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Jodi Ellen Malpas

Genre: Standalone Romantic Suspense
Release Day: 6 September 2016

5 Stars


People think they have Camille Logan nailed: daddy's girl; beautiful, spoiled young woman with her father's bank balance to fund her lifestyle. But Camille is determined to have a life free from his strings. Out on her own, she's made mistakes, including one that found her clawing her way back after a stint in rehab and plenty of bad press. Now, after fighting so hard to be independent and happy, she finds her life threatened as a result of her father's ruthless business dealings. Caught between resentment and fear, Camille prepares herself for the measures her father will take to protect her. But nothing could prepare her for the ex-SAS sniper who crashes into her life.

Jake Sharp resides in his own personal hell. He was distracted from duty once before, and the consequences were devastating--both personally and professionally. He vowed never to let that happen again. Accepting the job of bodyguard to Camille Logan isn't the kind of distraction from his demons he should take. Women and Jake don't mix well, yet protecting the heiress seems the lesser of two evils. But Jake soon discovers that she isn't the woman she's perceived to be. She's warm, compassionate, her presence settling, and his duty to protect her soon goes deeper than a well-paid job, no matter how hard he fights it. He needs absolution. He comes to need Camille. But he knows he can't have both.


Four years ago one of Jake's missions as a special forces soldier went wrong, and he lost two of his best buddies in Afghanistan. He blames himself for having been distracted and still has horrible nightmares every night.
He's working as a security person in London now. And his work, alcohol and sex are the only things that make life worth living at the moment. If you can call what he does living...

Camille Logan is your typical rich, spoiled princess slash model.

Daughter of a rich and important guy, she has been all over the tabloids. But her last boyfriend and her recent stint in rehab seem to have woken her up a bit.
She's trying to live a good life now. Trying to prove to herself and everyone else that she can do it on her own. Start her own clothing line without Daddy's help. But some bad guys her dad has been doing business with are out to get him. And her. That's why Daddy Logan hires Jake.

Watching a spoiled brat is NOT what Jake needs in his life right now.
But the money is good and he needs every job to get his mind off the bad things that are constantly playing behind his eyes.

He didn't expect Cami to be this amazing person.
He was expecting to just shadow her, to not engage in anything. Easy job. Easy money. Not much contact with that tabloid girly.
But nope, Cami has changed... And he's fascinated by her.
And she's just as fascinated.

Oh my days, he's stunning....
He looks powerful. Strong.
Fucking delicious.

But he can't afford to be distracted from his job. That has happened before and good people had to pay the price for his mistakes....

But maybe it's time to give being happy a try again?? Even if he's not the kind of guy a girl like Cami needs and deserves? And with her dad against him and the bad guys still out there....
Cami and Jake have a long way to go until they can see a Happily Ever After on the horzion....


 I'm not telling you that of course



Perfect book!

I just loved Jake & Cami.
There's this instant attraction/connection/lust thing that both don't really want ... but can't stop either.
They're so adorable - they way they fight against their feelings.
Lots of funny and cute and sexy moments with those two!
But of course it's not all cute and funny and adorable. We have some serious suspensy and mysterious and exciting and moving things happening too.

The perfect mix of genre elements come together to make an amazing story!
Jake & Cami will make you laugh, guess, wonder, hate, love, want, cry and some grrrrrrs and aaawwwws will come out of you too ☺!!!

Also - mega-beautiful cover!!!
(not one of those random, sexy guy-covers. This scene really happens ☺)

THE PROTECTOR was such an adorably beautiful & exciting & sexy & funny romance! Donations will be accepted via paypal - I'm going to hire Jake to guard MY body next!
Run to your nearest amazon to fall in love with Jake & Cami too!!!!

ARC received for an honest review

Firstly - I freaking love this cover!!

It has been a while since we have had a new Jodi Ellen Malpas book.

And what a way to get back on that horse!

Things really are not what they seem with both Jake and Camille - and through every twist and turn of their story I loved finding out more about them.
Fighting the attraction they have to each other lends to snark.  And heat - oh my the heat!

Jake is emotionally broken, but is still a big badass hellbent on protecting Cami - kind of like the single mindedness of the Terminator sent to protect Sara Connor!

But I just adored them together, and it was Jake and Cami vs The World there for a while.

There is plenty of romance, suspense, drama, lies and deception.  And  a whole lot of emotions

There were some characters I just love love loved and would really like more of *cough cough Heather cough cough*

I did feel that our lovelies did kind of fall into the insta-love relationship, but this could just be me?

There were laughs, tears, grrrrs moments, OMG how adorable moments.  I bit of everything.

Can't wait to see what man starting with J Ms Malpas brings us next.

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Stalking Jodi:

‘A lingering idea that I just couldn’t ignore.’ – Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jodi Ellen Malpas wrote her debut series, The This Man Trilogy, in secret, worried about what people might think if they knew what her imagination was capable of. She was shocked herself. But she finally found the courage to unleash her creative streak and self-published THIS MAN - the first book of the This Man Trilogy - in October 2012. She took a chance on a story with a hero who soon became one of modern day fictions most prolific alpha male characters.

Jesse Ward – also affectionately known as The Lord of The Manor, sparked incredible reactions from women across the globe and catapulted Jodi into the world of women’s fiction. With so much love and enthusiasm from her readers, and a thirst for more of her words, Jodi suddenly wasn't afraid of her imagination anymore. She went on to write The One Night Trilogy with the delectable and mysterious Miller Hart, and stole the hearts of her readers once again. She’s now a proud #1 New York Times bestselling author – all six of her published novels having hit the New York Times best sellers list – as well as a Sunday Times bestseller and international best seller. Her work is published in over 20 languages across the world.

Jodi was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her two boys and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse & mojito addict, and has a terrible weak spot for Alpha Males.

Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion – a passion she now shares with her devoted readers