Tuesday 6 September 2016

♂♂ Steady Stroke (Off Beat #2) ♂♂ A.M Arthur ♂♂

After a tragic accident, Lincoln Wests dreams of making it big as a guitarist fell apart. Unable to play music, hes battling a hopeless downward spiral, and takes his friends offer to stay at their beach house for the summer. While at an open mike night at local bar Off Beat, he locks eyes with a busboy who doesnt make Linc feel so broken anymore.

Emmett Westmore lives for the anonymity of busing tables in his aunt
s quirky bar where no one pities him for the fire that killed everyone he loved. He blames himself for the fire, and he doesnt want anyone to see himexcept for Linc. Emmetts walls drop when hes around the gorgeous blue-eyed guitarist, but he has a secret that could destroy his budding relationship with Linc.

Both Linc and Emmett are looking for a way to live again
will they let their fears control them or take a chance on something real?

ARC received via Netgalley for an honest review

This book follows on about a year after Body Rocks, but it can be read as a stand alone if you havent read the previous book.

Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln.  Now if you have read the first book, you will know that Lincoln is kind of a d!ck.  His attitude in the first book was quite offputting to me.

But after events at the end of the first book, I was hoping that he may be a changed man.

And I was pleased to find that he really was.  Things have changed so much for him in the past year that he had to have changed personally too - and I liked the man he has become.

Emmett has had a crap year too (in fact, no one really seems to have come through the past year unscathed in this book!).  But meeting Linc may be the catalyst for a better year ahead.

Steady Stroke is filled with drama, angst and a heck of a lot of coincidence.  I mean really, in a country the size of the USA the amount of coincidence and fate amongst this group?? Wowsers

I loved that we got more of Trey and Dominic from Body Rocks.  Their lives are so intertwined with Linc's that it would not have been his story without them.

I am going to say though that I did not connect as well with Linc and Emmett as I would have liked.  Maybe it was just me, maybe it was my mood at the time of reading, maybe it was the insta-love of their relationship?  Can't put my finger on exactly what it was though.

But this could just be me.

I did love the chemistry between Linc and Em, but I did find that there were some actions that needed filling out more, there needed to be consequences but I felt that things were just glanced over - but again, this could just be me.

I did enjoy Linc and Em's story, and I hope we get more of this group at some stage.