through so much , at times it felt like they didn't have time to breathe.

And if you think that you are going to have time to breathe either... nope, uh uh, ain't gonna happen!

As I was laying on my lounge reading, I felt such intense love for our lovelies but I also felt such anger, such helplessness for them both.

The is quite a bit of "woulda, coulda, shoulda" in Sugar Free. What would you do, how far would you go to protect the ones you love?

It was like there was a fist gripping my heart, someone injected me with adrenaline and a whole lot of "oh hell no" all happening at once. Things really did get crazy!

And I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The Sugar Bowl series is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I was completely engrossed in this story, forgoing meals and housework (not that I need an excuse not to vacuum!) to be by Beck and Sela's side throughout their ordeal.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading Sugar Free, and couldn't wait to turn each page to find out what happened.

Well played Ms Bennett, well played.

Can't wait to see what Ms Bennett brings us next.

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