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Anna Todd

• Release Date:
20 September 2016
• Book #6 in the #AFTER series - BUT can be read as a standalone - BUT again, why would anyone want to miss those amazing books?! ☺
272 pages
• Landon's 2nd book NOTHING LESS will be out in December
4 Stars

From New York Times and #1 International Bestselling Author Anna Todd comes the first in a new series, NOTHING MORE (Gallery Books; on sale September 20, 2016; Trade Paperback $16.00). Book 1 of a new series featuring After worldwide fan-favorite Landon Gibson as he leaves Washington to navigate love and life in New York City. At the end of the After Ever Happy, Landon got marriedbut readers everywhere have been wondering who will get to call the nicest boy in the After series their forever love?


New York’s skyscrapers and hectic pace are a far cry from where Landon Gibson grew up, and the transition to New York University has been jarring. But he’s getting the hang of things, found a job that pays (some of) the bills, enjoys school, and only occasionally runs into his ex, Dakota. You know, the one he chose NYU for . . . before she dumped him.

Luckily, his best friend, Tessa, shares a (terribly small) Brooklyn apartment with him. And given the ups and downs she’s had with her own ex, she’s a good listener when he finds himself in something of a love triangle
a love knot? Whatever it is, its a mess. An exciting mess. Maybe even an addicting mess, because beautiful girls.

Being young and finding your way in the world is hard. Landon’s always been a positive person. But such a loud, demanding city so far away from home means you only get by with a little help from your friends. And a good pair of headphones.

Landon’s going to be okay . . . but the journey sure will be fun to watch.

“I'm so excited for everyone to get to know Landon Gibson. Whether you're just hearing about him or already know him from the After series, I know that readers are going to love his story. He's kind and fiercely loyal, and when he falls in love, he loves hard.”

Anna Todd


We all remember the adorable Landon from Tessa and Hardin's books.
He was the best friend, the brother, the nice guy, the good guy.

He's a happy guy. He's always been this guy.
Happy in his life. He loves his world. He loves his mom. He's happy.

Now he's in New York to go to University to become a elementary teacher - again, a job for the good, nice, perfect guy.

He's living with his almost-step-sister-in-law Tessa - who's still grieving over her break-up with Hardin.

But Landon is not happy. His long-time girlfriend Dakota broke up with him to be a carefree single in NYC while going to dance school.

And now poor Landon is just going to school and working at a coffee shop.
Every day exactly the same. He doesn't really know what to do with himself. Especially on his days off.

And what about his love life? It doesn't exist.
But there are a few girls interested - his ex Dakota included!!!!

What will happen with Landon and...?
Will there be a HEA?
Or will there be a horrible Cliffy?

I'm not telling you that of course ☺


Oy Landon!

I was sooo looking forward to more from Anna Todd - and since I'm so not a wattpad reader, I'm happy that the book is here now.
And I didn't like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that's not really true. But almost.
I don't know what happened here.
It was so boring and ... subtle? Maybe it was too subtle and I just didn't get it? That could be the answer.

I loved Landon in #Hessa's books and now he's here on his own. He could tell us all this amazing story about how he found real love in New York.
But what he does is... NOTHING!
Ok, the nothing part is already covered in the title. So I should've probably expected it.
But I had so much hope for Landon.
But he's literally doing NOTHING!
He's walking around New York, drinking coffee and thinking and talking like a little boy of 9 playing grown-up in the big city.
It was all so very weird and uneventful and, yup, BORING!
But unlike so many other readers, I didn't want to give up. I still had hope - and this is a 2-book-story, so I will not give up that hope yet. ☺

And it did get better. ☺
There was some action and interesting stuff.
There's even a kiss here and there.

The story is supposed to be some kind of love triangle thing. I hate those.
But it's not really a triangle thing. Landon is just too vanilla to be in a triangle.
He doesn't know how to say no to one girl and he doesn't know how to say yes to the other.
It's all a bit like eating mashed potatoes without salt & nutmeg :/ Like watching vanilla ice cream melt to a slow death. I think Anna herself explains Landon best in the book:

...women go through a period of trial and error with the hot bad boys, but eventually most of them want to trade in the motorcycle for a Prius.
That's me.
The human version of a Prius.

Yup. The Prius is a great car. A nice car. A car that's not hurting the environment. A car that loves his mom and can't wait to play with his new baby sister. ☺☺☺

I think - and please don't be insulted or offended now - the perfectestestet solution for Landon would've been to make him gay.
He already has lots of metro-sexual elements.
So why not make him the most adorable gay person ever. He could be the boyfriend of a hot guy with a hectic job, like a doctor or lawyer. And that lawyer or doctor would be coming home every night to a home-cooked meal, flowers on the table, a foot massage. Saturday mornings would be spent walking through a farmer's market. Sunday roast-dinners at the in-laws.
I think that would've been the best Anna could've done for Landon and the readers.
He's just too spice-less as a straight guy. No offense intended. I still loved him. And the book. But it was just way too bland.

And the end? No cliffy, no sudden thunder and lightning, no alien invasion - just full-stop. And then the Acknowledgments. I really hope book #2 will be amazing and that Landon will find his Happily Ever After with a person who deserves him!!!! And I honestly can't wait to read it, because there HAS to be SOMETHING MORE right??? ☺

NOTHING MORE was so much LESS than I expected. ☹
But of course I still loved Landon and I'm very hopeful that his 2nd book will be amazing!!!
Run to your nearest amazon for your own dose of Landon!!!



...if you haven't read any of the #AFTER books yet - start with the first one NOW!!!!

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ANNA TODD is a first-time writer spending her days in the Austin area with her husband, with whom she beat half the statistics by getting married one month after graduating high school. Between her husband's three deployments to Iraq, she worked odd jobs from a makeup counter to the IRS processing counter. Anna was always an avid reader and boy band and romance lover, so now that she’s found a way to combine the three she’s enjoying living a real-life dream come true.