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Evie Claire


Hollywood Hot Mess Duet #2
257 pages



In a town where every illusion comes with a price, a girl can have love or fame. Carly Klein wants both. The A-list drama continues in this compulsively readable follow-up to Evie Claire's Hollywood Hot Mess

Hurricane Carly hits the big leagues and her offscreen drama hits DEFCON-level F*ck

From tabloid trainwreck child star to award-nominated starlet, Carly Klein wants it all. And being silver fox Devon Hayes's f*ck buddy isn't cutting it anymore. The gloves are off as she comes out swinging for the man she loves.

Devon Hayes, aka the sexiest man alive, is the toast of Tinseltown as half of a Hollywood power couple HeaVon
but he doesn't want to be. Yet his A-list showmance lover will stop at nothing to keep their marital sham alive. So when Carly and Devon's scorching connection off set threatens his soon-to-be ex's dynasty, a sh*tstorm of trouble is unleashed.

But pussing out isn't in Carly's DNA. Through sex tapes, murder and epic Hollywood takedowns, Carly and Devon will be together and HeaVon will burn in Hollywood Hell

Part Two of Two

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Book #2 starts right where book #1 ended.
Carly's had it with Devon & Heather. She can't stand seeing them together.
That's why she's spending the night at Spence's - partying it up like crazy.

But of course she can't forget the love of her life - Devon.
And also, shooting for the second movie will start soon, so she has to get her feelings under control.

Ultimatum time....

It's either 100% Carly and Devon or nothing. She doesn't want to be a dirty secret and she doesn't want to be the other woman for the rest of her life.

But Devon's secrets are in Heather's hands .... will he risk everything for Carly?

What will happen to Carly & Devon?
Will there finally be a HEA?
Will everybody survive the book???

I'm not telling you that of course!


Perfect ending to Carly's story.
She came a long way since we started that journey with her.
Ok, she still has some of that spoiled little princess in her, but she's grown up a lot.
She's had to. All those secrets and everything that happened in her past. It all had to be dealt with.
And instead of hiding behind drugs, she really did it this time around.
With the help of Devon and her friends and her own inner strength.

I really enjoyed reading those 2 books.
There were some moments when I wanted to slap the hell out of some people - especially Carly - but I really loved reading the story! ☺

Full of sexiness, frustration, love, hate, blackmail, mystery...the perfect romance!

TOTAL TRAINWRECK was the perfect ending to Carly & Devon's love story ...... Run to your nearest amazon to find out if they will finally get their HEA

Copy received via Netgalley for an honest review

Total Trainwreck follows on right where Hollywood Hot Mess finishes, so you will need to have read it first.

After the end of Hot Mess, I needed to know what happened with Carly.  She had come such a long way from the beginning to the end of the first book, and when we learn where she is today, ugh my heart broke for her.

And I wanted to slap the crap out of Devon - ugh, really, really slap him.

But then we got to about 30% and finally


Devon grew a pair... but then I think they forgot to drop as he carried on the same for most of the rest of the book.

I felt that Devon didn't really grow at all through the books.  Whereas Carly grew and owned up to her actions and became a better person, I felt that Devon stalled.  Even almost to the end of this second book, he was still dealing with the things he was at the beginning of the first.  I felt that if it was wasn't for Carly thing would have still been the same at the end of this one.

And Carly, I thought the poor girls eyes were going to fall out of her head the amount of times she rolled them! (this might just bother me though!!)

I did like that Devon and Carly kept working at their relationship, but at times I felt that it was the same argument/problem/hurdle over and over again and nothing would change.

Through it all I wanted them to make it.  To have the fairytale, Hollywood ending they deserved.

But to find out if they get it, you will need to read for yourself.

There is plenty of drama, intrigue, blackmail and suspense, with a fair share of horrible people to boot.

While I did like Total Trainwreck, I didn't like it as much as Hollywood Hot Mess,  but it was still an enjoyable read for me.


Book #1

Stalking Evie:

Evie Claire lives in Athens, GA with her husband, two daughters and one very spoiled rescue dog. After graduating from the University of Georgia she worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative before becoming a writer.

An avid equestrian, devoted wino, coffee snob, and occasional runner, Evie is in a monogamous relationship with her favorite yoga pants. When not chasing toddlers or writing, Evie can be found nursing her online shopping addiction, planning elaborate DIY projects that never happen, and discreetly eavesdropping on the juicy conversations of local college students for inspiration. She can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, counts afternoon naps among life’s great indulgences, and randomly belts out the whistle solo from GNR’s Patience… because why not?

Evie obsessively stalks her favorite Hollywood gossip sites and lives life by one simple rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!